Zealous's video summarizing OW's

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  1. AuricStarSand

    I agree with everything he stated. How the best outfits don't really need retention. & that most of the other outfits got stomped. I like the spirit of outfit wars, vets matter. Teamwork matters. Still not a fan of the stomping.

    I already mentioned my stance on outfits. Overall the stomping is gonna keep happening, till A) 20,000 more players start PS2 so that vet pop ratios, per outfit, are equal & easier to recruit.

    Or B) The devs delete all player outfits, & make default 4 types of dev made outfits, similar to the sorting hat from Hogwarts, sorting you to Gryfindoor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff & then when these 4 dev made outfits have their time to fight for outfit wars. They have the vet lvls sorted & equalized. So one outfit hasn't 30 people with ASP rank & the other rival outfit only has 10 ASP vets. Unequal vets equals stomping.

    Has nothing to do with asp skills themselves, just anyone below BR 80 isn't experienced enough to tell your battle plan to or organize.

    The only thing I don't agree with him is that " player skill matters more than teamwork " & that just isn't ness true. I helped a friends outfit for my first tour to outfit wars. & No matter how " skilled " I am, I ran into a wall of tanks or wall of medic bullets. So teamwork matters more than skill alone. If skill was so important, I would be able to nearly do my own thing, run a harasser, roll around, just like alerts. Or infil sneak around & still help. Yet that wasn't the case for outfit wars, you pull a vehicle & run into 20 of the other teams tanks randomly. You sneak as Infil & run into 20 of the other teams medics, max's & ha.

    So the video, he's saying skill lvl matters more than teamwork & that is true for how many people are BR 100+, verse maybe the other outfit only has half a platoon of BR's below lvl 80. So skill matters there, yet is that skill? Seems more like out lvling the competition. He seems to believe a skilled team with no teamwork is able to hold their own verse a slightly less skilled team that has teamwork? Idk, seems most skilled teams have teamwork to begin with, so where is that comparison coming from? My friends outfit I briefly joined had a 3 part plan & got steamrolled for a loss. While Recursion the enemy team, probably practiced similar formats & point cap strats. They also act all macho after winning, as if they didn't have literally half of their platoon having more BR rank 100's, than my friends outfit.

    Maybe people won't like my Hogwarts idea at first. For 4 default dev made Outfits, instead of player outfits. Tho vet stacking for outfit wars & zerg outfits for alerts, both offer pretty bad results for anyone who's not of their outfit. Zerg outfits never path to unique regions, they pave to the same tech plants. & Elite OW outfits, don't really fight a fair fight for most of their matches.

    That doesn't mean OW is bad, I like the map, I like the prestige given to vets for their teamwork & skill. & how their elite respect, transfers over to the alert maps. & it was nice to see how some outfits have diff strategies. Be it pilots, anvils, or revives.

    Still overall if the result is, you demoralized 80% of the outfits that got stomped, only to give morale to the best outfits that don't need a morale boost, than does this event even help the broader playerbase?

    If the fights weren't such a landslide, we'd title it equal vet pop verse equal pop vets. & tournaments have winners & losers, so fine. Yet most matches were a landslide.

    Someones video reply: " I think outfit wars would be cool of it were maybe inter server and had brackets. "

    P.s. Camikazee & Bread were super good at commentating & slowly using the camera. superb.
  2. Amador

    Here's my hot take on Outfit Wars.

    First, I'm going to say that I don't have a horse in this race. Second, I'm going to say that ironing out all the kinks for Outfit Wars is a waste of time. Why? Simple...

    Planetside 2 is a PvP game that has become all about salt and clout. Anyone whom has remotely paid attention to Outfit Wars already knows that when it was originally a 3-way competition, two factions previously "fixed" the game in advance and agreed to stomp out the third faction. Meaning that players had already exploited a former obvious loophole.
    • Outfit Wars is Planetside 2 Olympics.
    • Outfit Wars is all about flexing your victory.
    • Outfit Wars creates spicy drama.
    • Outfit Wars provides short-term entertainment.
    • Outfit Wars gives the Planetside 2 community something minor to look forward to.
    • Outfit Wars doesn't actually involve a majority of the Planetside 2 playerbase as participants.
    • Outfit Wars is responsible for delaying developer content, features and bug fixes.
    • Outfit Wars is basically just "Planetside Arena" redesigned.
    Look, I'll say it like this...

    Do you -really- think Outfit Wars is worth it, if you know the developers have to delay content, features and bug fixes on the main game all because they have to host a yearly event which most Planetside 2 players can't even participate in?

    Cancel Outfit Wars. I'd rather have a steady stream of content, features and bug fixes coming monthly or bi-monthly, which the playerbase can directly benefit from or directly experience in the main game.
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  3. Botji

    I would even go further and say that the vast majority of players did/do not give a **** about OW. I knew it was happening but that is the extent to my knowledge, I have no clue who won or even if there was any drama or not this time and I suspect this holds true for most people.

    I mean I have not seen a single chat message of anyone even talking about it in game like "Wow, did you guys see that sick play that X outfit did yesterday?!" or anything like it.

    Personally I view OW as a wasteful attempt to hold on to Planetside Arena which more or less everyone agreed would be better of nuked from orbit so focus could return to PS2. So the only OW news that would interest me is the news of it being shut down in favour of main game development.

    Might seem harsh but I am just sick and tired of the devs/people in charge constant side projects at the detriment of PS2 that is funding their stupid ideas.
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  4. Amador

    I haven't watched a single Outfit War since its beginning. But as of 2022, I have actually been checking the Outfit Wars leaderboards due to curiosity. Simply observing whom has won/lost against another Outfit is the current extent and limit of my interest.

    I've been in Platoon chat, and I haven't overheard anyone discussing what they saw in terms of tactics or from actual stream footage.

    Most of the time, it's just people talking about who won/lost. Including talking trash about Outfits who formerly thought they had clout, but end up flopping on a 0/3 losing streak. Guess that's what bad leadership looks like.

    I've played Planetside 2 since Beta, and I didn't truly participate or involve myself in the Forums because I knew Sony was absolutely terrible at implementing and adjusting the game according to player feedback. Sony was responsible for causing one of TR's largest outfits (post launch) to abandon the game, leaving TR on our server crippled to this very day.

    Now that Daybreak has come along, I have more hope because I actually see things being put into the game. Like Bastion Carriers, Colossus Tanks, Continents, Anti-Materiel Rifles, etc. And with seeing such additions has inspired me to return to the forums to express genuine enthusiasm with the game after all these years.

    ... But as hopeful or happy I am to see content and features, I cannot say my experience on these forums have been as good as I had hoped. It doesn't matter how well thought-out, objectively reasonable and clear my posts are, as they all seem to get drowned out by reddit rather than posts made on the actual official forum for some reason.

    An idea for example - introducing a new Liberator belly gun that's simply a larger version of the Pelter Rocket pod. I posted that idea (among many others) about a year ago. It still ain't here. Its almost like you've gotta get hired as a game streamer to have any sway or influence around here.
  5. Botji

    This is unfortunately more true than you perhaps think it is, I doubt anyone who has been on these forums for any long period of time would dispute that these forums, especially suggestions etc are more or less completely abandoned by the devs or anyone who could bring it to their attention.

    At best you will get a mod to give out warnings or remove threads.
    If you actually want something to get done Reddit is the place to go and hope whatever it is gets the attention of everyone so it becomes a big issue the devs cant ignore.

    I just have a unreasonable dislike for Reddit so I generally stay away and keep to the forums, even though I know its kinda pointless!
  6. Somentine

    Definitely worse than if they spent time fixing bugs and actually balancing the game, but both of those are coin tosses anyway. Way better use of dev time than popping out another Oshur or similar bad content, and this format was 10x better than the previous OW... as soon as the hitching stopped.

    It also showed just how broken a2g, maxes, medic revive, and most of the current shotguns are, but I'm 99% sure those issues are going to be ignored.