Your dynamic infantry rendering solution hit critical mass last night.

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  1. rlilewis

    3 landmass is not enough, they need more to spread the zerg load and give real incentives (xp wise) for people to leave one where their faction is dominant and join one where their faction is getting beaten to a pulp.

    IMO if you fight on a landmass where your faction is heavily dominant you should receive significantly less XP than one where you are being pushed to the wall.
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  2. Basti

    I think the largest fix will be the next 3 continents, and the introduction of continent to continent warfare. That will make 3ways rather uncommon, and 2ways will be the usual sight.

    What that changes is rather simple: Suddenly, any continent doesnt always hold 2000 players, but only 1333 total. The Two factions would have much more ground to fight for, causing a lot smaller battles than a few big ones.

    In theory, the problem would mostly dissapear with this. Only when battles become super large and full zergs clash each other, it would return. Fpr that, i guess, the only fix would be to completly cut everything that isnt absolutly needed for gameplay, like customizations. Nobody cares about your fancy skull facemask in a full out zerg war with 200 Tanks. ;)
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  3. Reizod

    The Aircraft vs Infantry rendering issue is really, really annoying now. As more and more players unlock dual burster Maxes and KNOW that aircraft has a huge disadvantage, it's getting really bad for us pilots. But you know it's really bad when the infantry can't see each other in such a short distance.

    This issue should be SOE's top priority, and at least address the issue and acknowledge they are working on it. It's just rude for them to continue going along and be mum on this. Unless it's something the don't intend to put resources into fixing and that's why they are not saying anything. :eek:

    Come on Devs, I love you guys and this game, and just don't want to see it fail in a few months.
  4. Flarestar

    For what it's worth, they haven't been mum. It was addressed in another thread. Unfortunately the addressing consisted of what those of us familiar with SOE have come to read as "We know it's an issue, and we'll look at it, but probably not do much to resolve it." Hence this thread, as this is a problem that requires more than marginal improvement.
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  5. Tylerr

    This is also a huge problem when flying fighters. This issue makes Burster Max;'s THE most effective anti-air in the game. They have tons of HP, do the most DMG of all AA, are mobile, and to top it off, they don't ******* render. Yestarday my squad, just my squad, was attacked by about 30 aircraft at a small facility. All it took was 5 Burster maxes and a few engies, and we forced them back. It's also irritating when you burn into an AO only to see 10 enemy aircraft appear 50 feet away from you.
  6. Nasher

    Yea this is very broken. If it means people need to upgrade their PCs to handle it, then so be it. The whole game shouldn't be dragged down to cater for low low end machines.

    It's got to the point now where you can't even see someone at the other end of a crowded room. They just pop up right in your face and you die.

    Vehicles should ALWAYS be rendered, indoors the infantry draw distance should be at least as far away as the other side of the building. Or bases need to be re-designed so we don't have 1000s of people trying to sqeeze through a tiny doorway and are more spread out..
  7. MrBloodworth

  8. Tylerr

    You do realize how stupid you are making yourself look? You are obviously ignorant about how game development works, and how SOE works. You are proving yourself wrong, and helping us keep this thread alive. How are you proving yourself wrong? Well, you were too dumb to realize that by posting over and over again in this thread, you are doing the same thing as us posting this thread on top of the existing threads. Also, A very large amount of the posts are you and in response to you, so thx for the bumps. You really aren't very bright are you?

    EDIT: also, posting over and over DOES make it go faster, SOE sees the large amount of posts, understands that it is a large problem, and dedicates more resources to it, making the fix come faster.
  9. Flarestar

    In his world, MrBloodworth is never wrong. Ever. It's kinda cute, really.
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  10. Tylerr

    Its fun looking in his recent pots, There are absolutely NO posts that add ANYTHING to ANY discussion.
  11. Flarestar

    Nope! He goes in, states an opinion, and that is it, end of story. If you respond with anything other than complete agreement, he'll simply tell you you're wrong. It's admirable, in that special ed child trying to do calculus way.

    On topic: looking back through videos from people, the problem appears to be fairly localized, centered on your player. I don't think more continents (as someone else suggested) are necessary to even the problem out. And I don't think that anything can actually be done with the current base layouts (all of them, not just the tech plant) to resolve the issue. There's a finite limit on how much data can be processed and transmitted.

    The best solution I can see is actually to redesign the bases themselves to be multilinear. Widely spaced objectives that have to be tackled simultaneously. That would theoretically spread players out enough for the distance limiter to not cripple gameplay. It would also provide some much needed tactical variance to the game.
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  12. Rec0n412

  13. MrBloodworth

  14. Flarestar

  15. MrBloodworth

    You seem to think I'm new.
  16. Flarestar

    Not at all. I just think you're entirely self absorbed and incapable of coherent discussion.
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  17. MrBloodworth

    You would be wrong, again :)
  18. Vixus

    Starting to get rather bored with the direction this thread is going, so allow me to just go ahead and state that there's a massive 3-faction battle on Mattherson and that I'm going to get a burster max and mow down some flies. May as well abuse the situation that is "working as intended"
  19. MrBloodworth

    Its not working as intended.

    See the link I posted.
  20. RedKing

    the annoying thing i've come across was flying in my mosquito full speed

    while suddenly out of no where an ammo tower appears 10 meters ahead and kills me :)


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