Your ideal PS2.

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  1. WeRelic

    Title says it all.

    What is your ideal PS2?

    Which changes would you make to the game, in it's current state, to make it your ideal game?
  2. TheMish

    War between the NC and TR where the VS are all dead, and every VS player complaining sent to a Gulag.

    The end.
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  3. Yuki10

    Anything really as long as it's not done by current team.
  4. WeRelic

    Being a VS main, I'm both bothered and laughing at the same time. Good one.
  5. Kristan

    PS1 with current graphics, cosmetics, weapons and etc.
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  6. Obscura

    One where it's players care less about K/D and symmetrical balance, and more about the experience of the game itself and the quality of battles.
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  7. Campagne

    Hard to say...

    I guess current PS2 with much more ES content, much less NS stuff, the stuff in my signature removed/resolved, and an "ideal" balance between weapons and factions, whatever that is. Also with no more bugs.
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  8. 0fly0

    Not that much actually:
    Heavy shield protect player against explosion damage not infantry damage.
    Sniper rifle are limited at 6x scope
    Primary anti air weapon for mbt

    Of course everyone have different opinion depending on their playstyle, so for my playstyle that will make the game ideal, i could spawn a medic or inge without having to be worry about op shield or 12x scope fan, and primary anti air for mbt just look like a nice idea to me since we have armor air like liberator who can equip anti tank weapon, i don't see why not anti air weapon on mbt.
  9. ModsFreeAreForTV

    One-Two shot kills. More linear, balanced weapons that have way more similarities between sides. No DBC shop. That's basically it, oh yeah and players to stop thinking this is a tactical game.
  10. Pikachu

    All the good stuff from PS1 that old veterans keeps talking about.

    Lots of tiny QoL stuff, like more voice calls. A proper call for gunner for example. Better models and firing sounds. Fixing aesthetic issues with skyboxes, it's number tweaking ffs.

    If some technical graphics improvement were possible without wishing to far I would like to see the skylight having shadows. Also weather effects.

    Impossible to turn down graphic elements that gives advantage from full graphics. (Ultra is such a wrong term.)

    Special rules day once a week, not weekend.

    Incentive for field battles. Amerish has so much cool land that never see battle. Esamir has some interesting places too.

    Some special death animations for big weapons. No blood to keep rating but nanite disintegration effect when hit by explosives. Leaving a nanite blob on the ground to use for reviving. Like with energy weapons in Fallout 3.

    Lightning update. Passive stealth. Some cool weapons. A coaxial AI weapon.

    MBT update. New main gun. Tertiary weapon, kobalt, on hull for a 3rd crew member. ES ability as passive.

    No damage when upside down. Less sliding when standing still on less than flat ground. Somehow 360 view on harasser.

    Some buffs to weapons. Better slugs, AMP, trap, magscat, old faclon, scout rifles, kobalt, ranger, bulldog, basilisk, phoenix infantry damage (hate me), rebel, forward grip for blackhand, fracture, dumbfire for swarm and annihilator, RL velocty nerfs undone.

    Some buffs to certs. Better triage. Ammo version of triage. Better magburner. ASC buffed to 6 seconds reduction. Flash passive turbo. Massive buff adrenaline pump. Fast actual fun jump jet.

    Game masters looking for stupid stalemates and kill everyone near the base and disable base temporarily.

    Biolab satellite bases having their own local lattice. Once captued owners can choose to spawn inside the teleport room in the biolab instead of the idioting process of running from spawn room into teleporter then waiting for loading screen. Also limit how many players can enter biolabs by putting shield on all openings which prevents people from entering once certain numbers inside has been reached for each faction. F-k biolab overpopulation.
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  11. TheMish

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  12. WeRelic

    Some good responses so far. Content, balance, and QoL are the predominate trends I'm seeing, even if they're disagreeing on some points.

    Good stuff guys, keep it coming!

    As for my additions:
    • Incentives for leadership at all four levels (squad,platoon,outfit,global),
    • Incentives for following waypoints/orders (Not sure how it'd get implemented though)
    • More comprehensive leadership systems:
      1. Area of Operation marker - allows SL/PL to mark an area where everyone should be. This would work by placing a single point waypoint, and designating a radius for players to stay within.
      2. Air/Armor waypoints for squad/platoon mates and friendlies outside of the group. (Think offensive/defensive waypoints, except used for marking air/armor targets specifically.)
      3. Numbered waypointing. Simple, allow multiple squad/platoon waypoints, and number them in the order they're placed. Could be used to mark a preferred path, or to discuss battle plans.
      4. Pickup Marker. Used to designate pickup for MAXs or infantry (although, redeploy somewhat defeats the point)
    • Some minor tweaks (NOT NERFS!) to vehicle's lethality against infantry (Lets face it, it's only engaging for one of two players in that scenario)
    • True directional vehicle damage where projectiles that hit the back, deal damage to the back instead of from the angle of the shooter.
    • Component based vehicles ( I'd love to be able to rupture fueltanks//break tracks/disable turrets etc, to an extent ).
    • Removal of some of the schizophrenic netcode like clientsiding collisions so that it favors the player being run over. (Make it a two point check system, client A says it hit, client B says it didn't, so make the server do the math and figure out if it was a hit, two positives would obviously be a hit )
    • Adding to the above, work on making cover actually useful again. When I poke my head out and get back into cover without damage, then die in cover, something is horribly, horribly wrong.
    • Fixing/Working around render distance issues (Looking at you still, AV turret). I'll admit that they've done some things to improve this, but it's still lackluster.
    I'm missing quite a few, but I'll keep it short because I can't remember them ;)
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  13. FateJH

    That really isn't going to work much better than you think it will. You will still miss when you think you ran the other guy over, and hit the other guy when you think you swerved out of his way. At least with the "clientsiding" you believe is "schizophrenic" there's a simple rule that decides roadkill - the victim has to experience the running over. Your solution adds uncertainty for everyone involved.
    That requires a better network connection for both you and your assailant. I know people hate on clientside but it really is not going to work as beautifully as they dream it would without it with our current server architecture. The server can't be responsible for doublechecking everything.
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  14. Raysen

    I guess... some sort of Halo-Battlefield mixup working a bit better than what we have currently?
  15. ModsFreeAreForTV

    I prefer a Red Orchestra-Halo mix.
  16. WeRelic

    The schizophrenic comment was mostly leveled at the fact that they use client-sided algorithms favoring the origin player in some places, favoring the target in others, and being completely server sided elsewhere, not specifically clientside I was poking at there, though I can see why you took it that way.

    I don't think that it'll add uncertainty, but I see your point. It should be a three point check system, the two clients, and the server, where the server would be authoritative on the edge cases that the current system falls through on and claims a miss. I know that might not be feasible due to latency issues, but one can dream. In theory, the server should have the most accurate information on the actual positions of each player. Of course, this would be more load on an already taxed server system.

    I paraphrased to keep the technical details out where possible, but this would be more of a layered client-side logic block that would pass the cases off to the server when it's not sure, or when the driver registered a hit, and the target didn't. It might lead to some delay in actually awarding your XP, but in theory there would be a lot less "HEY! I RAN THAT DUDE OVER FOUR TIMES! I EVEN BACKED UP!".

    I'll grant that I'm working in a vacuum, and practice is completely different though.
  17. Demigan

    Update the air and AA game.
    AA has it's skill-reducing mechanics nerfed, in this case it mostly means that flak doesn't explode at 4m distance but 0,5m distance (only 1/8th of what it is now), COF is tightened and DPS increased so that they can actually kill aircraft rather than deter.
    All lock-on weapons can be dumbfired. You need to aim much closer to the aircraft/vehicle's center to get a lock. Missiles will follow a lock even if you fired it before you had acquired a lock or after you lost a lock. You need to keep aiming on your enemy to maintain a lock, no more fire-and-forget missiles. Locks happen faster but can easily be broken by quick turns due to the requirement to aim so close to the vehicle.
    Aircraft get an overhaul. Racer frame gets high acceleration and max speed but low deceleration, it's turn ratio's are reduced at low speeds but at high speeds they remain almost equal to the low-speed one's, meaning they are relatively more maneuverable at high speeds than the other two frames.
    Dogfighting frame has good acceleration and deceleration and great maneuverability at all speeds. Has current max speed.
    Hover frame has terrible acceleration but great deceleration. It has a low maximum speed and terrible steering while going his max speed. When going slow or hovering it's maneuverability is high-speed and perfect, like a turret in the sky. Hover frame has the most benefit from reverse maneuver but the least when it comes to using afterburner as a getaway mechanic.
    Make reverse maneuver an actual feature that people can pull of and learn through tutorials and some easy-access buttons. All this messing around with remapping buttons and having to train for hours should not be a factor. Any game and feature should be fun right of the bat, or you should be able to learn it adequately within an hour of play, and 80% of that should be simply playing the game.
    All 3 frames now have different methods to attack both eachother and ground vehicles/infantry, and all 3 have different situations where they will shine. No more one-frame-beats-all.

    Then update the ground game as well:
    Lightning and MBT get co-axial weapons that can be switched to similar to ESF. The Co-ax does not really have to be a real co-ax and can have a weapon elevation better than the main turret, for example a second top-turret can be placed right behind the main canon that is accessible by the driver. This co-ax can be put to use as AI or AA. Variable weapons would be available, from Renegade-like versions to Kobalts to Walker-style weapons.
    All main canons get two firing modes, one is AI and one is AV.
    All HE weapons are replaced with ESAI weapons. NC gets a shotgun variant for large crowds but short range, TR a variable range chaingun that with trigger disciplin can remain accurate at medium range or when holding the trigger down can hose down entire area's. VS gets a long-range AI weapon, think the Saron in the early days but with less tank damage, but at the cost of much less crowd-control capabilities.
    MBT's and Lightnings get a dedicated big-aircraft gun. Low turn-ratio's mean tough tracking of ESF, damage output is meant to deal with Liberators and Galaxies. Think a Viper-style weapon without bullet drop. Shells are slow enough that good Lib pilots can use evasive maneuvers to dodge, but good leading on the MBT/Lightning part can still mean they score a kill.

    Create a Heavy MAX or HMAX. The MAX is an infantry-tank Hybrid that's mostly infantry, the HMAX would be more tank than infantry. You buy it at the vehicle terminal and can exit and repair it. Wields guns similar to aircraft nosecanons to deal with infantry and aircraft. You can look around like infantry and aren't as affected by terrain as vehicles, you can also walk on much rougher terrain and remain accurate than with the other vehicles. It's weak in armor, 3 Heavy rockets can take it down, or 2 tank shells set it to burning. Can walk up to 30 KM/H and sprint at 50KM/H, can't shoot while sprinting and has a 2 second delay between stopping with sprinting and being able to attack.

    Improve all infantry classes for more diversity. Every class gets at least 2 or 3 kinds of tools, abilities, utilities and a more diverse weapon selection. Every single class needs to get access to AI, AV and AA options. These don't need to be lethal options, such as reducing the maneuverability of ground/air vehicles, sapping energy from abilities, temporarily destroying scopes and/or removing the HUD, messing with radar signatures, placing shield walls, creating decoy holograms of infantry or entire vehicles, the ability to steal empty vehicles (Deployed Sunderers excepted) etc.

    Update the meta:
    Create a different lattice. All big facilities are connected to eachother through the lattice, a smaller lattice connects the big facility to it's supporting bases. Supporting bases can be captured the moment you can try to capture the big facility. Big facilities get a ton of advantages for the defenders, from AI turrets at the point to death-traps that can be activated to special powers while within the region. These advantages are powered by the supporting bases, so rather than a direct attack it's usually more useful to capture the supporting bases first before going for the main facility.

    Create stuff for vehicles to do in bases. Hitpoint-sinks that if destroyed open up alternate routes or remove chokepoints that favored the defenders, or even simply reduce the timer (add a few minutes to the basic timer, if the generator is destroyed that extra time is removed). These hitpoint-sinks can be up high as well for aircraft.

    Put up a droppod network in every base. This network is accessible by a terminal in the spawnroom. The network consists out of antenea and with terminals that can be destroyed by the attackers, reducing the area where the defenders can drop. This allows the attackers to defend their vehicles by taking out any droppod terminal near them, and the defenders can move outside of their spawnroom without being locked down as long as they keep some terminals repaired. This would instantly destroy spawncamping and spawnwarriors, as the attackers can't keep the defenders inside meaning they will defend the points and critical structures, and the defenders will be able to drop anywhere where the terminals are still intact or simply walk out the spawn.

    Add more game modes. We could use CTF-style game modes and even give some kind of reason why this is possible, such as stealing CPU parts and corrupting them in another base to capture them. Maybe even a CTF style where you steal the core, bring it to your own base, corrupt it, then try to return it to your enemy.
    CTF could be vehicular based, infantry based, or have no restrictions. Preferably all 3 kind of flags exist to promote all 3 types of play. Infantry flags would mean the carrier can't even enter vehicles and needs to walk between bases. These flags require the least captures to win the enemy base.
    Assault game mode, where you need to fight an uphil battle to destroy something like the SCU. Then simply repair it to capture the base. The SCU is ofcourse protected by shields, chokepoints and traps, so the attackers need to fight through several layers of defenses and overload some generators before getting to the prize.
    Add mini-alerts. All players in a region get a tag. The tag is removed if you die,, leave the region for 10 seconds or remain in a painfield for 10 seconds (this counts for the defenders as well, no hiding in the spawnroom!). The goal is to be the last faction with a tagged player to win the mini alert and win the region. This region can be a single base or even up to 4 or 5 bases at once. Anyone who gets killed and loses his tag can find and kill the enemy tagged players, the tagged players become VIP's that need protection and want to be kept as safe as possible.
    More mini alerts and game-modes can be added ofcourse, but I have enough of a textwall as it is.
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  18. Kriegssemmel

    Dear Santa, here is my wishlist:

    - A well balanced random generator for the nano cycler (I get nothing else than Safe Landing, Clear Vision and Regeneration when producing T4 implants)

    - Some kind of a hypercharger (when combining T3 and T4 implants)

    - Unlock the missing attachments and camo for auraxium weapons

    - A buff to most of the auraxium weapons (they should be a bit better than the standart ones, not worse.. after all it takes some effort to unlock them)... ok some of them are really good, like Beetlejuice and Eclipse, but others (like Chaos) are complete rubbish.

    - Less inflational continent capture alerts, instead revive the former ones (biolab capture, etc)

    - More exp for winning alerts and much more exp for capturing bases
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  19. Demigan

    Yeah I wanted to add those to my idea's, but I thought it was long enough.
    Through holding Q-spot you can designate targets for an air/vehicle/infantry strike. Holding V gets you a radial menu to give off more general area warnings, such as "here be AA".
  20. Demigan

    I prefer a Renegade-UT mix.