"you have been disconnected from server. Reason : have a nice day"

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Inzababa, May 23, 2018.

  1. Inzababa

    what the ****?


    I mean


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  2. Inzababa

    Can"'t play, there is queue and this has happened 4 times now?
  3. Prudentia

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  4. Ducksnack

    I'm getting this as well.
  5. Jac70

    There are a handful of threads on reddit about this so it's a current issue. I have had it twice on Miller.
  6. Inzababa

    yeah judging from chat in ktor seems I'm not the only person ...

    not sure what I'm more surprised about more, getting kicked all the time or the "reason : have a nice day"
  7. Jitsuryoku

    Lol..... 3rd day I return to the game, bought membership yesterday and this happens today... This must be a divine intervention....
  8. GhostRiderGer

    I have the same problems and I just spend yesterday 150€ and I wanted to spend another 70 today but wtf I is this, I never saw a message like that ?????
  9. Uguranlar

    Yeah happened me 3 times
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  10. Kcalehc

    Cant even log in myself, Game Error G9.

    Ah G9, of course!
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  11. Taverser

    Getting the same problem and the same response. Also got a error code for a firewall may be causing a problem and a G9 error with no information on that one.
  12. Inzababa

    maybe a good hacker making a joke on DB? oO
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  13. GhostRiderGer

    yeah G9 never heard of it :eek: o_O
  14. Awalansh

    Same here... 3 times have been disconnected. And reason is perfect. They know that I need to rest... OKAY MOM...
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  15. BanthaFodder

    This just happened to me right now, worst part my XP boosts will be running out soon. :mad:
  16. OldAndBold

    same problem tried 6 times on miler
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  17. Inzababa

    tried going to VR training before joining queue but still got kicked
  18. LoveDispenser

    Same here. 30 seconds after spawning at WG.
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  19. GhostRiderGer

    I tryed on 5 different accounts but still no chance
  20. typnct

    i guess someone cracked up the servers and kicks everyone out or one of the dev's is high AF