You've Seen C4 Kills - Now see this..

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by JustifiedJordan, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. Nurath

    Haha nice kill, good tune over the vid to.

    Your Scythe is goddamn ugly though. lol
  2. Commando235

    That was freaking awesome! I have never done that before so I am amazed! I have however, tried to recreate the scene in the Planetside 2 trailer where the guys runs on the top of the Galaxy. So sad you can shoot through :'( I did end up sticking it with C4 and jumping off and getting a 13 kill streak :D
    This other time there was a Scythe swooping down next to an antenna I was camping on so I jumped on it, somehow was clinging onto it as it was moving forward and shot it enough so I could C4 it and jump off. Man those high octane encounters were you take down an aircraft as a Loght Assault are fun, even just shooting one down with a carbine is satisfying.
  3. LightningxBolts

    I'm enjoying C4 for all its uses, like AA AV and AI... No wonder people hate C4.
  4. Chronicrage

    dayum nice lol..I was camping the very top of a super tall tower in hossin sniping with my blackhand when an enemy valk flew in loaded up to try and back cap the point we were taking..pulled out the c4, leaped off the tower and was able to get a 7 kill streak dropping that valk

    my best kill light assault