You've Seen C4 Kills - Now see this..

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by JustifiedJordan, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. JustifiedJordan

    I managed to turn a bad situation into this little video..

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  2. Iridar51

    Luck is strong in this one.
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  3. Liewec123

    lol so lucky :) you must have been blessed by the seven!
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  4. _itg

    Hehe, nice. Lately I've been having fun trying to c4 hovering ESFs by jumping off mountains and such with drifter jets. Three kills so far. I need to see if I can record at a decent FPS since the latest update.
  5. Corezer

    did that landing kill you?
  6. Corezer

    My coolest AA C4 was against a reaver when I was playing one of my oldest characters, I shot at him with other players and he dropped behind the mountains, I jump jetted up and over and he started turning towards me so I threw my c4 and he took a shot at the wrong time lol
  7. JustifiedJordan

    Nope I managed to get away without a scratch (Minus one scythe)

    Cheesy Light Assault pilot at its best XD
  8. JustifiedJordan

    I agree :)

    I've managed to do it once more since then, but unfortunately ShadowPlay was having a tantrum.. :(
  9. JustifiedJordan

    I definitely felt like I was! :D
  10. Vorpal_Spork

    No, he landed on a pillow factory. What do you think?
  11. Leivve

    My first aircraft c4 kill I was on a cliff in indar, I was planning to drop my bricks in a vanguard like 100 meters below that was dumb enough to park in the perfect spot. Then a Reaver intercepted the second brick.
  12. JustifiedJordan

    That Makes me think, should engineers have deployable sandbags? o_O
  13. AcheronLupus

    Not a bad idea... Mobile cover constructed by Engis?
  14. JustifiedJordan

    Yeah maybe it could replace the Engineer's turret - So that you have to choose to be Offensive Defence (Turret) or Supportive Defence (Barracade/Cover) engineer.

    It would need to have deploy radius like the AMS Sundy's and be resistant to small arms fire, but not Rocket Launchers/AV Grenades/Tanks.

    Just a thought :)
  15. Positron234

    I had a similar kill. I was flying in my Mos over an enemy platoon (lots of air, libs bombing our spawn below and capturing, probably over 50%) and they started shooting me down. I jumped out and I have maxed drifters and made it all the way to one of their full libs. I put two C4s on it and then used my UB grenade launcher to detonate (killed it right away). Funniest part was the other members of the plantoon saw me and were yelling at the guy as soon as I landed, but he didn't react fast enough. I jumped off and drifted into our spawn without a scratch and felt like a BA :)
  16. Maxence822

    I've had a few kills like that with the drifter jump jets jumping from cliffs it feels so great! Me and my squad of 12 light assaults also managed to do this to a galaxy once it was so great (keep in mind we had to try a few times before actually having it work)!!! :) It was just hovering there trying to destroy people, we fly under it, all drop c4 (approximately 20 bricks) and kill it :p But my (almost) favorite moment was one time a mosquito was flying towards me as I was running towards a fight and started shooting, I managed to fly up, put C4 on it and then was immediately killed :/
  17. FliegerPanzer

    Now see those :)

  18. FliegerPanzer

    Nice one btw. so vids I posted above... are after getting shadowplay... I wish I had better card before to have its support. Once i C4ed 2 reavers with 1 brick of C4 :(
  19. JustifiedJordan

    Nice vids :)
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  20. skruffy

    lol you f****** baller