You can now filter websocket GainExperience events by experience_id.

Discussion in 'Developer Notes' started by airmetforums, Apr 5, 2016.

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    I've started work on development for a Planetside 2 companion app. It's still in the works, but I had a quick question about the rights to use the name "Planetside 2" in the title of the app.
    Some quick info about it:
    • Cross-platform built with Xamarin
    • Will be free, was considering putting in a few ads but that's probably not going to happen
    • First releasable build should be done by end of the year
    • Created a reddit thread about it; hoping the app will help draw in more people to the game in some way or the other.
    • I'm using a service ID, so that's taken care of.
    I guess what I'm really wondering is what are the restrictions on naming the app? I read the TOS but I'm still a little confused. I asked Drew about what he thought, and he told me to ask nick.
    Looking forward to a response :)
  4. Toderiox


    I am working on a Statistics tracking website for a university project, pure educational end goals.
    But I seem to have a problem with the service-id. I get the message that the service id is not registered, I tried both running it without static ip local and with one, as well as uploading it to a server and registering with the ip address of the server.
    Don't know what to try anymore at this point, help would be appreciated.


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