Your censorship is getting ridiculous

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  1. Liewec123

    It's a funny and unique way of censoring the words, sure.
    But nope, it cannot be turned off, sure there is a button that is SUPPOSED to do it, but it does nothing.
    As Takama said it forcibly replaces your words.
    Try to spell Magrider correctly (with a di'F'ferent first letter!) And you'll be calling them a "Pro" instead.
    And noone wants to call Fa... *AHEM* 'Mag'riders pros. ;)
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  2. DarkQuark

    These are good points. However, I think people are conflating a single private company regulating speech (which legally cannot harm them according to section 230) and a large group of companies all controlling speech in unison across large swaths of the internet. I do not think most have issue with the former but the latter is where the rub is and why people are now super sensitive to any censorship.
  3. Demigan

    I'm pleasantly surprised that someone did their own research! Unfortunately for PS2 the fact that its published and in use in other countries means it has to obey those laws as well, not just the one's set up by a group of American's who dont even know how a keyboard works (although its not much better in many other countries).

    The EU for example has been pushing for making the publishers also punisheable to some degree:

    There's a variety of those rules, some are exclusive to the country. The developers have to try and appease them all at the same time.

    On top of that you signed the terms of service and all that before playing, which includes that you cannot communicate obscenities

    After many updates the swearing filter is turned back on, but turning it back off always worked for me. Did an update perhaps bug it out?
  4. Pelojian

    if you know what words get changed into other words and the intended recipient also knows them, is your messages actually being filtered at all?

    it's basically like making an adult joke that goes straight over the heads of children who do not understand the hidden context of the joke.
  5. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Looks like the OP forgot what hitting "Accept" on that pesky TOS meant....

    Private property is private property. The rules do not magically change just because it's electronic instead of physical, or just because it's really big. A company can face public backlash or loss of revenue over this kind of behavior, but your legal leverage is zero.

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  6. Takama

    Once and for all, saying "the rules are the rules" "you accepted to TOS" is not a valid argument.

    I can use a system and yet criticize, and even better yet I can stop using it (which is the case here) and still contest it at the same time to try and get some improvements.

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  7. JustGotSuspended

    Although it is a valid argument, its a bit simplistic and doesn't really allow for any constructive discussions. Just because we participate in something doesn't mean we support it 100%, or that we can't critique it in hopes of it being improved. In industries where you're providing services such as a game, a barbershop, a store...whatever. Yeah, you can discredit any suggestions or remark, saying 'well these guys come shop at my store, so they must love it'. Sure, if there's no other alternatives, some will stick with you. However, the second a remotely similar service is offered by a competitor, you'll be wondering why your store is empty, because 'everyone was loving it' for a while.

    There's nothing wrong in pointing our that fragmented censorship is poorly implemented and does more harm to the game than good, especially when it targets loyal customers. Sure, they agreed to the TOS, so the game has the right to treat them like ****, but it doesn't mean they should, and it definitely doesn't mean the players enjoy this even if they do keep playing.

    Another darker example would be **** Germany. Yeah, technically since not everyone revolted or fled you could say they accepted fascism. Doesn't mean that everyone living in Germany at that time was a ****, or that their leader's actions were justifiable and/or supported by everyone. Even people who backed the party would admit there was room for improvement.
  8. Alkasirn

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  9. Demigan

    I know you think you are the first person, but my first impression was that you are the second person (my second and third impression too btw). You dont want nuance, subtlety or compromise but a black-and-white "this is always bad and needs to be removed". And why? Because your language accidentally has words that partly resemble english swearwords.

    I'm trying to add nuance. I dont agree with how swearingfilters work. Swearing is useful. Insulting is a different thing, and its easy to insult people without using swearwords. You cant say pedofile but you can say someone has sex with children. However just removing swearingfilters does not mean everything is better, making people think on how to avoid the swearingfilter to insult people does have an effect on how many insults they can throw.
    Do I want swearingfilters to be better and actually catch the nuance between insults and simple swearing? Sure! But we cant have that. Do I understand that a company can get into trouble if it doesnt enforce it due to the rules it has to adhere to across the world? Yes I do! So I also understand that they add one.
    The devs have given the option to shut it off. If that's currently broken you can file a bugreport, but to go on a crusade and pretend you are the only one marching the right way is just bad.
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  10. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Abiding by one's agreement, literally a fundamental building block in basic human interaction, is not a valid argument to you? Fascinating.

    It explains your bemusement with the idea that others might understand this concept and thus have no problem acting within its bounds I suppose.
    This does far more to help your cause than claiming a chat filter in a game made for children is censorship. The only leverage you have is financial, not legal.
    Self-deprecation will get you nowhere.
  11. Clone117

    Eh i find the censorship. And violent retoric/ propaganda. Currently being perpetuated across most news/ social media sites as a bigger issue atm.
  12. HexJei

    Freedom of speech doesn't exactly apply to the internet, considering practically everything on the internet is privately owned. Businesses and companies have rights as well (because they're owned and operated by other humans). Your rights end where the rights of others begin.

    If the developers wanted to, they could make it so you can't type or speak at all in the game, because it is their game.
  13. Exileant

    ;)Well, Left is right, and Right... is wrong.