You ruined PS1 & SWG and now you're really going to put big shields over all the bases?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TotalNoob, May 30, 2013.

  1. TotalNoob

    SOE does not disappoint when it comes to complete catastrophe. It must be in the job description.

    On the test server they have covered a tech plant in shields that don't even fit. Infantry are supposed to be able to play CoD under an umbrella. The reality is ESF's strafe them with lolpods (you can drive through the shield, just not shoot through it) and infantry can't respond with AA quick enough.

    You can also find handy places to hover a Lib and spam the doors with constant fire as the shields are so clumsily placed they don't cover all the ground. Of course you have no fear of attack because the guys playing CoD can't shoot out at you.

    I have a better idea - get rid of bases all together... no wait, how about get rid of all vehicles and bases?... or even better - just get rid of the whole game!

    "infantry shouldn't have to worry about vehicles" lol.
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  2. MilitiaMan

  3. TotalNoob

    Give me 5 minutes to log back in and take some pics.
    [edit] screenshots are broken and I haven't got time to mess around
  4. MFP_TK_01

    This thread does justice to your name.
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  5. Scientiarum

    Yes I noted this, It is a test server ffs though. I mean there are turrets and banners floating in mid air, it clearly is still under construction. Let them clean it up first. That being said I am not liking this whole Idea of base shields and why the hell do they have to be over every single base?
  6. Metallic123

    Let's hope the dev's think this through.
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  7. that_darn_lurker

    There was a video where they showed off the new base designs for Esamir. I think it blocks munitions both ways, if I'm not mistaken. If that's the case, one might argue that it will offer more protection for pilots, and we all know they need it given the state of AA.
  8. Candyballz

    Its just one cont! Its not every base in the game, just one continent where nubs can go to avoid getting tank and reaver spammed non-stop. Indar wont have shields, Amerish wont have shield, Hossin, Searhus, Cyssor, whatever other continents they decide to add to the game, they most likely won't have shields either.

    It's just a gimmick (an obviously unfinished/untweaked one) for Esamir. Im sure every different cont will get a gimmick and all will have people crying about them like it's the end of the world. If it goes live and you still can't stand the idea, just play on one of the other conts where you can spam rockets to your hearts content.
  9. Rift23

    I'm sure they play their own game and would see a glaring imbalance before letting it go live.
  10. Rhapsody

    i would love to see all of these Vehicle spamming, infantry farming, cryers play Planetside 1. They'd be in for a shock when they had to actualy get OUT of their precious farming machines and go INTO the base, on foot no-less!!! in order to capture it, rather than sit in their tank next to a pole. Hell they'd be crying even harder if they were one-man-army Tank Drivers, as the MBT's in PS1 actually required teamwork to operate.
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  11. Dvine

    Tutorials and interactive VR Training would make all that handholding and dumbing down unnecessary.
  12. Phazaar

    Easily the second worst mistake SOE's made in PS2 (the lattice being the other of course)

  13. Rhapsody

    Whats 'unbalanced' about being able to take 5 steps outside of a spawn room without getting hit by 8 HE shells, 12 Dolton rounds, and 68 Rockets?

    If the OP had actually done some research rather than seeing something that put an end to his 'untouchable farming lolz' and crying a river, he'd have known that those shields will (and currently) have the following effect:

    1. Block all projectiles from passing through, but do not block 'vehicles' or objects from passing through. (they are debating letting small-arms pass through it but thats still in discussion)
    2. May/Do have a console/generator that can be taken out in order to lower the shield.
    3. Are intended to let infantry actually 'defend' the base without having to worry about being obliterated by 500+ vehicles, and 0 other infantry, unless those 500+ vehicles are willing to get in 'danger close' to those infantry who are defending.

    Honestly im looking forward to this. Personally i'd have liked a different approach, such as a PS1 style base were everything that needs 'defending' is INSIDE a large facility (including spawn rooms), with Large Rooms to fight in, as well as smaller rooms, and maybe even a stairway or two (but please no 8-mile hallways of death =) )

    But, barring that, i want to see how these shields play out.
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  14. FigM

    When I first heard of these shields I thought it was a crazy conspiracy theory. No way SOE would do something that stupid.

    Then more information confirmed the suspicions. Only thing I can think of is NGE.
    SOE just doesn't learn.
  15. Metallic123

    You would think lol, Sauron/enforcer change? Fracture/striker/ZOE/Lockdown&ZOE-AA/NCFemaleVoice/Jokehammer.. I can go on and on. I truly want this game to succeed but I think they are their own worst enemy.
  16. Wintermaulz

    Nc female
  17. Schnitzle

    Do infantry need even need shields?

    You have to be downright ******** to be killed by aircraft in this game. I've been playing ground a lot, even more so after the air nerfs and I can count the number of times i've been killed by both libs and ESFs on one hand.

    It's like some sort of mass hysteria that your average infantry poster buys into when they post on these forums "OMG VEHICLES ARE FARMING US BY THE HUNDREDS WE NEED THIS"

    and devs listen of course. I can't wait to be mass camped by infantry with all manner of weapons from behind an even larger spawn shield.
  18. Barana

    I really, really hope that the shields and walls are just a band-aid until they can properly redesign the bases to include indoor and underground networks. As large as the bases are you'd think there would be more to them than some walls, tiny buildings, and a vehicle hangar, not to mention that the current designs are terribly bland and get very old, very quickly.