[Suggestion] Your Reason For Avoiding Playing on Esamir and Amerish?

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  1. Bubbalicious

    I hope the Dev's will look at our comments and hopefully apply changes to encourage us to play on more then Indar. Post what you think are your primary concerns about why each of us avoids the other continents.

    As for myself, it comes down to a few basic items.

    1. Esamir - Fog is too way too thick and hampers battles, it should be dropped to a maximum of 20%
    2. Esamir - Lighting is too bright and hampers the use of night vision scopes and each time you swap planets you have to adjust your lighting up and down.
    3. Amerish - Tons of mountains which makes this continent limited to the use of aircraft. If you are in ground vehicles you are toast.
    4. Indar, Amerish, Esamir need to remove Ghost capping and limit conversion of caps to have players present.

    These I think are my primary concerns, what are yours?
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  2. Arquin

    All players are on Indar.

    That said, if I see even ONE hex that's blood red, I will immediately switch continent.

    Yesterday on Miller, Esamir and Indar had a queue so I was playing on Amerish.
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  3. Cleaver

    And Esamir is a continent for ground vehicles. I'd like to see some larger fights on Amerish, the absence of tank spamming would be nice.
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  4. Gisgo

    On Ceres Esamir is ten times better than Indar. Very active without being too crowded.
    Oddly enough, there is still a lot of infantry fighting.
    Amerish is still a ghost land.
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  5. Tasogie

    1 What fog ? never seen fog there, plays fine for me., I even have a video
    2Rubbish, see video
    3 lol Sorry mate, but I use tanks alot on Amerish, an I don't see this issue, besides, if your a tanker you "should" have an AA with you, or be travel9ing in a group with a AAMAX, or couple of HA. Your fault.
    4Oh god, Ghost capping is perfectly fine, it is a exellant tactic an one that should be encouraged to do by all. It is only an issue to those who are too lazy to take 30 seconds to stop it...(Literally takes 30 seconds) Will leave the how to, you to sort out.
  6. Gary

    Problem is with the absence of tank spamming Air has nothing to farm but Air and Infantry and on Amerish it is incredibly easy for ESF's to get out of dangerous zones by simply dropping altitude and hiding behind mountains.

    For me it is the whole fight is on Indar. You play planetside 2 for a massive fight and to experience some huge battles.. The battles on Indar are bigger then Amerish and Esamir...

    It is one of those things, everyone wishes the fighting would be on a different continent but no one wants to risk moving and not finding a fight so everyone stays on Indar.

    I have to disagree with point 4.. Ghost capping is the worst thing possible =/ A game about huge battles on an epic scale... I do not want to go fight in a 1v1 or 2v2 etc... Ghost capping provides minimal XP plenty of boring downtime whilst waiting for bases to flip and in my opinion the least amount of fun.

    I really hope they make it so 1 man cannot cap the point and a number of people are needed at each objective in order to begin the capture process...

    I also find Esamir to provide awesome infantry fighting, It has to be something to do with the rolling hills and trench like terrain. Seems people are willing to get involved in a big infantry push from one base to another on Esamir. Something i have never encountered on Amerish or Indar! However this a rarity since Woodman rarely has a fight big enough to pull people of Indar. Bring on continent locking... Need a new continent asap....
  7. Tasogie

    Ghost capping = working behind the lines, its valid an req for diversity in the game. many people play as ghost cappers,why should they have their chosen game style removed because the forum possie don't want to be responsible for their own gaming.
  8. Puppy

    They might cap Indar D: And it's lonely.
  9. Gary

    How is it behind lines when you cannot cap a base behind the front line due to influence? Ghost capping is merely choosing to go adn get some easy XP from a quiet base away from the fight. Often goes unapposed because no one can be bothered getting caught up in such a small fight which is a waste of time, They play planetside 2 for the sheer scale... not to play hide and seek with 1 infiltrator.
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  10. Alizona

    I ALWAYS play on either Esamir or Amerish. I do not have a single complaint about either continent.

    The only time I ever play on Indar these days is if the NC is capping both Esamir and Amerish at once. I let them finish off capping the maps (no point to trying to stop them when population is something like 75% NC 5% TR and 20% VS) and then I can go play in peace and quiet.

    I can't stand Indar, it's just way to much action for my overloaded brain and underwhelming skillz. I much prefer the slower pace and smaller battles on Esamir and Amerish where I can actually figure out where the opponents are and formulate some defense or counterattack. On Indar, everything is just a total blur, all of the time. Mass chaos.

    If you ask me, I have to believe that half of all players don't even know there are two other continents besides Indar. And I pray it stays that way. If your reasons are why people don't play there, then I say GOOD!
  11. Tasogie

    Easily, because often times everyone is on edge of the enemy's zones, an ignores anything behind them, takign those outposts can cut off your enemys access to tanks etc, and it also forces people to go take back the base, or stop it being taken. All this is a about is the fact people want to farm certs, an anything that takes them away from their shoveling payment for playing they dont like.
  12. Rown

    Because I have better things to do than following a platoon leader with delusions of tactical genius capping empty bases.
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  13. Some1

    No one else is so I don't. It's a vicious cycle.
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  14. Primarkka

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  15. biterwylie

    I love the Ice planet :cool:

    It is by far the most atmospheric. Love the bright sun and the fog which seems to come and go. To be honest I cant remember the last time I played on Indar.
  16. Kedric

    Honestly, I think Esamir and Amerish are just too big with too many bases for such rough terrain. Amerish is the worst offender in this regard, since it's pretty much required to have Racer 2 or Racer 3 to get around in ground vehicles. Esamir has a lot of small ravines for vehicles to get stuck in, plus a lack of cover for ground vehicles and infantry that puts you at the mercy of enemy air.

    Indar is far from perfect, but it has a much nicer flow to it than Esamir or Amerish. There's also a better variation of terrain on Indar, whereas Esamir and Amerish are basically homogenous across the entire continent.
  17. Total_Overkill

    I despise..... DESPISE Esamir... the continent is the polar opposite of my desired play styles. I hate the rolling ice flats, small formless mountains, and barren bases. (I hate the northern half of indar for the exact same reasons)
    I need cover, i need mountains, obscene terrain, clusters of random buildings, forests, etc etc.
    Deathstar running Indars canyons, flying below the tree canopy... fighting with cover and choke points that hinders unlimited armor columns so i can actually play infantry. But Esamir? NOPE! No where to run to, no where to hide, no cover, no AA blind spots, no nothing but barren worthless icefields...
    That is why i dont play Esamir -_-
  18. Serval

    Turning shadows to 0 (off) in your settings file while turning fog shadows on will remove the fog in esamir, and everywhere else.

    I avoid those continents most of the time because Briggs doesn't have enough players to make them anything resembling populated unless it's one of those organised events that happens to have people show up.
  19. VSMars

    Esamir: Too few, too big territories. The map is just tiny, at least in terms of strategical space.

    Amerish: Some badly connected territories - especially Onatha and Wokuk, which are major facilities with just two territories each surrounding them. Territory connectivity not following road connections for the most part, leading to some crazy driving through unrelated territory and frequent backtracking just to get to the "neighbour" (example: Vaemar Logging to West Pass) while at the same time logical connections are broken apart for no geographically good reason (see: Xelas to Silver Valley).
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    I second that.

    The major reason why most people don't play on the other continents is because most people don't play on the other continents. I's a doom loop. I'm certain that the vast majority of the playerbase is actually absolutely sick of Indar. Server merges made things better, but it's still nowhere near where it should be.