you devs are trash and ****** the NC in the process

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  1. Sy Tarn

    i can't believe how far the NC has been torn down. i've been playing PS2 for a good while. and all i can think of is how much we've been nerfed. and then if that wasn't bad enough the VS keep getting buffed i mean for **** sakes its bad enough that their purple balls of death can practically hit you an extra 5 feet behind a corner. and every ******* fight i've been in where the nc is even with either faction in pop in a area they plow through us like there were 30 extra players on the other side. i constantly watch a tr light assault kill 4-6 guys even being hit constantly. and the vs are even worse then the TR when they do that ****. i've watched a vs heavy clear a room with 9 people and all different classess. (as much as you idjits want to make yourself feel superior by acting like i'm crying can't even deny this, and no your not a good player.)

    you ******* devs have taken so much away from us and the other factions are getting all the love.

    i mean our NC shields aren't even unique anymore you gave the TR a ******* shield on their anchorable tanks making them even harder to kill. yes. i ******* know it sucks but its good enough to withstand 5 or 6 direct hits from rockets. so idk wtf you they think sucks means but thats way to op when our uniqueness was supposed to be the shields.

    and the only undeniable thing is this NC NEVER wins unless we are zerging. and its complete and utter ********.

    you DEVS do what i see every day now. someone ******* about something and instead of telling them to get good. you bent over for them and ****** us just to make them shut up. please for the love of god give us something.
  2. OgreMarkX

    The worse kind of bias is the kind the holder cannot recognize.

    The devs will laugh and deny it, because they cannot see it. Nor will they ever see it.

    Wrel has openly talked about preserving and reinforcing faction traits...of VS...but only VS.

    Wrel was happy to give his thoughts as a Youtuber, but oh lordy...don't dare point out his bias as a designer. SALTY VETS HOW DARE YOU!?

    <wraps sweatshirt around his neck and struts out>
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  3. Exileant

    o_O Have you ever played Vanu? If you have you would know just how horribly we have it.... :confused: Purple balls of death? Please.... We have a tank that does not even shoot shells.... it LOBS grenades... It is an OVERSIZED, Multi-directional, SLOW LIGHTNING. meanwhile you have a tank that can do enough damage per shot to fill the shorts of even the most experienced vehicle driver opposing it.... :eek: Not to mention our ONLY perk is supposed to be no bullet drop and a few heat weapons that do not technically use clips... What good is that when your weapons damage is sub-par? o_O This does not even apply to everything either.... N.C. and T.R. have been top dawg for YEARS.... They JUST NOT TOO LONG AGO fixed a so called 10KPH LOWER than normal difference in our tank. That was deemed an OVERSIGHT... :( It IS STILL THE SLOWEST CRUISING TANK IN THE GAME BY FAR...... It cannot run from a thing. They can nerf you all day and N.C. will STILL have something to topple the other factions with... :confused: Your rifles still hit like unholy trucker's at a bad bar on the wrong side of town, so I think you will live.... Get in a Reaver and dominate the skies like everyone else who cannot figure out what to do anymore now that the world's throw rug now has half a stick to defend themselves from the constant beatings once delivered........ :p You will survive!
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  4. LordKrelas

    While the OP is quite a bit off on several bits,
    (like the prowler bubble not pretty much making it the easiest target, rather than making the tank harder to kill)

    This bit is absurd.

    Oversized; Look at the front of the Prowler.
    Look at the side of the Vanguard.
    They're all big *** targets, but two of the three, only move forward or backwards if not rotating.
    The third tank, can move in any direction it pleases at will, and does not have to turn unless it wants to.

    Multi-directional is not a weakness.
    It's like saying "You can go in one of two directions, I have the ability to go in 2 of 6! You are better off!"
    In fact it is saying that - Which is absurd. Strafing is not a weakness.

    DPS, Magrider gained the shortest reloading period, from TR.
    NC's damage-per-shot advantage is like 50 points, unlike the difference in reloads.

    The VS has more Faction-Trait equipped weapons than TR & NC Combined, when it comes to special traits past damage-tier.
    VS, has the most Regenerative\Heat-based Weapons, which is actually quite potent as it removes the need for engineers, and enables incredible independence in the field.
    VS has a ton of specialist tools; such as the Lasher's AOE, the Charge-system of several weapons from Infantry to vehicles.
    Other tricks, have been Unstable ammunition, which reduces the odds of missing a target by enlarging their hitbox,
    To the shortened reloads of several weapons - to other VS only tricks.
    VS also has gained numerous perks from TR & NC, such as Piercing-Ammunitions & Anti-vehicle Ammunitions.

    VS has the most accurate weaponry - with middle of the road damage., TR has the least damage per bullet but the highest RPM.
    NC has the highest damage per bullet (Which VS has tied with, already, with the 'new' MAW, their NC Anchor clone)
    NC pays for this, in RPM, & typical accuracy problems - when not stuck to a shotgun.

    The Magrider has a speed-boost, and the ability to glide over near any terrain, while having the ability to strafe.
    If it also was the fastest tank without using the boost - it could ambush & escape any opposing armor, and more effectively run down opposing infantry.
    Which it already can trivialize; As it can strafe, allowing it to literally dodge the low-velocity rockets fired by infantry, already.

    NC has been losing Alerts, by a land-slide for literal years.
    And has been consecutively losing key stats.
    Vanguard Shield rather than be re-tooled entirely , has been reduced in capacity again & again & again.
    NC AI MAXes just literally got rendered less capable than Long-range versions of VS & TR AI Maxes
    NC has been losing the new Weapon releases, consistently, and was forgotten in the PTS for the majority of it.
    In the vehicle weapons of that PTS, NC has gear that is beaten by existing NS weapons by a mile.
    TR & VS in the same PTS, are eclipsing all existing weapons of their types.

    The Reaver, excels in Ganking so I've been told.
    Not a golden bird of ultimate war - Which if you ever saw one, you'd see why it isn't the best.
    I'll give a hint: it's loud & the largest possible target.

    You focus on the wrong elements, and try to twist benefits into negatives.
    Try to make a positive out of losing in DPS, Range, Reload times, and RNG.
    Rather than try so hard to call "Unparalleled motion" as a bad thing.

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  5. Exileant

    :eek: What good it moving in any direction you want when you do so at walking speed? That is like saying you have a Lamborghini in your driveway but then saying the motor is tuned to 20 miles an hour.... :confused: I never said being able to strife was a downfall. Where you got that from I will never know. Multi-direction is never a downfall, but it can be rather useless if it does not have the speed to support it. :D Unless the other tanks are in the 400 meter range, you are not going to dodge their shells very well. Being since the Vanguard can simply shield up and ram it's barrel down its victim's throat by simply charging (at breakneck speeds I might add). A Magrider is at a major disadvantage, as the only way to win a fight like that, is to kite. :( Sadly a Magrider cannot go backward at the same speed. It SHOULD, since it is so slow, but it cannot. In the end while a Magrider tries to swing for position to have a shot at winning the damage race by hitting something OTHER than the front we steadily take rounds. I covered all of the downfalls, you just have to go back and read carefully. I do not have to twist a thing.

    o_O Yes, I bet you were TOLD about Reavers..... Climb in one and find out.... Who cares if it is the biggest target, if you have enough power and speed to not be hit at all. That all depends on the skin you use anyway. I said it before, I will say it again. N.C. has the best fighter in this game. :confused: The Scythe is teeerrible by comparison. Easy to target from the ground, it just inhales A.A. and rockets thanks to its girth... In the air you are only steam-lined against 1 of your challengers, and that is only if you can keep the ship facing them. But guess what, While you are doing that, if the other person sits still, you wind up exposing your dinner plate wide hull to them, sealing your fate, unless you try to run, but guess what? Just like the tank, :eek: IT IS THE SLOWEST OF ITS CLASS IN THE GAME!!!! So odds are; you just wind up dying tired, or going for a ram....

    o_O Middle of the Road damage is not a thing..... Even if it were, BALANCE is N.C.s area. ;) The thing about having everything being balanced (therefore good) everything, is overall, you wind up the best. T.R. has Ace items, their issue is taming the beast. ;) If you can, you thrive, if you cannot, you just survive. I would say T.R.s learning curb was a steep drop, but I would be lying... Their weapons only need you to be familiar with recoil.... Vanu is just... different... :eek: They look pretty, but over all they are the Coral Snake of this pit of vipers, COBRA to G.I. JOE.... They are scary looking, but once you understand what they are, they are easily destroyed. Independence Day anyone? We depend on that shock factor and sneaking around to cement our edge. On equal ground? We are hard pressed to win anything unless we hone our skills to a fault and WORK TOGETHER. :D Basically, you better know it all, because there are no edges to the weaponry that will save you.
  6. LordKrelas

    If it was the fastest, it would literally dance around anything less than a tank shell, even more casually.
    Only VS has near-hitscan AV, everyone else has crap velocity.
    And the point where that speed is practical, the less range needed for the tank to be basically immortal at range.
    That's also why the Magrider has drop, more likely than not: So it isn't the hardest to hit, paired with the easiest to fire with.

    If the Vanguard isn't dueling an enemy tank, which tries to face-tank, the 6-second shield... Then the opponent for once isn't daft.
    When Vanguard isn't able to use that shield, It loses pretty much against any equally skilled operator.
    The Magrider isn't bottom of the barrel, and brutally massacres infantry, while being an ambush master with the boost & gliding.
    The latest update, just enhanced every aspect of Magrider motion as well.

    I've been engaged by reavers, and the Guy who said it was Adam.
    Oh, and the fact you don't see as many bloody reavers - unless they are running up & away as quickly as possible,
    Their massively loud engines & huge hitbox, kinda makes them a lot easier to kill, in every conflict - Let alone from the ground.
    The skin... You think the skin determines how you can be hit.
    Have you ever fought a Scythe or Mossie?
    The Scythe is the best dueling aircraft, it has the smallest front profile, and is damn good at it.
    The Mossie is a devil with the Banshee against Infantry & is a small target.

    Not to mention, for all that pancake, I see more ESFs from TR & VS than NC, while on sides.
    Which doesn't mean much for obvious reasons, but that profile from the ground: Is only if it ain't facing near you.
    And Given VS still uses Air, and only has 1 dimensions, while NC's reaver is massive in every single profile angle...

    Look at TR's damage per bullet.
    Now Look at VS's.
    Now look at NC's.
    They have more damage than TR, but less than NC; Math.

    VS has the most accurate weaponry, which has been expanded with unstable ammunitions, which literally negates poor-aim.
    With higher damage per bullet than TR, and more RPM than NC, they are literally in-between the two extremes.
    NC is typically Shotguns, quite literally, for most of the ES weapons - with the non-shotguns usually being very focused on skilled-use; Not everything is a Gauss Saw, which also demands accuracy, but doesn't give it.
    If you find TR's weaponry, decent; You should find VS's weaponry quite decent or better, unless you can't aim.
    As even TR, needs to aim -- with a ton of recoil adjustment.

    If you can't kill with VS's weaponry, which isn't set-up for a reliance on Bullet-hose (TR), or Alpha-Striking (NC),
    Then you aren't very good at reliably hitting a target, with controlled-fire.
    NC's high-damage models, are on weapons typically needing a good shot, for milisecond advantage - with head-shots.
    VS's, are on middle of the road RPM, Damage, with a high tolerance for lack of recoil-handling practice by the user.

    TR quite literally has less damage than VS, which you are complaining about.
    NC is quite literally, the Faction losing for several years, and their AI MAX just lost in every metric recently due to an update.
    The PTS & Recent Weapon Releases, have all been Positive for VS, and quite negative for TR & NC.

    IE in short: Just since you can't win a fight against NC, doesn't mean their weapons, which stats show are not screwed, are OP.
    Quite literally, The stats show they aren't.
    The NC MAX, quite literally demonstrated the very Distinct sign of being rammed into the ground.
    As a VS, you should likely notice that Trend: as that was Canis after the nerfs,
    except every single NC AI weapon for the max instead of 1 gun.
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  7. ObiVanuKenobi

    I don't see how a VS heavy killing 9 NC randoms proves NC is underpowered. Stupid? Bad? Maybe.
    Pretty sure VS guns don't have 9x more damage.
  8. JibbaJabba

    Switch factions.

    Seriously. I know you have lots of time vested in your main, and it will remain your main. But... spin up another character. You're a veteran now. You'll rip through the opening battle ranks in like one night. You'll have the essential gear for your chosen class within two. It's fun.... like starting a new world in Minecraft. And if you get frustrated you don't have some toy yet, switch back to your main for a bit.

    If these other factions are overpowered you'll get to enjoy it. And I can almost guarantee it will feel that way initially. The Orion for example feels delicious after you've come from the SAW. And for a while you'll bask in the glory of it.

    Eventually though you're going to get frustrated facing your old faction. Like when that enemy SAW just rocks your head off at distance while you pew pew impotently at him.

    What I hope you'll gain from this:
    1. You get to play more content, more toys, more GAME and have fun.
    2. You shed some of the toxic us-vs-them.
    3. You realize the grass isn't greener. The factions are not equal by design but they are surprisingly well balanced.

    I know the whole point of the OP and many of you in the thread is that #3 is utter BS. I'm not going to provide a counter argument as others have. You need to do as I suggested here and you will change your mind.
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  9. Exileant

  10. Zizoubaba

    Honestly, I've played all 3 factions and for all 3 at least MORE than max "level" (just to give an idea of the play time for each faction).

    I really don't think there are an balance issues. Except with certain specifics, yeah, like the NC MAX or the NC MBT for example.

    But honestly, there really isn't that much difference, I swear to god, leve a VS and you'll see..
  11. sjtw_w_stot

    Yup. NC has been nerfed.
    Game is too unbalanced and I'm out again for a good long while. Been a fun little spell back but no way am playing your nerf'd NC and don't care to build up new chars on other factions.

    Final straw, buh-bye
  12. Eroulca

    Main NC Know what the author means and I totally understand it, the NCs are just taking nerf, While VS is still OP.
  13. TRspy007

  14. Exileant

    :D If you are talking about the Reaver being the fastest, yes it is, and it does dance around everything. Reavers are very quiet to me. They have an windblown sound mixed with a VERY low hum. They are the least noticed of the three. The Mosquito has a VERY high pitch whine and the Scythe is high pitch and has a kind of energy whine and hiss. :( The only time you can really tell a Reaver is there is when they open their mouth to shoot at you. There is no mistaking that slow firing shredder of a nose cannon they posses. o_O A Reaver does not need to use Afterburners in a combat situation. At all, They can reverse at cruising speed and do so well. :eek: This is thanks to their ability to actually hover inverted without losing altitude. That kind of power keeps them well hidden, aside from shooting, it is the afterburner that gives away most aircraft. When they are spotted, they have the thrust to stand up and talk to you. YOU DO NOT CATCH Reavers unless they want to be caught, or you are one heck of a shot. o_O Reavers are the best period. They do not have the widest hit box either. Again that belongs to the Scythe.... Park next to a scythe in training mode.... it is easy to do.... :rolleyes: See for yourself if your mind's eye is not developed enough for it. Skins, may not adjust hit boxes, but they DO make a target harder to see and track. That is everything when it comes to fighting a human player.

    o_O The Vanguard is the second fastest tank and second to the slowest. It is dead in the center. Balance is what N.C. is all about really. It's STANDARD cannon velocity allows me to nail just about anything I care to. T.R.'s weapons are specked to be the weakest, but their rate of fire makes their overall damage the strongest in reality. N.C.'s weaponry is the strongest per bullet so their rate of fire should be slow enough to make them the over all weakest, however the game changes a bit there. Their rate of fire is not slow enough to make this happen, and then they have the added benefit of more armor and then being able to bolster defense. :eek: This firmly places them in the number 2 if not tied for 1st of overall damage. Meanwhile V.S. has middle average damage, average rate of fire... :confused: This makes Vanu the weakest for overall damage. Vanu is about being different at the moment, and you trying to make what seems like a major advantage, work for you. It is a mask, but once the mask shatters you are left with the ugly truth... :oops: The item you chose to use is all fluff, no gruff. :D That is why my L.A. does not really have to move around to while tearing through an over-shielded heavy in a direct confrontation fight while I am playing N.C. Again..... :p N.C. will be fine....

    :( Any Nerfs to Vanu were hard hits, the reason why they had to do so, is because the Canis was the best of the newer weapon and everyone used it to death. :confused: When everyone finds a weapon that is not pure garbage over here, we stick to it, and do it together. The rest of the weapons collect dust. :eek: If we had more great weapons, you would see more diversity. The N.C. Max is still top dog in a close up mid range fight, I do not care what anyone says... :D It is the only suit I can just walk out into a crowd of enemies and at least 3 kills are guaranteed. :D Sorry the post suffered an error the first time.... I was too tired to re-post all I had typed...

    :confused: Oh and by the way, the A.P. version of our main cannon on our tank has a reload speed that is as slow as yours, yet yours hits WAY harder.... :eek: Now tell me, where is the balance there?
  15. Tr34

    NC Vehicles and vehicle top guns are underperforming when compared to TR and VS variants that's a fact. NC has the least victories
    mainly because of their vehicle disadvantage. Yes, previously NC had some good perks to balance their huge vehicles like more HP/Armor but now after their HP/Armor nerfs they are basically useless because they don't have the mobility of VS or fire rate of TR.

    When it comes to top guns, VS and TR has low bullet drop or zero bullet drop anti vehicle guns while NC has to deal with slow moving high bullet drop top guns.(like enforcer or mjolnir) NC top guns are clearly harder to use and requires more skill while even a new player can easily use VS or TR top guns.(saron/aphelion or gatekeeper/minigun)

    If we talk about ESFs, Reaver is the slowest ESF with biggest hitbox. It used to have HP advantage, yet it's nerfed. Then what's the point of having a big/slow ESF after these nerfs? They are easy targets for Mosquitoes and Scythes in dogfights and should have a lot more hp to compensate their big body.

    We had good close quarter maxes, guess what? They are nerfed too and garbage now while VS maxes instantly kill you.
    Dunno but these nerfs made VS better today not because VS is really OP, but because NC is left underpowered against their empire specific vehicles/maxes.
  16. Johannes Kaiser

    I remember the times when the Enforcer was able to onehit infantry within a 1m splash radius and had a relatively low bullet drop. Then it was nerfed (rightly so, I'd say, it was hilarious while it lasted, but certainly overperforming). THen they did the whole "reload one shot at a time" thing from shotguns, that helped a bit with versatility, then that was removed too. Now we have a gun with low RoF, high bullet drop, no splash damage worth mentioning and that can not even onehit infantry on a headshot (I tried often enough, and yes, also on targets standing still to make sure I really really really hit their head).
    It has been OP, I dare say, then was hit with the nerfhammer so hard it still has a concussion to this day.

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