Your worst crt/sc investments? Best?

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  1. Linedan

    Worst SC:
    - Warden battle rifle. It's just nowhere near good enough to use. I was hoping to get a semi-auto rifle with some punch that would give me the ability to fake-snipe and engage at range on my engineer...instead I got a gun that's inferior to a slug shotgun for medium-range headshotting. Makes no sense.
    - Skyguard. It's better after the buffs but still difficult to aim, vulnerable to attack, and nothing special, especially now with the new AA secondaries on MBTs and Sunderers. A Burster MAX is just as effective, costs fewer resources, is less vulnerable, and quicker to get into action.

    Best SC:
    - Gauss Compact S. It's not an awesome gun on its own, but the underbarrel launchers make it my go-to weapon on engineer or LA.
    - GD-22S. The only NC HA weapon I can seem to consistently get a few kills with, great at medium range.

    Worst certs:
    - All the various sights I bought for my Piston back when I was trying to use it as a slug sniper.

    Best certs:
    - Ammo box 6, repair tool 6. I'm an engineer, I do support, so I'm going to max out my support ability.
    - Noobtube and smoketube for my Compact S. Few problems exist in PS2 that can't be solved by dumping a grenade on their head, and for those, there's...
    - Mines. I love mines. More mines. I mine things compulsively.
  2. Yoroi

    max medic tool
    max repair tool
    scythe: hailstorm turbo laser + lolpods

    magrider: HE main gun (nerfed into complete uselessness shortly after) and proton II ppa (almost completely useless to begin with, but looks funny)
    annihilator (can sometimes scare some aerial stuff away, but rarely gives any exp)
  3. MrLee.NO

    Medic tool 6
    Double C4 for medic
    AV mana turret

  4. Hodo

    -Squadleader channel
    -Flash grenade
    -Grounder anti-air missile

    -AS-16 Nighthawk
    -M12 Kobalt for my Sunderer.
    -Second Burster for my MAX.
  5. Le_Fou

    Best :
    Both Mercy
    AV Turret
    MBT HE

    Worst :
    Basilik on Flash
    Semi-auto scout rifle
  6. Ash87

    Best: Haymaker, M77-b (First weapon I bought for 100 certs, the one I've used the second most.), Utility Pouch for my Engineer, 15 extra shots for my Infiltrator's sniper rifle, C4, level 5 Engineer tool.

    Worst: Mini chaingun, I never use it, never liked it, just bought it because it looked cool admittedly.
    Nanoweave Upgrades: Such a waste, wish I had gotten Flak instead.
  7. Techup

    Best - Jaguar

    Worst - All things mosquito (yes, that includes rocket pods. I'm bad at flying).
  8. Zenanii

    Best SC: Shotgun, scythe tiger fins:D , max burster
    Best cert: AT mines, mineguard, max medic gun, max medic ability, flares

    Worst SC: Liberator bulldog, right before A30 walker buff.
    Worst cert: half of all the weapon attachment's I've bought but is not even using
  9. ShayeUK

    worst, HSR-1, Haymaker, Heavy Cycler, grenage/c4 capacity upgrades maxed ( resources are very poor now thanks to ******* crown camping, worthless )

    best and only, LC3 Jaguar
  10. OldMaster80

    SMG for the Infiltrator.
    Jaguar carbine for the Engineer.

    Skyguard: good for scaring enemy aircraft, but almost impossible to destroy anything with that.
    AV Engineer Turret: deploying that stuff is like yell around HEY I'M HERE I'M AN EASY KILL WHY DON'T YOU TRY TO SHOOT ME? I CAN'T MOVE!

    That's total crap! :mad:
  11. Tharrak

    "Proud" Skyguard owner here as well. So far I have downed more planes with my standard lightning shells. :p

    Will put the mini-chaingun up there as "best". Not in pure performance always. But for the fun of using it nonetheless. To have fun qualifies as value for money at least.

  12. Haba

    Worst: Lasher
    Best: C4/Mana AV
  13. biterwylie

    Worst cert investments are those I put into my MBT. I say this as Tank V Tank battles are rare in the extreme.
  14. StrikerKOJ


    Shoulder decal. Would really be nice if they would fix them so they are visible in conjunction with Composite Armor.

    Whats even worse, is I KNEW it wouldn't work, but I still dropped the money on the "Classic Snake Decal" because that was the one used by my outfit in PS1. So now I have to either look like a skinny dweeb without my Composite Armor, or like a buff soldier without my decal.

    Either way, I got F-ed out of some money...
  15. LuNaTIcFrEAk

    - Months worth of XP Boosts @ 50% sales (250sc) purchased with 3x station cash. Now have over 8000K certs saved up.
    - Flare, great bang for a cheap price
    - V10 Bolt action

    - Battle rifle!!!
    - Lasher
  16. Yorkston

    • Vanguard HE- Dear god so useless. Already the worst by far out of the tanks, and getting even worse next patch.
    • Warden(Battle Rifle)- Worse than the AC-X11 and shotguns.
    • Rebel(NC pistol)- Not very good compared to Magshot, and going to be obsoleted by the NS revolver.
    • GD-7F- It's fun to mow down the TR with a bullet hose for once.
    • Radar Reaver- Seriously underrated, especially now that nobody uses annihilators or tomcats. Doesn't make certs but your team will LOVE you.
    • Vanguard AP- Now dispensing freedom to aircraft. I hate Mosquitos.
  17. Gustavo M

    C4, AV grenade, Bull, (standard basic certs), annihilator and everything else for HA.
    It's way too "easy" when you play as a HA.
  18. LineTrap

    Best: Flak, NS-11A (for my VS main), SVA-88 (Orion w/ 75 charges and a compensator), Rival 3 for Mag, HEAT cannon for Lightning.

    Regrettable: thousands of ESF certs ("I believe I can fly" doesn't make it so); the flashlight and other gag NS-11 attachments I purchased on a whim during dub XP week.
  19. Shasbot

    Lols skyguard. I'm glad I didn't buy it. I wanted to though, I really wanted to be an ostwind. Luckily I read these forums first.
  20. akajefe

    Best: Pulsar LSW. I usually buy weapons with cash, but I heard good things about it and saw it only cost 100 certs. 100 CERTS! Put a fore grip and reflex on there and good to go. Most effective 230 certs ever spent.

    Worst: Stuff for my Scythe. I hate to fly. I figured that I might like it more if I had something besides the default nose gun and fuel tanks. Nope, still dont like to fly.
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