Your least favorite way of dying (top 5)

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  1. VogonPoetMaster

    1. Dying just as I'm about to detonate my C4 bricks.
    2. Dying just as I'm about to detonate my C4 bricks.
    3. Dying just as I'm about to detonate my C4 bricks.
    4. Dying just as I'm about to detonate my C4 bricks.
    5. Dying just as I'm about to detonate my C4 bricks.
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  2. pica

    1. Autoshotties
    2. Getting sniped by prowlers / vanguards when in my scythe
    3. Getting killed by anyone inside my MAX's deadzone without ever hitting him
    4. Getting droppodded
  3. Crashsplash

    Cloaker with an smg.
    Oh yes, and getting drop podded.
  4. void666

    As a Max: C4.
    As any other infantry: one hit deaths. Shotguns mostly.
    As ESF: Being rammed or drop poded.
    As armor: Rocket pod in the butt.
  5. ironeddie

    1.Gunning in my mates lib when he decides to 'accidentally' eject.
    2. Driving over an AT mine, there so obvious it's my own stupidity.
    3. Anytime I walk off a cliff/large building & suicide.
    4. Any time I get team killed.
    5. Anytime I repeat a rash/stupid action after dieing only to get killed again by the same enemy.
  6. PhiladelphiaCollins

    1) Team killed by idiots when there is no enemies within a mile.
    2) Being with others and using armor for cover, only to have them roll backwards into us.
    3) TR Claymores being glitched under the floor

    eh I can't think of 2 more right now...

    oh wait here we go:

    4) Shotguns of any kind.
    5) Lolpods
  7. Prudentia

  8. GrizASDF

    1) Hackers
    2) Team Killing (when done blatantly on purpose)
    That's it. Everything else is fine.
  9. brilig

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  10. WalrusJones

    0. Loosing all framerate in a dual, leaving me at the mery of the enemy.

    1. A Zephyr destroying my skyguard, a shameful death.

    2. Any shotgun.

    3. Getting stuck unable to maneuver due to a teammate.

    4. New max AV weapons (Snipes enemy sniper twice, as he goes to same spot... Returns as MAX and farms the entire camp from beyond his sparrows render range, making the rockets undodgable.)

    5. New enemies showing up as I was reloading to finish a flaming target (I put a HEAVY emphasis on vehicle kills.)
  11. Llaf

    1. Pump Action Shotgun
    2. Bolt Action Sniper Rifle (headshot)
    3. C4
    4. UBGL
    5. AP Mine
  12. Selerox

    In no particular order:

    1) SMGs - especially cloaked
    2) PA Shotguns
    3) Rocketpods
    4) ScatMAX
    6) Faction RLs

    All weapons that add nothing useful to the game. I actually don't feel the need to put TKs on the list because tbh I don't seem to get TKed all that often.
  13. Jrv

    5.Light Assault/Infiltrator being a sneaky little bastard
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  14. Roland2TowerCame

    1. My ESF shot down by an ESF on my tail
    2. My ESF shot down by a single shot from a Vanguard
    3. Fighting a 2/2 tank when no one gets in my ******* AV secondary. GET IN MY GODDAMN TANK IF YOU WANT THE OFFENSIVE TO SUCCEED, and as a counterpoint to that, LET ME GET IN YOUR TANK IF YOU WANT TO LIVE
    4. Snipers I can't see, whether cloaking or distance
    5. Instant Action dropping me in the middle of ******* nowhere.
    That one is easy to avoid, just don't shoot at me when I'm trying to blow up a tank.
  15. Vesper

    1. Debris
    2. Shotguns
    3. As a MAX, C4 + concussive grenade
    4. AT mines
    5. Strikers

  16. Sifer2

    Pump Action 1 shot
    Hacksaw 1 shot
    Bolt Action 1 shot
    AP Mine on my none Flak class loadout
    Instant death Lancer squad in any ground vehicle.

    Can you tell I don't like to die in one shot or close? I believe god gave us health bars for a reason lol.
  17. Drealgrin

    Instagibbed by 2 AA maxes that weren't there a second ago.

  18. talmaru

    #1 Burster max hiding behind spawn shields
    #2 HA lock on from behind spawn shields
    #3 Flying into a tree , rock , or ammo tower
    #4 Flipping my harasser
    #5 Getting flipped in the warpgate by a griefer
  19. Rhaeyn

    #1 getting lolpodded as infantry (it's not so annoying when I'm in a vehicle)
    #2 HA rocket to the face in CQC
    #3 Avoidable friendly fire. If I run in front of someone's Sunderer or into a Heavy's LoF, it's my fault and I don't complain.
    #4 Accidently falling down somwhere. Completely my fault, but still annoying.
    #5 Sniped by LMG/Carbine/AR. *clank clank clank clank* 4 headshots from 85m away in under 2 seconds.
  20. Kogmaw

    1) Drop pod from ******* no where
    2) Shotgun
    3) Debris
    4) FF when an ally turns the corner, freaks out, and OHK with their stupid shotgun
    5) Striker that was intelligent enough to maneuver around an entire mountain/ trees