your most epic TK?

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  1. zhengy4

    I had my most epic TK a month back when I was fighting on indar at 2 am, not many people but there's one enemy mosquito harrasing our base constantly, I grabbed a heavy with a nemesis lancher, quickly locked him and he's already on smoke, I was like, damn this must be easy kill.....

    however when my light plasma ball of rocket almost reached the fleeing mosi, sunddenly out of no where came a fast moving swirlving valkyrie tried to finish the mosi, he has the most aerobatic air combat skill of a valkyrie pilot i've ever seen, but ironically, he flew right into my nemesis rocket path at full speed and I meant what are the chances!!!!! ... it hit right at its rear and blew up the entire valkyrie, while the enemy mosi fled in bad shape and only manage to come back rocketpodded me into pieces....:mad: I don't have vid record but I can tell there's probably nothing more epic than this, I couldn't hold my laughter/tears for good 1 minute...

    more ironically, this valkyrie pilot accused me of TK over chat window and blaming me for good 2 minutes of not only killing all his 4 crew onboard, but also how he almost got a "badly smoking mosi" until got hit by a rocket.
  2. Leftconsin

    I did not know there was an invisible floor much higher than where you would think between Peris and Scarred Mesa before I dove a full Galaxy into the bay there.
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  3. MurgNC


    For mine, I was an NC engineer fighting in a base. I saw a TK message flash across my screen but I hadn't shot any friendlies so I figured one of my NC teammates had managed to blow themselves up on one of the many mines I had scattered around the base. I thought, "Well that's the NC for ya," and went back to the fight.

    Then, seconds later I got another TK message, and another one! I still hadn't shot any friendlies. So I'm thinking to myself, "How many mines have I put down in this base anyways?! And just how incompetent are my teammates anyhow?!"

    So I'm running all over, trying to check on my mines, and then I see it, just as I'm getting my 4th TK.

    Earlier I had put down a Spitfire turret but there wasn't much action there so I left the area. Later, the front lines had moved next to the Spitfire, with a mass of baddies on one side of a wall, a mass of friendly NC on the other side of a wall, and my stupid/traitorous turret shooting into the backs of the NC as it tried vainly to get at the baddies.

    I was forced to TK my own traitorous turret to prevent any more collateral damage!
  4. DarkStarII

    I don't have any good TK stories to tell :,(
    It's not exactly TK related, but it's funny when you hack someone's spitfire turret and then it kills them :)
  5. Blue_Shift

    Intentional or non-intentional?

    Vanu was kicking our butt. So I swapped to Vanu and gave everybody a nice ride in a sundy. After some aimless driving for a few minutes, I must have enjoyed our ride so much I wasnt paying attention and drove off a cliff. Fortunate for me I was the only survivor :)
  6. zhengy4

    can totally relate to that. back in Jan at peak time I was at a massive battle on Amerish,96+ battles, and we defended our base, were trying to push backto enemy base, I and another 11 guys jumped into a sundy, that driver was kinda awesome, fast and menuveur really good, there were about 10 sundy behind us 20 lightenings following, were all in high spirit to push back, it was on amerish, and there was only one narrow passage between two hills, when our sundy took the turn and facing the only passage and was the 1st of all our faction, one of our keen eyeed gunners notices 6 shinning tank mines laid on ground, he was a bit upset, yelling in proximate chat "tank mines! tank mines ahead of us!" but however this sundy driver was either deaf or don't haver money to buy a speaker/headphone at all, kept full throttling, the gunner was in panic, kept yelling in proximate chat, and gosh his mic was so good that even a dead man could understand the danger laid ahead of us, and he Q-spotted all six mines for us and the driver.

    However, it didn't stop driver no shxt, he was driving really maniacally, all passengers on the sundy were panicing, we all began to yell in proximate chat for the mines, but the sundy kept going and managed to bring all 12 us into a massive killstreak for someone else.

    I am not sure who is more dumber the driver or the rest of us. Becoz we simply could have pressed "E" and bail, but yet none of us did, instead we screaming in voice chat and plunged ourselves to dismay. I guess the sudden panic simply shut off our thinking mechanism in the brain.

    Another incidence, happened to be a harraser driver, me and another MAX (who just spawned) asked for a ride to enemy base, it was a small fight, 30 ish, our battle tanks were pushing and it' was a massive plain on amerish, the harasser driver kept harassing the enmey base and me and the max managed to kill a few until a vanguard spawn to deter us, there's no way for him to chase as we still have several tanks guarding the midground between theirs and our base, the harasser were hit two rounds, not too bad, but the driver was high or in panic as well, he was in full throttle and fled but however managed to bring us out of bound, damn, and he realized it then abandoned his harrasser, while the harraser kept the full momentum conveying me and the MAX into the ocean.........dude, if you really have to abandon your vehicle doing so in a gentler manner, not a full speed bail while there are still passengers onboard.
  7. johnway

    I have no funny, awesome tk as no tk is ever that funny or awesome. At least for me.

    Most of them consist of shooting someone accidentally in the back, sticking a Sticky grenade on someone or stupid frag related deaths.

    But the most stand out moment was fragging the Outfit leader when he was leading the charge into a base. Threw a grenade just as he was charging in.
  8. FieldMarshall

    Teamkilling is never cool. But i have three stories to share.

    The first one was some guy who started shooting at me while i was managing my loadout.
    I closed down the menu and dodged most of his shots before headshotting him a few times.
    I ofcourse taunted him about how bad he was not even being able to gank teammates, and ignored him before he could reply.
    Checked out his killboard and he had over 90% teamkills.

    The second one was some guy i accidentally did 2% damage to.
    He told me the enemy tried to kill him with cheese, and thanked me for not letting them get the kill.

    My AMS weapons locked me, because it somehow kept teamkilling people who spawned when it thought i wasent looking.
    WTF Sunderer why so bloodthirsty. I cant turn my back on you for 2 minutes. I have to deconstruct you, this relationship isnt working out mate.
  9. DarkStarII

    Happened to me before, except they stood on a mine...
  10. JobiWan

    I once threw a sticky 'nade at a group of enemies just as a friendly heavy ran across my path. He then panicked and ran back into a crowd of team mates. I got five TKs and hung my head in shame.
  11. eldarfalcongravtank

    uhh, where do i begin...

    - shoot a Light Assault trying to blow up a friendly Sunderer, Magrider HEAT triggers the C4, killing the Sunderer i wanted to save as well as other teammates
    - sitting in a Harasser, shooting a Halberd at some Mosquito dogfighting an allied Scythe in the distance, miss the Mosquito, hit and kill the Scythe instead
    - friendly Lib lands next to me burning, shoot both pilot and gunner as they hop out.... to this day i dont know what i was thinking, just a brainfreeze on my part
    - trying to save teammates before they run into an enemy AI mine by shooting it killing them anyway ._.
    - trying to heal someone as Medic but forgetting to take out Medtool first, instead trying to heal them with a Baron at closerange which results in disaster
    - magburning into stuff (allied infantry, Harassers, Sunderers, other Magriders) either killing them or flipping them over so they burn to death #MagriderProblemsMatter
    - using AA lock-onmissiles, firing missile after lock, missile bends around muzzle hitting and killing a nearby teammate >_>

    note, i do NOT condone or endorse teamkilling in any way! these are just some teamkill examples that i have unintentionally accumulated throughout three years of playing this chaotic game
  12. Sulsa

    Over a year ago, I shot a dumbfire rocket at a parked lightning.
    A friendly harasser was making an attack run too, jumped a small hill and was literally in the air, between me and the enemy lightning, when my rocket hit him and TKed him.
    Was a truly amazing shot... unfortunately.
  13. Jubikus

    Shot at a lib with my AP prowler missed mossy flew into the shot 400+ meters out. Just kind of sat there like "well thats a thing......"
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  14. TheFlamingLemon

    Me and about 15 others were on top of a galaxy having a party and another friendly galaxy came over and hit it. The other galaxy exploded and ours was left with very little health, so I put down a c4, jumped off the side, and detonated it.
  15. Liewec123

    not the most epic, but it made me chuckle at the time :p
    this guy literally threw himself infront of my travelling rocket to save that max XD
  16. Drag0

    Ejecting players from your liberator ... lol but mean!
  17. Hyron

    Unfortunately, i also have a story about tk to tell :(

    It was on Hossin with my LA. 3 frags in my loadout.
    i threw a grenade on top of a plateau where a fight was going on.
    fist one: 1 enemy kill
    my thoughts: oh hey, some enemys ahead
    second one: 1 enemy kill
    my thoughts: hmm, still fighting. Good for me :)
    third one: ... 6 tks
    my thoughts: ...:eek:

    Seems to be bad timing and bad luck came together :(
  18. Towie

    Yeah sticky grenades are pretty bad - it's awful to see it stick to a friendly, i'll grimace for a few seconds until it explodes then go to the corpse and say 'sorry' in proxy - not sure if they even hear but it makes me sleep easier !

    Must admit it usually takes me a few minutes to acclimatise when I swap faction - friendly infiltrators are especially at risk (was that a slurp, a shloop or a zizz - oh well, it's dead now)
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  19. DCWarHound

    Dumb firing a rocket at a tank near render distance, light assault that was trying to C4 a tank halfway flies into it.What are the chances?
  20. Demigan

    I fire a standard dumbfire at a passing ESF.
    Friendly ESF gives chase and rams my missile from behind, then in a panick rams the ground trying to get repairs.

    I see a giant cluster-**** of enemies in a Biolab point building (those L-shaped one's with stairs and a balcony). I duck back behind the wall on the balcony, switch to C4, dump my C4 into the doorway and... Get 4 friendly kills (2 MAX) as apparently the NC was just using the gravlift to get up there, stopping the entire NC assault.

    I drive a racer Lightning at full speed down from a tower to the next base across the road. A huge friendly infantry Zerg is moving right next to the road. A Prowler fires one shot in between the infantry Zerg. As one they run up the road...
    If this game had realistic blood, it would have made a tiny lake of it at the bottom of that road. It was the biggest killstreak in 5 seconds I have ever had I think, must have been over 20 people. Needless to say the game didn't really like it, and the players didn't too.