Your daily annoyances

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  1. Zenanii

    Spawn a ESF, start cruising and pressing M. Scythe crashes before I manage to close the map again.
    Spawn a Lightning, run over a small bump. Get stuck with the tracks in the air and forced to redeploy.
    Spawn a liberator. A friendly scythe rams me and flip me upside down.
  2. OutbreakMonkey

    That even after six months this game isn't even a pimple on the originals ****.
  3. Ourous

    Flash: Flipping it on a perfectly flat road because I tried to turn.
    Lightning: Getting surprised by an AP Magrider at close range. SO ANNOYING [leading cause of lightning deaths]
    Lightning: Flipping after drifting over a small ditch while attempting to gain distance on the AP Magrider that surprised me seconds earlier
    Lightning: Being run over by friendly MBT's
    Lightning: Being pushed into things by friendly Harassers
    Lightning: Being instagibbed by debris

    Most of all..

    Other players assuming that I can go head-to-head in melee range with the 2/2 Anti-Tank MBT chasing their Harasser. In my Lightning. That uses autorepair.
  4. Vetala

    My biggest annoyance is being killed by the enemy, very frustrating and seems to happen loads :)

    On a more serious point, being point blank range with an enemy that you think youve got the jump on and loading bullets into them that in reality would never miss because your gun is almost touching them and they kill you and it shows that you've barely emptied there shield.
    My other is the 4th faction, being stood next to a supposed friendly and then they pump you full of lead.
    And lastly bullets that fly through the wall because you've moved totally out of the way of a doorway but they still get you.
  5. JokeForgrim

    People warping and teleporting. Make me yell at my death screen.

    Standing still looking at people warping thinking "WTSF? How am I suppose to kill that guy?" then he shoots you while still ADAD thanks to client side hit detection.

    Basically Europeans and Americans on Briggs, Huge packet loss and Latency. But it all looks good on the clients end.
  6. woooow

    The dozen or so people standing between me and the mine-spamming inf that apparently nobody else can see despite them being uncloaked and right in front of them.
  7. Leal

    Seriously. Its not even just infiltrators, if I had a cert for everytime I saw a, A as in ONE, as in singular, no more then two, engineer runs towards our sundy. Now you know how in like every tower people will deploy a sundy in there? Yeah, so like in the crown for example (before the spawn was moved back into the tower). So this one, single, engineer (not even in camo, this guy is on default looks) runs from the spawn room, towards the tower, runs inside the tower, runs past the 3 guys who I assumed was supposed to be keeping an eye on that door to stop this very ******* thing, runs right past them, runs right into the group of 20 odd friendlies who are just jerking themselves off around the sundy, teammates who will not react to the fact I'm shooting him but are more then happy to constantly jump in front of my gun to shield this guy with their bodies, and bam, sundy dead. Cause people are ******* blind and stupid.

    If I had a cert for everytime that happened I would be able to at least buy a grip on a gun.
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  8. Bearcat

    Ok, I have another...

    Seeing a medic cross run towards my corpse... and it runs right past. No problem, here comes 2 more. Damn, there they go.
  9. Tristan

    As someone who drops mines on sunderers often, it's pretty hilarious how blind people are.
  10. Tricky

    Game crashing makes me rage more than anything. Nothing will make me go into a blind rage more than pulling an ESF and watching my screen freeze while the interior of the cockpit loads only to know I have a timer on that ESF when I get back into the game.
  11. Scorchclaw

    1: medics that res me and run, or teamkill and dont ress, or team fire and dont heal
    2: those aimbot prowlers killing you with AP rounds while in a reaver
  12. Scorchclaw

    I once tank mined a prowler, ran back to a terminal to resupply, mined there sundy, resupplied and mined a lightning
  13. HeadshotVictim

    waiting 5 minutes to be able to play a game that disconnects me after 2 minutes...
    this ridiculous circle turning and turning without any possibility to log in.
    Annoying as hell...but I think it is all part of balancing.
  14. KlyptoK

    Vehicle debris instagib even if they are sitting still.
  15. Timithos

    I think my #2 most annoying thing now is being spawned somewhere that I did not choose to go! Just cancel the spawn! DO NOT SEND ME WHERE I DID NOT CLICK!!!!
  16. HeadshotVictim

    65% VS population (Esamir)
    50% VS population (World)
  17. DarklyNoon

    Got 2 deaths on those, they are show on map before render... so if your not TO bussy to look on map you can avoid em.
  18. Theodwulf

    The snow glare of Easimir(sp),
    The brokenness of ESFs and their controls,(the fastest way to turn is fly sideways and "ascend" or "descend"..are you for real?!?!)
    The fact that when I die it is usually from C4, or sub-machine guns.
    Getting killed in less than a second from long range by a guy with a carbine (must be "skill")
    Not being able to re cert after things have changed (totally sucking my will to play)
    Hilly billy vehicles, quads, dune buggies and vans are better than futuristic tanks, Red Necks in SPACE!!!
    Everyone wants to be a sniper
    people walking into lines of fire with not a care in the world
    shoulder fired rockets, designed to attack armor less effective than a block of C4
    a tank gun, designed to attack armor, less effective than than a block of C4
    Red Neck dune buggy more resilient than a light tank.

    If I hadn't "invested" $185 in SC i would have uninstalled months ago
  19. Malacovics

    ****tards spamming flare guns in the heat of the battle.
  20. Fang7.62

    -karma debris
    -TR/VS voice commands, mostly spotting lines and "Mediiiic, Mediiiic, Mediiiiic, I require more batteries, Need field repairs" coming from twenty different people at frequency of one medic call per 0.1s from the other side of the wall :D Seriously guys, here's some C4, shut up already.
    -invisible AV damage coming from a hex away
    -bugged skyguard gun that does damage to absolutely EVERYTHING except enemy aircraft