Your Loyalty Means the World to Us

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, May 1, 2014.

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  1. Tykune

    Still doesn't change my stance on what is owed to me, nor does it change my opinion on the company. They know how to fix this and earn my loyalty back.

    Your move, SOE.
  2. randomtree1

    downtime for this "emergency update"???? should i sit here and wait or will i still be sitting here in 2 hours? nice to know if i sack off the game for the day or sit here and wait for not long....
  3. RogueElement

    Incoming patch boys
  4. Drglord

    Oh i just realized the servers are down LOL. Okay that is beyond hilarious...
    We will give you double xp weekend (while you lost actual money on boosters activated on 36 hours downtime) but we will bring down the servers this weekend also to fix things non related to the game just billing stuff.
    I just can't stop laughing man.
  5. GoodFight

    Well, yeah, except it is not owed to you.
  6. 69eyes

    agreed, but most people will always forget their pinch of salt when it comes to even rough estimates :/
  7. GoodFight

    Well, the more "hilarious" part of this is that the Double XP was to start 7 hours ago, and so far no one has seen it.
  8. p33pl

    I would just like to point out that SOE, together with ALL major or bigger game producers/developers are not there for you or me, they are just trying to make as much money over our backs as they can.

    Since when is it a standard, to be alpha and beta tester for half butted games being coded poorly with "makeup" offers that only costs instead of at any point actually returning something out of loyalty and soforth.
    Even when the product over half a year or even some cases just like with PS2 well over a year after the release people are still beta testing and getting annoyed of stupid bugs/glitches/connection issues/crappy client releases (not just x64).

    Unless everyone wakes up and starts demanding better quality games/services, or playing games like this "Free to play" actually for free maybe then this will no longer be the standard they handle.
    Maybe for the next game they will actually test something before bringing out games and "fixes".

    Make them work for YOUR hard earned money, hold them to their promises and stop supporting these major companies who just swallow up proper working smaller branches. It's about time people say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
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  9. Lazaruz

    This is just not worth the trouble anymore. Keep your double-XP weekend, I got better things to do.
  10. Implementor

    I love SOE feedback , no ETA etc.
  11. Kanrethad

    Well, I was in the process of subscribing, BUT thanks to this " scheduled " maintenance, HELL NO!
  12. LadiesMan217

    Your money means the world to us :D
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  13. GoodFight

    Well, it's "unscheduled".... but look on the bright side, at least they stopped using that spiffy term that didn't mean what they kept using it to mean every time they patched. I'm not mentioning the word for fear of bringing it back....
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  14. Kanrethad

    so true.
  15. Aubz88

    Aaaaaaannnnddd they are back up according to Server Status on forum page!

    Good job SOE for short maintenance and thankyou for fixing LOGINSIDE!!!!!!! <3
  16. Aubz88

    And Server Status on forum page says they are back up everyone lets see if it tells ze truth!
  17. ironvi9rus

    Servers back up and still no double xp...............
  18. Aubz88

    Yay all up guys GO GO GO, see you in game
  19. tekknej

    up. and i get double xp.
  20. Yaesu

    Your point is exactly what's so screwed up with people today. They'll scream about something not being right, but continue to pay for it. It's like the gasoline prices. Scream, scream, yell yell ... WHY ARE THEY SO HIGH???? As they hook up their 5th wheel, to their gas guzzling 4x4, for the 3 to 5 hour drive to their choice of camping spots. Makes no sense what-so-ever.

    It won't be fixed as long as people still pay for it. Just got to get ALL THE PEOPLE together. Problem being is that they won't.
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