Your faction and why?

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  1. Parallus

    Yo, forumsiders.

    I was just wondering how did everyone here pick their faction and why?

    (Personally I'm in a dilemma between NC and VS, I already played too much TR)

    So, what's your faction, and why?
  2. sagolsun

    Terran Republic, because my secret wish is to quell dissidents and get paid for it.
  3. Degenatron

    Love the Lore.
    Love the Guns.
    Love the Blue and Gold!
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  4. Morti

    Really I just liked the music.

    Vanu because the Vanu on Matherson are the Planetside 2 Masterace.
  6. Pikachu

    Enough of these threads. -.-
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  7. Goden

    I had picked TR during beta and a bit after launch simply because Red is my favorite color.

    However back at the time the VS were HORRIBLY underpopulated and I felt really bad fighting them. I made a VS character and have stuck with it since.
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  8. Silvermyst

    Vanu, because the music.

    NC sounds like a bad rip off of the Terran music in Starcraft 2.

    TR is, well, a bit sad honestly. (at least in my opinion)

    I'm all for classical music, but I just don't like the Terran's classical much.

    Vanu is the only one that doesn't bother me. Which is a bit surprising considering I don't listen to anything even vaguely similar to it. And on top of that, it's like, disco+spandex. It's somehow a great stereotype. Sounds dumb but it actually somehow works. :rolleyes:

    PS: I think this should be in "off topic". Yes it's technically about palnetside 2 gameplay, but not in a "normal" way.
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  9. z1967

    Dakka. Maybe too much dakka.

    Just kidding, there's never enough dakka :}
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  10. minhalexus

    I chose NC initially.

    Then moved over to VS when NC mattherson got terrible.
    Actually no. NC mattherson were always terrible, its me who got fed up with them.
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  11. Mekeji

    I always pick the authoritarian organized armies.

    I just don't like traitors and heretics. Even in Star Wars games that give you a choice I pick the empire. Loyalty until death, strength in unity.
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  12. Morchai

    Chose NC because of the lore and the style. Realized I didn't know how to play so created a TR guy to learn on. Fell into tank play and liked the prowler better than the vanguard so stayed with TR for a long time. Also created a VS, but just couldn't make myself play a faction that wears purple spandex and reminds me of Scientologist.

    Recently I've fallen into alternating between TR and NC, depending on circumstances and who's in which warpgate. Right now it's TR because the NC is stuck down in Indar's southeast warpgate in canyon country. I don't like fighting down there. When the Vanu rotate out of the southwest warpgate, I'll probably play whichever faction moves in.
  13. Ronin Oni

    Meh, I play all 3 for various reasons.

    Music on NC is annoying and obnoxious IMO however.
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  14. Ronin Oni

    I hate that name for that cult.

    There's NO science in their belief. They have blatant LACK of science.

    They should be Ignorantologists.

    I remember when I first heard the term (years and years ago) and my first thought was "A belief that applies Science? Wow, I should check that out!"

    Then I spent 5 minutes reading about their absurdities and forevermore wondered how in HIGBY they ever got the word "Science" associated with them.

    I have my suspicions... but that's going too far OT, and could potentially cause offense.

    In fact, the VS don't make any sense to me lore wise either. They're supposed to be scientists yet go all religious nutty for some reason. Whoever wrote the lore doesn't seem to know many IRL scientists.
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  15. Pootisman

    All factions because playing only 1 would be boring.
  16. IamDH

    I didnt. I played all 3 and decided, then switched occassionally
  17. Snorelamp

    I played TR main until Briggs raided and the TR went from underpop to overpop. Now I play VS. I still prefer TR though, for aesthetic and ideology. I can get with the VS's transhumanism but the somewhat cultish/religious aspect is not my thing, plus their weapons look and feel worse to me, not a fan of the bouncy sounds and bright projectiles.

    Except it's ugly bright saturated blue and the yellow children draw the sun in elementary school with.

    If it were navy and gold I might play NC, they do have the best infantry gun selection. I think their ideology is the worst though.
  18. DeathFX

    TR due to several reasons.

    a. Much more professional military style than everybody else. NC remind me of militia rather then organized army, and VS are more like scientists and whatnot.

    b. High dislike of NC weaponry due to too much recoil and too slow fire rate. NC SMG feels like a damn carbine ... High dislike of VS weaponry mostly due to lower damage and lack of superior ROF.

    c. Possibly the most important reason: I'm colorblind to a degree. I can't see the difference between blue and purple. If I go NC, I'll be screwed when fighting VS. The other way around works as well. While playing as TR is simple: Don't shoot red stuff.
  19. Nanomorph

    I just like lazers..

    And spandex...

    Have you seen VS females from the rear?
  20. DrPapaPenguin

    TR, because we don't need hype.