"You have been disconnected from the server."

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by RayDrazon, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. RayDrazon

    A lot of the times when I play Planetside 2, there will be random moments when everyone just lags out. I don't mean FPS drop- that's fine. But this is different because if a player on my screen was moving at the time of the lag, he will continue on moving through anything, even solid terrain. The others that were not moving were just paused. It's like freezing a moment in the game but I can still walk around. After like 2-3 minutes, I get the message, "You have been disconnected from the server."

    Whenever I play the game, I usually get disconnected after 20 minutes of gameplay. I'm fine with it disconnecting but I want it to reconnect back quickly. It's annoying to exit out of Planetside 2 and close it- then relaunching it if I am to avoid the 2-3 minutes waiting time from the time it lags, to the disconnection message.

    Is there a way to make Planetside 2 quickly reconnect back without relaunching the client? I tried to logout when I lag out like this but it freezes at the loading screen and then exits the game leaving an error message on my browser.

    If anyone knows how to solve this or how to make me reconnect back to Planetside 2 quickly, please share. (Also, I just noticed this problem occurring today. Yesterday, I played for 5 hours straight without a single problem. Am I just having bad luck today?)

    Please post and comment below. Thanks.
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    Bump >.< Does no one know how to solve this?
  5. RayDrazon

    BTW, I play on the SolTech US East Server.
  6. PSBJ

    It could be your connection. I'm on SolTech as well but I haven't had this problem.

    Is PS2 set as an exception on firewall?

    Are you using a wired or wireless connection?

    Are you using to a wireless router (if you're using a wired connection, your router can still cause problems)?

    EDIT: Open command prompt and type "ping" and let me know what your ping to the server is.
  7. Veratu SOE

    It's most likely a connection issue by what you're describing. PSBJ is correct in his questions, I would ask the same ones.
  8. RayDrazon

    I'm using a wireless connection.

    My Minimum Ping to the server is 21ms while maximum is 173ms. The average is 63ms. I don't know if 63ms is good or not but I think it is.

    Anyways, it usually is not laggy at all. I don't get any delay in damage, I don't teleport etc. This disconnection is very sporadically random but happens more often than I think FPS Games should produce.

    The reason why I want to fix this is because: 1. It's annoying 2. It's a waste of resources- when I'm in a vehicle like a sunderer, I back log in to find myself back at the warpgate.
  9. MasterDcoy

    If everyone is lagging out, that means YOU are lagging out. Your wireless connection is probably dropping packets.
  10. PSBJ

    It could definitely be that your wireless connection is dropping intermittently. What is your router's brand and model?

    Typically for normal gaming you'll want a constant ping ~75ms or less, but your ping seems a bit erratic since it went all the way to 173ms.

    If you want a cheap and easy (but not-so-convenient if you're using a laptop) way to fix the problem, get an ethernet cable and play with a wired connection or try playing closer to your router. Your other option is to either buy a higher-end router and/or upgrade your wireless network card, but wireless connections and gaming don't mix, even with a high-end router.
  11. RayDrazon

    I actually don't think it's a problem with my Router. I play on a laptop. Along with Planetside 2, I also play Team Fortress 2; I never ever get disconnected from Team Fortress 2 unless it's on my command. In the past, I've also played League Of Legends- that gave me no problems.

    The fact that I can play other games flawlessly makes me doubt that it's a problem with my router.

    Is there a way to reconnect back to the game without relaunching the game? (Maybe a "Retry Connecting" option that I don't know about?)
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  12. PSBJ

    Try pinging the server with a wired connection and see if you get the same high max ping. Do you live on the east coast?

    And to my knowledge there isn't a way to reconnect w/o restarting the game. Sometimes I'll get disconnected for being AFK and I'll have to restart the whole game as well. It's frustrating.
  13. RayDrazon

    After all this time, Im still getting disconnects like this. And yes, I live on the east coast. I notice it happens mostly when it's dusk/night.
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  15. Sliced

    You can't constantly bump your own thread. The reason why you can't is because, if we all started doing it then we would never be able to leave the computer, as 3 seconds later your on page 52 as 3000 other people are also bumping their own threads.

    This sounds like your internet connection.
    Just because you can play one game fine does not mean another will play as smooth.
    One game will use more bandwidth then others among other things. Not every game / program is designed to use your connection the same.
    Personally, I would say your wireless is rubbish and is tipping over when the game is asking for too much. This leads to your wireless dropping all packets to reset itself.
    TF2 might only use 10-20kb/s of your network, and will only request a reply every 2 seconds. Whereas PS2 might use 100kb/s upload and download every second.
    If i'm correct wireless can only send OR receive at any one point unless you buy a wireless card that specifically allows both.

    If you can't be bothered to plug in an ethernet cable and play for 2 hours by your router then open up Resource monitor. Leave it open and play the game. See what the network usage is like after the game crashes then look at the average speed used along with what the network was doing at the point your problem occured.

    Wireless was never designed for gaming. It's a pathetic means of networking.
  16. RayDrazon

    Thanks for the reply although I don't "constantly" bump my thread. I only bump it when it's beyond the first page as people rarely, if ever, look at threads beyond the first page. If you look at the time between posts, the difference is more than an hour.

    Also, how do I see my network usage? Can you please give me some step by step instructions?
    (Sorry for my stupidity but I honestly know very little about computers.)
  17. RayDrazon

    Are there any changes I can make within the computer? Any latency fixes? For reasons I will not state, I can't connect my laptop with the Router directly nor move it closer. However, the signal strength is already at Excellent.

    Today, I had the most disappointing disconnect: Had a deployed Sunderer that was the center spawn point in a push on an Amp Station >.< When I logged back on after the disconnect, the Sunderer was gone.

    Is there a way to tell my computer to immediately reconnect again after disconnecting?
  18. Sliced

    Are you stealing someones internet?
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