Your spitfires ******* SUCK

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NotziMad, May 4, 2020.

  1. NotziMad

    I made a thread a while ago, a bit more constructive, there were other threads that were much more constructive as well, but now, some days have past, people have caught on, and I'm not being construcitve anymor, I j ust got 4 words for you.

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  2. Liewec123

    cant help but agree,
    adding AI to this game was controversial,
    but it was locked to one class, (and a support class at that.) so you wouldn't see too many Spitfires.
    but it seems Wrel has had another genius brainfart to allow every person on the battlefield to drop a spitfire...

    you can't flank, you can't sneak, you can't attack from any odd angles, this is far more damning for tactical play that the previous brainfart of "Deathcam".

    this game is getting so ret@rded, tactical play nerfed to hell, its all just spam orbitals and bastions now.
    screw tactics, just add more and more fun-ruining explosions... Wrelside.
    i curse the day they hired a skilless youtube as a dev.
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  3. NotziMad

    Same, I was thinking the other night, "why the hell do they even keep him????" and then thought :

    "maybe his girl friend is the daughter of a rich Russian investor in DBG or something like" lol
  4. strove

    Then quit...

    Turrets arent that strong. It takes 2-3 turrets to match a players killing potential and you can kill one without losing your shield. It has a minimum range, a low RoF, a slow tracking speed, can be stopped easily with any explosives or EMPs. Im pretty sure we are playing the same game but i never have an issue with turrets, though i do think the tac-slot versions should atleast cost more / be limited to 1 per resupply so they arent so over used.
  5. Towie

    It does vary a lot - for the most part there isn't much difference except maybe a few more spitfires dotted around BUT some squads are going crazy and placing them everywhere.

    Although a single Spitfire doesn't cause much hassle, they force multiply well and when they are everywhere - it's a bit of a problem.

    (Only some squads mind - however - this could become a new norm)
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  6. NotziMad

    yeah, good advice there sport, I'm gona quit because of turrets.

    Anyway, I'll try and be constructive, i'm in that mood right now, cause I could just as easily flame you and make you look like a fool.

    When something sucks, (and this is also true for real life), it doesn't mean that it is over powered, that players can't deal with it.

    Sometimes, like with liberators, something does suck because they are way too strong and very difficult to deal with.

    I know how to kill a turret, I don't think anyone doesn't know how to kill a turret. The reason they suck isn't because they are lethal o r hard to kill (whether they are or not is irrelevant because that isn't why they suck).

    It's not quite New York times level, but I think this should answer your remarks.
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  7. Demigan

    How much is it worth to have a +/-20 to 30% extra damage, an automatic warning system and a solid bulletsponge that drains about 50 to 60% of non-LMG ammo?
    That is massively valuable. It isnt about what a single Spitfire can do, Its about the power that a person+Spitfire have against opponents.
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  8. Liewec123

    the damage isn't the issue.
    they eliminate any kind of flanking tactics,
    spend 5 minutes backing around to attack the zerg from an angle that should give you a huge advantage and NOPE
    you have 12 spitfires yelling "THERE IS A DUDE BEHIND YOU."

    before this recent patch, you came across the occasional Sptfire,
    and to get it the player had to be engi (when most people go LA or HA for killing, or medic for certs.)
    and then the engi had to give up the manned turrets or the shield wall in order to take Spitfire.
    THAT was fine, but now EVERYONE can get it with absolutely zero downsides.

    also you know how stupid it is to tell the vets to quit all because some youtuber idiot
    is turning this game into his own crappy s%%tshow?
    PS2 has been PS2 for over 7 years, why should we quit because that idiot is ruining OUR game.
    how about THAT idiot goes and we keep PS2 and PS2...
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  9. TRspy007

    how stupid is it to tell anyone to quit this game, especially when they actually have a valid point?

    People acting like this game doesn't need all the players it can get smh...
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  10. ObiVanuKenobi

    His dad is in the illuminati.
  11. zelekk

    If your flank is taking 5min you are doing sth wrong.
    I started to play smg infi recently and they cause absolutly no problem for me. When i get flank i can down one or two gus and **** off of there before spites even bep at me.

    Seting up room full of them is quiet strong against unorginized randos but any competent squad will emp room anyway before breaching so no difference there.
  12. Danko

    Yes I've come across with some "fortified" positions using several spitfires, but in the end they have not lasted long enough nor stopped our advance at all.

    And I'm not talking about requiring a coordinated squad to take them down just casual players fighting together.

    Perhaps there is something I'm missing, can you explain why is it a big issue?.
  13. Demigan

    It is a no-brainer option to take with you
    It reduces the amount of viable combat techniques. Since flanking or stealth gameplay (especially non-infiltrator stealth) is going to be detected more easily.
    It adds DPS, increasing the chance of winning a battle or getting revenge on an enemy who killed you
    It can soak bullets and enemy attention, giving you an easier time getting a kill.

    That enough? It should be, just the second point should invalidate their omnipresent use.
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  14. then00b

    Oh, so that's why I've been seeing more of them. Though people were actually playing engineer properly.
    That said, the spitfires are kind of crap for the most part. But whatever the new system is of letting people construct anything they want wherever they want is kind of dumb. Especially since it seems to contradict what the actual construction system was about.

    Which direction is the game meant to be going in?

    Can we get a cert refund on construction?
    Seems like most of the War Assets are meant to replace them entirely, without no-deploy restrictions. Don't even have hives anymore as side objectives.
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  15. TRspy007

    it's now a lot easier for them to stack up. Usually 3 spitfires would amount to one player shooting at you.

    They've also been used to deny entry to roofs, distract targets, etc.

    As an engineer, I'm now able to put down 2 spitfires, and the kills have been pouring in pretty quickly, depending on where I place them.

    Sure, it's not the end of the world, but it's another annoyance that shouldn't have been added, and strips away some uniqueness from the engineer.
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  16. Garmus

    Actually you can use both Spitfire and the shield wall, if you use it as "Reserve Hardlight Barrier", which use different consumable slot. Btw in addition, you can sacrifice Spitfire slot to get 2 shield walls - one as "classic" Hardlight Barrier, and the second as the Reserve Hardlight Barrier, which can be placed right next to the classic one, also without causing the first (classic one) to despawn. (Be aware there have to be a minimal distance between placing twe two classic ones from two players, but there is absolutely no minimal required distance between classic and reserve ones, even if they are spawned from the same player). You can use this for great strategic advantage at chokepoints.

    90% of my gametime I play as support engi, and I found the Spitfire a very strong addition to the engi arsenal. When placed at strategically good places, it can be an invaluable help to detter Light Assaults, flanking SMG infils etc so your squad will happily sacrifice one HA spot for an engi with "radar with gun" watching their back. Perfect placement of Spitfire was crucial for its effectivity, and you wouldnot believe me where everywhere I was able to place these Spitfires. It can even be used as a ladder to help MAXes to jump above base walls or to help MAXes climb up to the roof of most base buildings in the game( and ofc also for these engies to give them repair and infinite ammo). Huh, what? MAX with a repair engi with infinite ammo pool on the roof of that building and a Spitfire guarding them against C4 fairies? 10/10 MAXes would happily approve :p

    Giving a Spitfire Turret to all classes is the worst game developer decision I saw in this game so far. This decision in its capability of breaking the game ballance outshine even the old ZOE MAX-pocalypse (and Im saying this as a VS main character ... ).Did developers ever heard about asymetric class ballance? (perfect example is to look at asymetric balance between 3 races in Starcraft real-time-strategy game)

    I can tell you this: After watching all these Wrel's extremely bad game changing decisions, I, as a legal paying customer (* Note:1), am seriously afraid about the PS2 future. Im so affraid that I even start thinking about (probably not true) "conspiration theory" if Wrel isnt maybe a double agent payed by some MMOFPS competitor company to slowly destroy Planetside 2 with his bad game-ruining decisions. Otherwise I cannot understand how he is able to steadily and continuously making all these bad game changing decisions slowly ruining this beautiful game. I ... I dont have words for this. Im sad how one bad manager / lead designer / whatever-status-guy can easily destroy good work of dozens other game studio employees.

    * * * * *
    (*Note:1): I buyed that 40$-or-whatever-it-cost Alpha Squad Package back when Planetside2 was launched. Why, when it was free-to-play from the start? Because I want to show my appreciation for hard and good work of level designers (Indar level-terrain desing is simply awesome), game mechanic designers, graphic designers etc. But when I saw changes in the game, I decided to "vote with my wallet" and managers and lead game designers will never see a single cent from me, because their work is (in my personal point of view) awful and slowly ruining the game.

    I am affraid where this game is going :(
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  17. TRspy007

    Exactly what I did, although I cancelled my membership so long ago I eventually forgot the name + password of my membership account :(

    The game is heading straight into a wall, and it seems the focus is streamlining and accelerating that trajectory.
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  18. Twin Suns

    When the opponent plays the "spitfire gambit".

    We just get a Valkyrie full of infils, equip them with a bandolier of EMP's and speed drop them in.
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  19. TRspy007

    the ASP engineer with emp and bando + lmg also works pretty well.

    And a friend also suggested trying the decoy nades, I've done it and it's given me some pretty funny moments.
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  20. SikVvVidiT

    This is silly, you could place like a ton of spits in PS1 as one player.. Spitfires now are weak, if you are getting killed by them on a constant bases then it's not them that *****ing Suck....