Your Loyalty Means the World to Us

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, May 1, 2014.

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  1. RIctavius

    Veteran Package.
  2. WarmasterRaptor

    C'mon guys.

    Let's let each empire caps their way to the crown.

    CROWN FIGHT. ALL WEEKEND. 48+/48+/48+ :D
  3. Klondor

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  4. MikeCobretti

    THANK YOU ! As a former Battlefield player I really appreciate fair behaviour. The difference between EA/Dice and SOE is day and night. This is what I call customer service. Good job guys !!

    P.S. PDT link is missing. Just to help the others here :]
  5. sebo

    so i guess we should take advantage of this considering double xp for non-members seem to be non-existent anymore. in my opinion, there should be at least double xp for everyone at least once a month. doesn't have to be an entire weekend, even if it's only for 24 hours. it might help bring back players into an otherwise dying game.
  6. DoctorPC

    Great! When you look at the forum page, Is it just me, or are most of subscriders from Terran Republic?
    I would kinda make sense, as nobody is as loyal as true TR soldier ;) <---- Listening this for next 2 hours :D

    Loyalty until death!
  7. QFAN

    Please make sure the client AND the server DO NOT crash.

    VERY Poor update quality in the past few months has been deeply damaging my loyalty to the game.
  8. DoctorPC

    You can't tell difference between NC and VS? Well, in Planetside 2 it doesn't really matter, as both are evil, but Im interested in hearing, is the color you see anything like red, the TR colour?
  9. Llaf

    Damn...too bad I'll still be on PS1 trying to get BR before everyone leaves again.
  10. thepackett

    I wish I could participate, but unfortunately upcoming finals are more important.
    Maybe some event for us students after finals and exams? :p
  11. Ravenwolf Foxtrack

    I've dumped hundreds of U.S.D. into Planetside 2, I'd say I'm a loyal customer. Also, I understand how hard you guys work, and that you do update us, and keep working to fix things that were unforeseen shows that you do care about us and not just our wallets.
  12. Kraisys

    You know a double station cash day wouldn't hurt either. Juss' saying. :)
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  13. tekknej

    should be starting right now?
  14. Foster42

    It should be, as a member I'm only getting +40%...... SOE?
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  15. Loeffel

    Pffff SOE don't gives a damn about thier customers... Double XP is just the carrot after a stick. If you sum it up - This game was in a unplayable status for nearly a month this year and all we get back is a rediculous doulbe XP which noone cares about. What about the gametime I couldn't use but I paied for (heroic and premium). Damn I paied so much for this game because I really liked it but now its just crap. Unfinished patches, bugs everywhere and new features (whitout qouting them) are implemented once a year.
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  16. Foster42

    Less QQ more PEW PEW or how bout constructive criticisms instead of ******** and moaning
  17. Ravenorth

    I´ll stay loyal as long as you dont broke my most used weapon and then ignore the issue over a month, because that is exactly what happened to Phantom( KSR-35 and Impetus also). I know its probably getting fixed on the next update, but this was a major bug for anyone using these weapon as it nearly made them unusable and having to wait over a month for a fix is just unacceptable, so I really hope this happens never again.
  18. GravityJohnson

    Unless I have done some very dodgy time zone calculations, shouldn't the double XP have started nearly an hour ago?
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  19. Loeffel

    Why? To waste time? Because SOE does't care for der community? You should stop cheerleading and start to see the facts.
  20. Foster42

    I guess I shouldn't feed the Troll either
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