Your spitfires ******* SUCK

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  1. nadir

    And in PS1 you could put spits in a lot of places you can't in PS2. I would like the cloaked spit to make it's return.....
  2. ZDarkShadowsZ

    That's not what people have an issue with. They're quite easy to take down, no one is questioning that. What many have an issue with is the high number that can be placed due to the fact any class can place them, not just the Engineer. Thus, classes such as Infiltrator and Light Assault end up placing them in locations that would normally be extremely difficult to reach, or impossible without flight or a beacon.
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  3. Neo3602

    I can see how it would be pretty annoying to spend a good amount of time flanking only to be revealed by a spitfire, maybe add an implant or suit slot item that increases the time it takes for a spitfire or other AI controlled things to notice you?
  4. TrojonKing 1st

    They should just be for engineers and medic's so they have something covering there back's.
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  5. nadir

    There is an implant that allows the player not to trip mines and spitfire acquisition time or distance is reduced by 50%. It's called "Avoidance".
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  6. then00b

    Well the max Catlike implant helped engineers with that before the new spitfires. Just not sure how many people bothered to use it, I find it hilarious, some good spots to surprise people from.
  7. RegionLockEmerald

  8. Neo3602

    ah ok