Your dynamic infantry rendering solution hit critical mass last night.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Flarestar, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Vixus

    Yeah! I have been wondering about that too, why is the ammo tower considered an asset that isn't part of the map like most structures? It almost seem as if they they intend to make them destructible structures at some point?
  2. Flarestar

    Not related to this problem. Interesting though.
  3. Flarestar

    Curious - was it the entire tower, or just the icon on top?
  4. Vixus

    The whole ammo tower, not just the icon.
  5. Philipgg

    This needs to be fixed.
  6. Flarestar

    Huh. I'll admit I'd never noticed that being the case, it's always loaded in with vehicles for me - long before I'd be close enough to hit it, even in pitched fights.
  7. aeddy

    Absolutely game breaking problem. I paid for Alpha Squad without knowing the game would be like this, and now it feels unplayable to me. I feel ripped off, I don't enjoy the game any more.
  8. Chenjesu

    I agree, work on the problem. bump
  9. RobotNinja

    It didn't become critical last's critical EVERY NIGHT. :p

    But is. <_<
  10. Deathcapt

    Yeah, it wasn't like this in tech test, but I guess there's more and more people now. I guess I'll just have to avoid the "big fights" or stick to tank busting with my aircraft, even though it isn't profitable.
  11. Chenjesu

  12. Chenjesu

    bamping so devs can't say they didnt see this thread.
  13. have2laugh

    agreed. also Re: sniping, it's been a joke since early beta. you can buy a 12x scope, but why bother? just buy a 2x scope because that's about as far as you're going to be able to us the gun anyway. Useless.

    The render solution at the minute just destroys so much of the game - even driving a tank is near impossible in large fights. By the time you can see anything except other tanks to shoot at, you get insta-gibed by 5 rockets from people that you couldn't even see - despite the fact that they were only feet away.

    stupid. God knows what lib pilots think when they're being forced to fly at the height of the trees just to participate...
  14. TheRunDown

    Pisses me off to no end when this game stop loading people passed 30 meters while using a sniper. (or tank or bomber or anything)
    Then again if I turn around, I can see every team member perfectly fine, witch doesn't help when the whole of the other empire is somewhere in front of me waiting for me to render in.
  15. Flharfh

    This is a big problem with friendly fire too. I can't count the number of times I've accidently run over a friendly without even knowing they were there. It's not because vehicle drivers don't give a ****, it's because you literally aren't rendering on their screen.

    Sniping in this game has such promise. It takes a lot of skill to headshot someone at long range and it takes 3-4 body hits to kill, so headshots are pretty much the only way to get kills. It''s pointless when all your targets are randomly flickering into and out of existence on the screen. Sad. Also agree that indoor zergs are grenade / rocket fests. Sad. Normally inferior instagib methods of killing (AV rockets) are preferred because you at least have a chance to get a kill before the person disappears.
  16. Chenjesu

  17. Chenjesu

  18. Houck

    Can't fly over big battles >.<
  19. Metallideth

    The problem is when they created the engine they knew the limitations and that might have been why they designed the maps to spread people out sooooo much. All the earlier interviews and statements were about spreading people out. This was to keep the high amount of players per continent but also to keep the limitations of their engine show. Not knocking it as it handles some things well, but we're entering some serious issues.

    Tech Test/Beta we had rendering issues, but they were fixed, then when they optimized we had on and off rendering issues again through out patches. Before Beta finished, is when rendering issues were starting to show more as the amount of people increased. It seems like 150 players in small area, on one side of warpgate will set this off. So maybe that's 200 max in the whole warp gate. The problem is in their code their using to "Optimize" by drawing/not drawing objects.

    I know they have their priorities with server stability, then they'll get to rendering/optimizing. But I'm sure everyone is tired of being killed by opponents/whole squads that appear 20m in front of them out of thin air. The only good thing is I know it's happening to everyone else.
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  20. Sighpolice

    Yeah this is getting really tiresome real quick. It was never this bad in beta and appears to be getting worse as the fights get more intense, especially backdoor of tech plants.

    I'm finding air cav with thermal optics on the breaker rockets renders people much much faster, it does have limited range though.

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