You're alone at a base. An enemy sunderer approaches...

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  1. Manloriel

    You are alone at a base. An enemy sunderer approaches. This is not a contested zone, nor is a battle moving toward here. This happened to be a random sunderer going on a stroll (perhaps friends?).

    The sunderer stops at your base. You peer at it from a window. They don't see you at all. It deploys, and 5 or more men pop out and stand around; some scouting briefly, and some repairing. You don't know how long he will be there, and you are well aware that you will likely die if you engage this larger squad.

    You have no vehicles deployed. You are just yourself. What do you do? What do you do?
  2. Paragon Exile

    Jump underneath it, plant mines, spam V6, profit
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  3. drfiree

    double c4 it and shotgun all survivors away!
  4. Lord_Avatar

    When in doubt: C-4.
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  5. andy_m

    run away!
  6. Tuco

    Before enemy even arrives I spawn a PS1 AMS, park it 200 meters away from the base on the flanks assuming enemy is coming from a certain direction, in advantageous terrain where tanks can only approach from a narrow passage to kill PS1 AMS, and in a depression. I put 20 PS1 mines where only tanks can approach, and 10 PS1 spitfires in a ring on top of the depression, and 10 motion detectors here and there.

    Oh this is PS2 we're talking about. *smacks forehead*. I sit in the spawn and shoot out. Sometimes you have to get their attention by shooting at the ceiling, or out in random directions in the spawn room to get their attention.
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  7. Prudentia

    I kill them...
    and when they spawn again i kill them again
    i still have 2 carbines and 2 shotguns left to auraxium. Oh and the non golden Eridani SMGs those kills don't just appear from thin air.
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  8. Morchai

    I'd probably retreat to a safe vantage point and just keep it spotted so that it would stay on ally radar until a friendly plane or something came and took it out. Some might be surprised how well spotting works offensively.

    farm them with my orion
  10. Yeahy

    When are you even alone at a base when its not being capped yet?
    On a serious note, I'd just find a nice spot to rocketlauncher it or av turret it. If that doesn't work get a friend with a wraith cloak flash so you can tank mine it.
  11. Leftconsin

    Play a giraffe engy. Then tank mines.
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  12. Maelthra

    Why would I be alone at a base? I only go where the fighting is.
  13. Latrodectus

    See this is where we disagree.
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  14. Taemien

    So.. the only reason you come out of the spawn in PS2 is because you can't be killed there?

    See.. we need SCUs at bases to drop the shields and get these peeps out of there and maybe do something useful.
  15. TheBand1t

    Pull an AP lightning and slay their ghostcap mobile, since every base can pull lightnings now

    though this begs the question of why I would be at an empty base
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  16. Captain Kid

    I either redeploy or put some sensor darts out and hope reinforcements come.
    If I can easily get to the AMS without being seen I will throw sticky grenades at it.
  17. DHT#

    Shotgun to take out repairing engies (I'm assuming 2), c4 or tank mines to finish it off. Even if I die it's totally worth it at that point.
  18. Bhudda V1

    I nuke the site from's the only way to be sure...
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  19. z1967

    Ask for ammo before covering them in AT mines. Or introduce myself :D
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  20. Latrodectus

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