Zealot Overdrive so OP it needs a 2 seconds on an of switch

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Madiadk, May 22, 2013.

  1. Madiadk

    its currently OP that you can instantly turn it of an on it needs an 2 seconds on an of switch like the tr max lock down..

    so it requires skill an judgement to turn it on an off...
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  2. SpaceCheddar

    It also allows the VS MAX to now enter territory that should only be visited by the Light Assault class. I was killed by no less than 5 VS MAXs on the rooftops inside the Allatum Bio Lab. You might as well just give the Bio Labs to the VS.
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  3. Xae

    Any class can get on the rooftops.
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  4. ent|ty

    Kind of like, sniff sniff, the HA can turn his shield on and off sniff, sniff, when ever he wants sniff sniff it shouldn't sniff be sniff allowed.....
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  5. Total_Overkill

    They've always been able to do that... >.>
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  6. Hagestol

    I'll give you a hint:

    Focus fire. Just like hacksaws require you to use speciality grenades to get them down, VS now require you to focus fire maxes - they go down faster than regular maxes, so just throw yourself at them.
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  7. Kize

    Goku mode is pretty ridiculous. Remember how when the game launched it was 2 months straight of nonstop magrider spam because of how ridiculous it was? Let me show you a quick timeline:

    1.) Vanu Max gets a buff (needed but they way over buffed it so it has 0 bullet drop and out damages and outclasses every other max in the game)

    2.) Nerf the hell out of NC max

    3.) Didn't fix the overpowered weapons of the Vanu and decided to add Goku Super Saiyan 4 mode in addition. (Really this is just like the magrider.. not to mention everyone and their mother, even Vanu on test server, begged for this not to be launched)

    GG again you messed up balance to some huge degree I don't understand. If their damage taken was equal to that of a normal infantry individual and they got all the buffs they currently get it might actually still be too much damage. Really this is stupid, just tag along with me for a night and watch how nuts it is. I can probably record 500 videos in 1 night of this being abused for obvious reasons. Last night Vanu during prime time owned 75% of 2/3 continents with less population on Mattherson. Funny how whenever I went to the front lines on Vanu territory there were like 900 maxes (connection? Yeah obviously).
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  8. Hagestol

    So you mean the first day a faction receives a shiny (yes pink and shiny) new toy it indicates overpoweredness if everyone uses it? Yeah, no, not buying that. Wait two weeks and do what you're saying. The shinyness is a bigger factor than the actual power of it.
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  9. DashRendar

    Who cares if there is a toggle delay when the VS have no reason to ever turn it off? We need to give them a reason to want to turn it off, that's what I've been saying for weeks.
  10. BDMagnum

    There's plenty reason to turn it off. The damage taken penalty of ZOE far exceeds the damage bonus (which amounts to zero TTK bonus for dual Blueshift or Nebula, btw). The movement speed is much more modest than some of the crazy reports going around. And it turns the MAX into a giant pink lightbulb - precisely when it's easiest to kill.
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  11. XRIST0

    Press F followed by ADWSWSSWADSADWSADA .

    Zealot overpowered drive !
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  12. Selerox

    So let me get this straight. An ability that makes a VS MAX light up like a Christmas tree, move slower than a Heavy Assault, take more damage than any other MAX and has a damage increase that only allows it to take down infantry one round quicker at level five is somehow OP?

    Whereas TR gets MAXs that can ruin air and operate sick point-defence units and the NC gets MAXs that go from being merely lethal in CQC to being damn-near unstoppable.
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  13. Shadeofcircle

    Bear in mind. The people who have the possibly OP toy will almost never admit the toy is OP. It's hopeless to try and argue with those who will excuse any imbalance as long as it is in their favor.

    If you cannot expect to have an honest balance discussion. Then you are better off just ignoring those who discuss dishonestly.
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  14. Doogle

    I hope next patch they optimise the game for cpus, then I can join in the nerf rage again, I feel left out.
  15. XRIST0

    I know right , you should just keep the same cpu forever and expect miracles .
  16. DogPack

    I will always turn mine off if I'm facing more than 2 infantry. To leave it on is unwise when facing > 3:1. If you're by yourself or caught off guard, then of course a MAX is going to kill you (1:1's against a MAX don't end well unless the infantry is skilled and gets the jump and/or the MAX is unprepared/bad player).

    My guess is that people think ZOE is OP because:
    A) Prior to last night VS MAXes were the rarest (source: Google Doc PS2 API stats) MAX
    B) Everyone curious, certed into it, and pulled VS MAXes last night. More VS MAXes on the battlefield.
    C) More people got killed by VS maxes last night and immediately think it's OP because of A and B

    That being said, I'm fine with some sort of activation/deactivation time. My focus is always VS MAX, I play it whenever I'm in a long battle. Now I'm able to pull my suit more since I'll be able to move from base to base without having to rely on transportation (or a lot of afk running). And I'll admit, that the speed boost is a lot of fun in small scale skirmishes and suits my play style well. But the advantage in those isn't so much the ZOE as it is the fact that I'm in a MAX suit with either dual BS's or Neb's and your'e a single infantry.

    A single infantry attempting to engage a, fully loaded and aware MAX within their weapon range should expect to be re spawning shortly, no offense.

    tldr; It's new and shiny, VS will get over it. TR/NC will learn of it's shortcomings and how focus fire/lead ZOE MAXes. Read the bold lines above.
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  17. BalogDerStout

    NC complaining about the Vanu MAX....

    Let me savor this moment.
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  18. Koldorn

    Oh hang on, this is going to be rich...

    Please sir, elaborate. What are the Vanu's overpowered weapons? Why are they overpowered? How are they better then other faction equivalents?

    Anyone in the game can push movement keys to make themselves less likely to get hit. Are you suggesting that when an engagement begins; both parties should hold still and trade shots? Is this colonial war times where soldiers line up and trade musket fire without seeking cover?

    Fact: The ZOE MAX is incapable of the twitch adadad macro spam teleporting that some infantry do. They have movement momentum; try it yourself.

    An honest, factual conversation would be welcome. As thus far most of whats being slung around is blatantly wrong information, and bias.
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  19. Zapon

    you forgot something

    If someone has nanoweave level 5, they FULLY cancel out the ZOE effect, by being able to take one more bullet, leaving us helpless in terms of getting a buff against infantry(considering we move slower)
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  20. Shadeofcircle

    I agree. The VS are sometimes quite biased and often quote incorrect statistics. Like "we take double damage"

    I'm glad you could be one of the first to come over and admit that some VS are not interested in an honest balance discussion. Thank you kindly good sir.
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