You're in a restricted area!

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Wolfwood82, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Wolfwood82

    Am I the only one getting really annoyed with this message being screamed into my ear what seems like every 15 seconds?

    Seriously DEVs, if you don't want us on the rooftops of spawn buildings, make it so we can't land there. Don't create some magical all powerful force field that starts damaging you just because you're not of a certain empire.

    These things are exactly what I am against when people start yapping about "realism not having a part in a game". It's a magical unexplainable DEATH field set on certain areas of the map, why? Because people kept whining.

    And the ENTIRE warpgate hex area DEVs? REALL? I can't drive along this road in order to get from one capturable base to another because it goes through a warpgate hex?!? Bad design!

    Seriously if this tech exists, why can't we make our bases absolutely impossible to even APPROACH by erecting these magical death fields around them?

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  2. K2k4

    In my opinion, the death field should only occur if you are within the forcefields of the spawnroom, not on the outside.. also it's total crap that players can shoot out of the spawn room.
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  3. Paqu

    Well stop spawn camping and you wont be seeing any messages. Whole idea of the update was to stop those boring fights where the defenders were pushed back to spawn room in couple of minutes and then everybody was camping the spawn until base got captured. And then moved to another base and repeat the process.

    Not sure about you, but I think that was pretty stupid and not fun at all.
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  4. LibertyRevolution

    I walk over to a generator in a amp station and it starts screaming I'm in a restricted area.
    I am no where near their spawn, it is somewhere I have to go to blow up the generator..
  5. Mlatto

    Not sure about you, but to NOT spawn camp would be pretty stupid in this game. The spawn room works like a undestroyable sunderer, that releases soldier after soldier. A room with shields, defenders only can shoot through. While your sunderer is easy to destroy, they will send you enemy troops until xmas time. Yes, i totally agree. In a game with such a game mechanic, preventing enemy from comming out of spawnrooms is pretty stupid. I mean, you could capture a base in the end, when doing so.
  6. Paqu

    Sunderer is meant for assault. They can be parked all over the base allowing multiple angles for the attackers to engage.

    Defenders only had one small room with two tiny exits on most smaller bases. It was extremely easy to lock them inside even with a rather small team. And then it was just a spam fest where people farmed newer players that tryed to break out until base got captured. And yes I said newer players since anyone more experienced went somewhere else since they knew its hopeless to defend. Even tho defenders should have the upper hand and attackers should need more effort to succesfully capture a base.

    Many times I saw that defenders got locked in before anyone even bothered to go and take out the SCU or turn the cap point on their team. Then the zerg was just waiting outside the spawn and staring the meter to fill. Or looking the map or their stats/certs since there sure wasnt anything else to do due to the lack of any type of fighting.. To me that was pretty stupid and boring as hell.

    You can still camp spawns more or less, but not as close and as easy. Now the defenders actually have a chance to... well you know defend the base.

    It requires more from attackers to take the base and there can be huge fight going on until the base finally gets taken which is much more rewarding for the both parties. And more fun for sure. New spawns doesn't make capturing bases impossible or give any huge advantage to defenders. They just move the fight further from the spawn room and spread it wider around the base which is only a good thing.

    Iam not saying the current system is perfect and bugs where you get warnings while taking out generators like someone mentioned needs to be fixed of course, but even at its current state its way better than the old spawn system.
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  7. HeadshotVictim

    the areas are neither random nor magical.
    The areas where you get the warning is - *drum roll*
    aw mai Gawsh!
    These strange buildings with 4-8 exits, and the roof on top!
    Just don't land on them and everything is fine.

    This was done to prevent spawn camping.
    The bases are awesome as they are at the moment.

    Warpgate area:
    Well, would you like to have a 10k Vanguard Zerg in your Warpgate?
    Shooting everyone and everything into bits, while spawning?
    I think not, so stop complaining plz.
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  8. Inzababa

    yeah I don't get taht, makes the round dome thing useless doesn't it?
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  9. Inzababa

    yeah me too, that's cause of the tunnels though
  10. Fast-and-Free

    I don't understand why we can't storm and destroy spawn rooms.

    Then the owning empire must bring his own AMSes to the field and force his way back in

    But I guess the new bases are too large and exposed to be defended like on old Auraxis
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  11. biterwylie

    How do you capture the base if you do not push them into spawn.
  12. Paqu

    By taking the capture points (two is enough in bases that has three of them) and holding on to them until the base gets captured or by destryoying the SCU on bigger bases so they cant spawn at all anymore. Its not that hard, but sure takes a lot more effort than before when you could easily just camp the spawn and then start looking for things that you are supposed to use to capture.
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  13. Mythicrose12

    I've noticed this as well. I believe it is a bug resulting from our characters walking above the newly installed tunnels, even though we can't see the tunnels. One of the exists is near one of the generators. Not being able to land on spawn buildings without the death field activating is a slap in the face, though. Same with the new windows in some buildings. Oh well...
  14. Aekkel

    The pain fields are a right... well, pain. It would be so much better if they only applied inside the force fields, and inside the warp gate force field.

    Even with them there, I still jet on to the top of buildings, execute a couple of defenders that think they're safe because of it, and jet off before it eats too far into my health.
  15. Corvus12

    Guys, this topic is about the silly death field, not about bad spawn buildings design. They are great. Devs just need to fix those leaks of the death field. You can still easily score a kill or two by flying to this 'middle balcony' and shoot some people in the back. Just those ear-destroying messages, even when you get too close to the shield door.
  16. Minsc

    The pain field should continue onto the deck above spawn rooms, the pain field does damage slow enough that you can still fly up there and kill a couple guys and get out without dying. However, I'd like to be able to land on top of the canopy to run across it sometimes. And camping from there would not be that effective because you wouldn't have that much of an angle on those on the deck. You're also completely vulnerable to aircraft. It would just give a spot to hide.

    The big thing I want is some visual indication of the bounds of a pain field. It's completely invisible and makes it hard to tell if you "allowed" there or now. A particle effect would be great. Or they could add faction-colored tron-like glow stripes on surfaces that are pain fielded.
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  17. Wolfwood82

    My response was to load up my Engineer (tittled "smoker") and smoke out the doorways so that friendlies can have a fighting chance to push out of the spawns without being gunned down.

    Instead we once again have to have the DEVs holding our hands and telling us it's going to be ok, they will make everything better.

    As for camping the spawns, if you have the man power it is a viable tactic. I'm sorry that you think it sucks, the simple changes made to the physical spawn buildings are enough IMO to make it less crap. Right now though people can camp FROM the spawn rooms and have a very large killing field while staying 100% safe, this is bad design. I don't care what side of the conflict you are on.

    And Paqu, this is my reason for saying "random". You don't have to be near a spawn room, you just have to be near a shielded area such as the GD vehicle barriers, whether or not the generators are down.

    1: if you have a zerg outside your warpgate, go to a different continent. Any fool can tell you they are there, that means they aren't somewhere else.

    2: The warning comes up running through parts of the base that are near a shielded area such as the SCU generator or the vehicle barriers at AMP and Tech plants.

    3: Spawn camping was a viable tactic especially at smaller bases which were never designed for prolonged conflict between a superior sized attack force and an inferior sized defense force. We don't need the MAGICAL death bubbles, the physical changes were more then enough to minimize the aggressors ability to effectively spawn camp.

    And yes before you spout more nonsense, they are magical. As I said in my OP, there is nothing explaining their existence and it is just a cheap tool used to force a out-of-character game rule on players in the game. Pain fields made sense inside spawn rooms, NOT taking up entire hex fields around warpgates, randomly placed through bases near shields, or a perfect 3m radius around spawn rooms at tiny little outposts.

    PS1 allowed you to do this, even with the "painfields" in place you were able to march into the spawn rooms and destroy the tubes. The fields prevented you from spending prolonged periods of time inside the room so you couldn't spawn camp (actually spawn camp, not the panzy BS you people claim is spawn camping).

    Your logic defies tactical sense. You cut the supply line line before you assault the area. THAT is how you capture an area, regardless of the field of battle. The spawn rooms ARE the supply line, only a dumb *** commander would send troops to capture specific points while leaving his enemy a free supply line to fight back for it. Spawn camping was the only viable means of cutting off direct enemy reinforcements. If every minor outpost had a SCU that could be attacked and destroyed, I'd be slightly less annoyed except for the fact that a lot of fighting (coincidentally) revolves around the spawn room and I really really hate hearing "you are in a restricted area!" from someone who is suppose to be on my side yet for some odd reason doesn't want me moving in a way that is efficient for combat.

    I personally love the new physical designs of the spawn rooms. I have yet to explore the tunnels but I thought it was an awesome thing to include seeing where the entrances pop out. What I hate are the pain fields, that's it. They serve no purpose other then to irritate people. Seriously the buildings leave little room for actual spawn camping now that there is more then a tiny little ledge at base spawn points.

    I'm just saying the fields gotta go. It is absolutely pointless to create areas where infantry can fight, and then limit them to 1 empire or another because there are children playing this game who can't think outside the box.
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  18. Fast-and-Free

    I know, I was there :)
    And the pain field did not really prevent you from being there so long as you had a medic with you

    (Unless they were boosted... I have once seen a galaxy's worth of people rushing into a biolab gen with a supercharged painfield only to get stuck inside by aircav camping the door...
  19. Wolfwood82

    Medic had to take care of himself as well as you, you'd need a daisy chain all the way out the spawn room and pain field in order to have 1 dedicated camper.

    PS1 painfield killed in about 3-5 seconds, this ones a joke by comparison.


    My biggest peeve about this is that it feels like it specifically targets LA. Our primary usefulness is our ability to get on top of structures and engage enemy infantry at close quarters where they think they are safe. Now we can't do this around spawn rooms which are (or were) a primary target for most intelligent assaults. We can't lock in enemies and cut supply lines in order to make the rest of the team's job easier.

    This doesn't make it impossible though. We still have snipers and vehicles and LONG ranged weapons that can quite easily engage targets on rooftops and other painfield guarded areas without worrying about the pain field. This magical death bubble does nothing to stop spawn camping from OTHER classes. It just does so against LA. Fair? .... I don't think so.

    Now to better define "spawn camping". Carebears would define what occurs in PS2 to be spawn camping. Basically "they shoot me when I leave the spawn rooms!", this is not spawn camping. Spawn camping is literally shooting people immediately after they spawn before they have a chance to so much as see their character (let alone move). Spawn camping use to literally mean you died helpless and defenseless. This was never the case in PS2 in regards to spawn buildings.

    At this point in time, spawn camping could easily be reversed to mean cowards who hide in their spawn buildings behind that stupid shield and kill enemies who can not help but cross their line of fire while attempting to do other things. Now the situation has gone into a full reversal where, rather then being helpless, the defender is extremely powerful with a rather secure beach head to fight from in total safety. Many outpost spawn buildings are located in very strategic places that make excellent bunkers against enemy assault. This makes small outpost fights a lot harder then they really have to be.

    If there was one thing I would change about the spawn building designs, it would be to add walls around spawn structures so that those inside can't shoot those outside without stepping out of their happy places and actually fighting.
  20. Fast-and-Free