"You did not fail Vanu, you failed yourself"

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  1. cruczi

    (For those who don't know: this is what VS announcer says upon losing a facility.)

    This phrase encapsulates the problem with PS2 as a team game. If glory for the empire mattered, if facility capture really mattered, then this is what Papa Vanu would say to you:

    "You did not (only) fail yourself, you failed Vanu".

    But as it stands, when you lose a facility you have not actually failed your empire because your empire doesn't care about facilities and neither do you. You've only failed yourself because now you have to redeploy and find another fight to grind.
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  2. DatVanuMan

    Maybe Papa Vanu is telling you,"Sure, you lost the base. But you didn't fail Vanu because of that, you failed yourself because you failed to prove your worth while fighting alongside your enlightened brethren."
    Either that, or Papa V gets aggravated pretty easily:p
  3. Alkezo

    I think its more of his way of saying "You're a loser. You should feel bad."
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  4. Yeahy

    Papa Vanu is an ****.
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  5. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Maybe we should consider the possibility that the Ancients didn't like Vanu as much as we do, as he might have been a grumpy old man mindcontrolling his subjects.... ahh, what am I saying. For Vanu!
    That aside, obviously right. People don't really fight for anything. Everything else we do is actually just RP.
    Then again, aren't most games that way? In this game, it's just noticeable.
  6. cruczi

    Well, if you take any RTS or turn based strategy, no. One empire has one will, one objective - the defeat of other empires. The goals of individual units don't matter... not that I know of, anyway. I never saw a Knight in WarCraft III go "I shall decline thy order to pillage and burn the Great Hall, Commander, for he who grindeth the most orcs in the least time winneth!"
  7. nehylen

    Papa Vanu knows the Soveignty is infallible, that in the grand scheme of things, Vanu can but win because of our technological and intellectual superiority: mastering plasma so that we need batteries and not hideous cartridges, countering gravity on said plasma (well except those few tricky weapons unworthy of the enlightenment like slugs and BASRs).
    Not forgetting all the money put into designing the appearance of our weapons by Vanu tech.

    How could we possibly lose?
  8. Solidpew

    At least Papa Vanu is direct. The NC announcer keeps pushing the idea that we're not trying hard enough.

    Give it your all!

    I'm sorry ma'am, but it's awfully hard to get back into the fight when I'm getting 3 shot from behind by Gauss SAWs.
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  9. Foxirus

    Thats what happens when you work for a slave wage.
  10. MotionBlured

    I feel it's more like he's being far more condescending, like you're not even worth Vanu's time. The team didn't screw up, YOU screwed up, and we want you to know that you screwed up.
  11. Crator

    You failed both yourself and Vanu! How about that?
  12. cruczi

    Well, how else could it be? Your duty as a soldier of the Sovereignty should be to carry out your mission. To fail your mission (= fail yourself) is to fail in your duty (= fail Vanu).
  13. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Well, true, but that is because the empire IS the player.
    As soon as there's multiple of those hideous creatures around, things get complicated.
    Most shooters have that "problem", only in PS2 we only notice it.
    I agree it needs changing, but bar a better mission- and working resource-system being implemented and XP-Rewards favouring doing something useful, I just don't see it.
  14. Swooped

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  15. FateJH

    I really like the TR announcer. He's spends more time being objective, lacks the passive-aggressiveness of the other two leaders, and his cliché doesn't feel as hammy.
  16. maxkeiser

    The word of Vanu acts as encouragement for his disciples.

    Only through serving him will glory be achieved.

    Glory to Vanu.
  17. cruczi

    Every time I hear that I think "go **** yourself ma'am..."
  18. ElastaPlast

    Papa Vanu can kiss my big a**. I don't remember seeing him on the front line having his bits blown off. ;)
  19. Pirbi

    Because "You did not (only) fail yourself, you failed Vanu" is Emerald TR's phrase.
  20. Diilicious

    lol i didnt know the announcers were different for each faction.

    Guess it makes sense, i never thought about it