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  1. commandoFi

    I think the spawn shields are ok, but there are other problems. ARC Bioengineering. it is almost impossible to get to due to a combination of placement behind a warpgate and the extent of the "restricted" area. I remember a few times we were near a continent lock, but it was just too hard to push into ARC because there is literally only one way to get to it as the attacker.
  2. crippler38

    I wish I could run over the rooftops of spawn buildings without risking death or being wounded, because I use roofs to get to places and you can't really tell the difference from the roof
  3. Iridar51

    This restticting field mechanic is so artificial.
    Reminds me of recent StarCraft 2 patch. There's a unit - fast car with a flamer, which can transform into humanoid robot. In car form it can be repaired by workers (mechanical unit), but in robot form it can be healed by medical support units, like it's an infantry (biological) unit.. This *restricted area* thing is just as artificial.

    Stop right there, criminal scum! You can't go there, because ...
    Also, your shields and health will begin to drain, because ...

    I mean, it's okay to add restrictive fields to spawns to prevent spawn camping, but at least visual represantion of it would be nice.
    Electrified fence, force field, anything. But no, just step on it and realise that somewhere in the world kitten just died. Because of you.
  4. Tactical Violence

    I figured that as LA, if I was getting this warning I was doing my job perfectly.

    I think you can turn the volume of voice notifications down desperately to master volume and fx vol.

  5. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    I have no problems with pain fields on roofs.
    Nearly all bases are easier to attack than to defend if you have a sufficient amount of sunderers.
    A visual representation (and squatting of bugs) would help a lot, though, getting a pain fiueld pulled on you when you're drifting past the spawn building at a good two meters distance just feels slightly off.
  6. Wolfwood82

    I honestly don't care about the technical reasoning behind the use and implementation of them. They do nothing to prevent spawn camping anyway, except where LA are concerned. Most issues I have are mechanical in nature. Iridar said it best, the mechanic is artificial. It's some BS rule that the DEVs came up with and is no different from invisible barriers preventing you from going into certain areas you might want to go. Having this invisible barrier surround the entire continent so that we can't even go over the ocean is bad enough, but understandable. The same barrier around spawn buildings? When it does absolutely nothing to stop "spawn camping"?

    IMO the remodeling of the spawn buildings was all the change that was needed. I don't think a visual representation is needed, I think a better system is needed.
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  7. Iridar51

    I've been thinking about this a lot, and came to following conclusion:
    we're all beta players here. It's all a very cunning plan by SOE to release unfinished game and use the whole playerbase as beta-testers.

    Generally, a program (game) development process is done in these steps:
    1. make a version of a game
    2. hire tester to find bugs, use their ideas and suggestions to make the game better
    3. release the game in its final stage, made better by a large margin by devoted testing and rooting out bugs.

    SOE skipped the second step, and uses us as free testers, also making cash in the process. This game is RAW. It's unfinished, uncooked, use whatever expressions you want, but currently PlanetSide 2 is Chess with only pawns and half the squares are missing.
    Some time will pass, and you'll say to your friends: "Remember those old days when this game didn't even had buggys and revolvers and booster jetpacks and tactical nuclear charges?"
    And your friend will respond: "Sure, you couldn't even push the enemy out from the continent, LOL".

    My point is - unsettling this may be - we shouldn't read too much in things like invisible force fields. That's like ordering a cake in a resteraunt and then breaking into the kitchen in the middle of the process and yelling at chef "why the hell my cake is raw? It's not baked properly! and you forgot the icing, you silly man!". Invisible force fields are temporary. We shouldn't treat ANYTHING in this game like it's the end of it all. This game is very much still in development, I prognose it's gonna turn into something playable and enjoyable in a couple of years.
  8. Wolfwood82

    In all likelihood Iridar, it probably is not temporary.

    The only way you could define it as temporary is if there was a definite plan to change the system after a period of time. At the moment, there is no definite plan, at least not that we know of. And logically, from a developers standpoint, changing it would require work, money, time, and effort. Not only in removing the old system but in applying the new one (if a new one was to be applied). In other words, what they put into the game as their final product IS their final product.

    The original spawn buildings were poorly made, and the changes made were probably done after release only because of the extent of those changes (entire structures were remodeled). The initial problem was likely detected during beta, or shortly after release. The new mechanics don't have an inherent flaw other then that they are artificial. It was a poorly worked out idea that was more or less overkill when stacked on top of the graphical changes being made to the buildings.
  9. Chrysalis


    God damn. I mean, if you don't have the option of stopping the defenders from spawning, the next best thing is bottling them up in said spawn. This should be a no brainer, no one is going to LET you contest points or repair gens when they have the option of backing you up into your spawn.

    Quite frankly, if you have lost the central building, if all the gens are down, even though the SCU hasn't gone, you've lost. You're going to get backed into the spawn and killed whenever you try to leave it until the base caps.
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  10. Iridar51

    Sorry to necro this thread. Just was re-reading my old post, and I find it funny how wrong my prediction was.
  11. amega

    I say get rid of this force field clearly !! if you are so stupid to stay and fight in a swarmed (lost at all cases ) base, Instead of redeploy and regroup... no force field will not give you a win. Its so annoing to see a platoon of idiots stuck at spawn room loosing their ground and do nothing . Just camping outside shields
  12. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    I think they should make the Pain fields a bit bigger, even. Preferably with glowing lines on the ground or some such.
    The Shields, on the other hand, aren't as much of a necessity. Being able to tank the painfield to, say, blow up the spawn tubes is a classic.
    And as to not beat a dead horse any further: You may still be right, Iridar, "A couple of years" is well within the decade, they'll make something playable out of it yet.
    ... Even if it's for PS4 or called Everquest.
  13. Iridar51

    Everquest - maybe, though it's a completely different development team, as far as I know. I never played EQ, but I hear people say positive things about that. I'm a WoW person myself, so I don't care either way.

    As for PS2 - I don't think anything good awaits it. I expect by now PS2 engine looks like this:
    At this point it'd probably be easier to make a completely new game rather than fix its performance issues.
    PS2 team seems to get smaller with passing months, and I don't expect desperately needed major changes to come as quickly as needed. By the time PS2 becomes a good game, with battle islands, continental lattice, finished resource revamp and mission system, better leading tools, etc., it will be too late: the game will drown in stupid hats and other useless cosmetics that only break immersion, while constantly bleeding disgruntled players like me, who used to care about this game, but moping on forums is the only thing we can do anymore.
  14. Iridar51

    On the topic of necroposting:

    Who is this guy and where do I find him? I wanna kick his ***.
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  15. z1967

    ----------------------Past You ---------------------------------------Current You
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  16. volth

    and on Hossin and some bases on Amerish the vehicle terminal is outside of the enemy spawn so a infiltrator cant hack it. You die before you can hack it. And yes if they have this death force field why not protect all bases with it? no realism at all.
  17. ConradHorse

    it was a noble idea to put the pain fields around spawns but it turned out that people are camping even more (the ones inside) as they feel invincible. Id suggest remove this crap from outside, keep the barrier fields at doors and place more turrets with decent terrain shielding (roofs etc)
  18. TheMercator

    The Problem are those painfields on some bases on Hossin, which not only cover the spawnbuilding, but also half the base and the mountains around it.
  19. Skiptrace

    But that still happens... it happens more often than not! What needs to happen is, that anyone within about 10m of a spawn area that is not of their faction deals 10% less damage and slowly starts taking about 5% damage every 3 seconds, but when they evacuate the area the damage is automatically healed back to what their health/shield values were, and they would stop dealing 10% less damage. This would allow players who are skilled, to continue their spawn killing stupidity, while the players with a sense of decency and respect arent disrupted by the solution.
  20. K2k4

    It's hilarious that it became a hot topic again after its resurrection.

    And yes your prediction didn't go anywhere there lol.
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