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  2. ent|ty

    Yep, its been pretty ridiculous.

    For me, its been enemies that don't render until suddenly they're in my face.
    Enemies facing in different direction are still shooting me.
    Enemies seemingly instagibbing me, while it takes me 30 rounds to kill them.

    Shooting rockets that disappear, or a Sundie that suddenly ISN'T there when it was a moment ago...
    General low fps.
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  3. Gheeta

    When fights get large enough everything stops working, it just seems that servers are unable to handle the load at prime times. Your Lagmovie sums it up quite well.

    That's not even at prime time let alone in large fights. I get the same kind of lag even in the VR. Granted, I'm on a weak connection. Though my game ran fine for the most part for more than 700 hours (barring the infamous FPS lag ofc). Now the moment I start repairing my flash everything goes full ret4rd

  6. Phyr

    cpu, gpu, and internet speed? One of those 3 are jacked up.
  7. HadesR

    Anyone else also been getting credit for weird kills ?

    I was stood at Vanu archives the other day .. And suddenly I got credit for a drop pod kill .. Then 2 minutes later credit for another one :confused:

    Was WTF I've not even fired at one or done any action that could account for one .

    PhenomII X4 955 @3.2
    560ti 1GB
    No OC

    As stated earlier, I'm on a very weak connection and it's likely the main cause for the lag (~375kbit/s down; 45kbit/s up; I usually get decent latency though). Thing is, the game played fine prior to GU13. Neither do I have other internet applications running while playing PS2 nor did anything change about my connection. There seems to be maybe more data being transfered between client and server since GU13? Just so much more so that basically each time I'm performing an action which causes the server to respond I'm starting to lag badly shortly afterwards which royally messes up the entire game for me. Starts from repairing, receiving points from ammo crates, base captures etc. to killing people.

    I'm well aware of the fact that my connection is far from appreciable in regards to online gaming. Though since it worked surprisingly well for the most part for the past 12 GUs (which actually made me stick around and even spend money on the game in the first place), I ain't gonna leave for now since there must be some sort of fix to it.
  9. Phyr

    I would wager your internet is the main problem. If it gets out of sync even slightly the whole game goes to ****.
  10. Neckaru

    You have my condolences. I haven't noticed any changes in network performance in the past few updates, oddly enough.
  11. HellasVagabond

    No problems here.....1300kb down, 120kb up......And i reckon that i have a low to mid-end internet connection compared to many others in here.
  12. Phazaar

    I'm seeing this far more too, but I feel my ISP is to blame. I keep getting 100kbps download speeds on steam... It used to download at 10 meg. -_-
  13. Jkar

    Yes I had something along that line as well. Just spawned fresh after a crash into Vanu Archives and got two kills out of nowhere. Now I'm pretty sure that all my mines I planted before the crash already detonated and they should have been gone anyway after being out of the game.
  14. SpetV

    It happens to me sometimes, I get 1000 EXP for healing and I'm heavy assault or light assault when this happens.
  15. ent|ty

    I can ping SOE and get 35ms, yet in the game it lags ands sputters anyway.
    ANd i have a 'decent' connection at 25 up 15 down, more than enough., unless SOE expects everyone to pay $150 a month for a T1 connection.

    In ANY other game if I had these issues, it would be attributed to someone downloading in the background, some software update, faulty drivers, overheating CPUs causing all this.
    My rig (though AMD) runs fine, yet acts like a ****** in ONLY PS2.
    Does it matter? Do they care? NO.
    The game is fast becoming unplayable in any way, so sticking around doing flaming criticism and fighting every noob calling to nerf everything out of the game will become moot.
  16. Simferion

    This is normal just cause you get XPs for Healing ribbons also for autohealing by Biolab ;)

    I gave my death XPs to 2 enemies after a fall (even if I technically died for suicide).
  17. FROG55JON

    What's more frustrating your shots missing, or delayed shots hitting you.
  18. Zombekas

  19. LowTechKiller

    It's like someone with a lazy eye talking. You can't really tell if they're talking TO you or to someone behind you.