[Guide] You CAN dominate CQC with semi-autos

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by TheDudeMachine, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. VoidC

    I want see this on good server against good people ... there are actually differences.
    You have also to consider population aspect.
    I play on Woodman EU and get spotted very often ( to 80%) in CQB.

    However, scouts are ****. Not only because of higher TTK and less ammo per clip, but also because of less life on infiltrator and more life on other classes.
  2. klor

    Hey thats me! :D

    I really do love the Impetus, something to remember is that it still has scope sway, it rarely matters in close quarters but for longer range shot you still gotta steady your scope.

    I think my mistake was not waiting on my shields to recharge, because of that I panicked and tried to spam him down with hipfire.

    The crazy part about that streak was that it took place during a zerg with a hefty spawn camp. It's even better when you are facing smaller numbers. Here is another one during a bio lab attack...

    I've only used the Impetus for about 160 kills since I was going for Gold medals on all weapons. I'll try and get some more good clips over the double exp weekend.

    edit:This is on Mattherson
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  3. BlueyTheWolf

    Sadly those kind of stuff on happens on American server on Eu servers you would be dead before you press your trigger once
  4. TheDudeMachine

    LOL right on. That biolab video is another good example of how good the semi autos are at CQC. You beat several HAs straight up.
  5. altonyc

    Just a quick, semi-related question:

    Can the semi-auto fire rate be impacted by framerate? I know for awhile during beta auto-fire was, but they fixed that. I was just wondering, because it feels like when I'm getting better framerates (outpost fights) I can shoot faster than when I'm in a large firefight, with any semi-auto weapon. Is it just an illusion created by the slower refreshing, or can I really not shoot as fast when my framerate drops?

    More on-topic... I personally use the Nyx because
    a) At the time, I didn't know about the Phantom (Impetus-equivalent for VS), and I wanted a CQC weapon for my inf ASAP

    b) Nyx gets IRNV, which helps me aim (I like the clarity, and my framerate feels higher when I'm looking down the IRNV; the fps counter doesn't show with it up, so I have to guess)

    c) Nyx suppressed is really, really quiet. Of course, the shot travel speed appears to be as low as the beamer, but I only use it in CQC anyway.

    d) With a laser, hipfire accuracy is awesome. The biggest reason I latched onto the Nyx was because during beta I rolled an infiltrator with shotgun+slug rounds, and the Nyx is similar to that (similar or better hipfire accuracy, but 1-2 shots more to kill)

    I thought about getting the phantom, but I feel it would be redundant when I have the Nyx. I'm thinking about getting the Ghost (bolt-action with short sights) just for the fun of it. And of course, either the Artemis or SMGs when they come out (need to compare the two; trialed the Artemis and loved it).
  6. klor

    Here you go... Woodman for your pleasure. Best 7 dollars ever.

    First drop in was... surprise, an 8 kill streak. Just like my other two videos.

    This one is quite long... for the record I played for 24 minutes ending 47-10


    I also didn't even bother to use my pistol or knife until the end to showcase the impetus. Don't forget that this was also done with a fresh BR 1 character.
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  7. Crywalker

    So if you're good at getting quick headshots in close range you can get high K/D?

    Never would've guessed. :p

    I remain completely unconvinced that this is proof of the strength of the infiltrator class, and will continue playing LA for infiltration since when I try close-mid range infil I usually end up getting more kills with my pistol than rifle.The VX6-7 doesn't need quick scope head shots to be effective.
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  8. Stordito

    i can understand the logic of OP, you can be effective at killing people, ok.
    but most "complains" have a different reason altogether:
    you can't do more than that when it comes to support your empire.
    CQC is where the infiltrator , if used properly, can shine. but that's because his purpose is to disrupt enemy activities in first person (like hacking an enemy AMS, or hacking a shield , hacking terminals with viruses...MAYBE.
    if you think that killing soldiers is enough,maybe there are other choices.
    you can score a kill, ok, but are you supporting your empire or just doing xp grinding?
    any class or vehicle is lethal, but what is its real purpose?

    we ultimately are asking for a more definite role on the field.
  9. Rigsta

    This, unfortunately, is what it's all about. Shotguns and super-accurate hipfire guns exist in the game and will outgun the scout rifles in CQ every time.

    The problem isn't that scout rifles are bad exactly, just that other classes get better CQ guns. And have more HP.

    And silent jetpacks.

    And class abilities that don't lock their weapons.

    And a little bit more HP.

    Roll on SMGs.
  10. VoidC

    Klor, to be honest, you have good skills, but why you try to sell us scruffy apples by complaining they are fresh?

    It was on crown, nice. But if you look closely very, very low populated. My guess you played at late night (EU time). Crown and Crossroads are most populated areas on our server. The place of your show was the last outpost of Vanu lowies (BR 1- 10), who were surrounded by NC and TR.

    However first part was good and happens me time to time, if non skilled, unaware players or defenders are there.
    Why didn't you try to cap one of the points B or C? and then to move to other ?

    In the second part the same story, surrounded Vanu crown, with low population. A lot of Vanu noobs / lowies. I doubt they can separate own infiltrator from enemy one because I was killed so often by own army. Some of them didn't even look on the mini map.
    You get spotted while in cloak often, as a few times. Nice farm of this noob group at 7:10.

    But overall, I see no prove in these videos. Sorry.

    However, everyone knows that at specific conditions infiltrator can work and achieve a kill streak producing some chaos without capturing a point or hacking some stuff. Is it infiltration? I say no. You don't need infiltrator for this. Your part 1 could be done with LA.
  11. Takoita

    About those videos: why do you cycle your cloak in such close quarters so much? Since the sound is faction-specific now, everybody and their grandma should've heard you and on count three hosed your corner with fire 'just to be sure'. Or brought up IRNV scope. Strange that so many people didn't even try to look around for you. I usually don't stumble upon such oblivious enemies XP.
  12. Humbucker

    Thanks for this thread. I bought the NYX scout rifle thinking that was the best option for close quarters infil, it's sucks spandex-clad vanu balls. I have all but given up on infiltrator and this gives me a reason to give it another shot. The videos I've seen in this thread seem to be doing exactly what I've been failing at with other guns aparently designed for cqb. Gonna jump in game now and try it out
  13. Astraka

    What impresses me is that he is doing all of this sans certifications. No supressor, no scope, no restoration kits, no cloak upgrades, etc. Despite what others are saying, I feel that this really shows what a talented player can do with the infiltrator class. Do we still need some work? Sure, especially with hacking. Is the class hopeless? Definitely not.
  14. Astraka

    Amendment to previous: He did have some things certed - just not a lot.
  15. Keldoris

    Whats te point between the TR 99SV (default weapon) and the ksr-35 ? in te stats beside the very long --> middle range there seems no difference on the paper...
  16. Astraka

    The KSR-35 has a faster rate of fire than the 99SV by 1 rpm. As such it also shorter time to kill by .002 seconds. Aside from those minor differences the scope attachments are different; KSR-35 for short range scopes, 99SV for long range scopes.
  17. McDonaldsMaster

    How do you know? And what's the difference between the servers?
  18. klor

    I know that most of these players are not good. I didn't make the claim that they were. Unfortunately I work a full time job which prevents me from logging into the EU servers during prime time because of my schedule. I logged in as soon as I could. The majority of all servers are filled with players of this skill level. This video was a response to BlueyTheWolf because he made such an arrogant comment.

    The point of this video was to show two things, the combat potential of the impetus and that players susceptible to this style are not exclusive to US servers. Even though this video was not directed at you, you did request it to be seen on a different server, I provided that but I could not guarantee the skill of the players when I logged in. (so only half your request met sry)

    If this were in an outfit capture situation I would have focused more on hacking turrets to prep for an incoming Galaxy drop. I could go on forever but I'll leave it at that.
  19. Kedric

    I miss my SKS dearly - I consider SKS to be short for Super Killing Spree. The only thing that would stop my streaks was running out of ammo usually. I'm looking into adding an SKS to my collection IRL because of my experience with it in BF3, lol. They're really affordable weapons because of the vast quantities produced by the former USSR.

    The semi-autos are close to SKS functionality, but not quite. They are still my weapon of choice as Infiltrator, though. I also love the bolt actions, but after trying the bolt actions up close I find they're just too risky to use, however a bolt action with a 4x scope is a nice medium range weapon.

    Maybe if the semi-autos had a compensator attachment they could rival the SKS of BF3.
  20. TheDudeMachine

    Yeah, a compensator would be nice to have. That's why I really wanted the battle rifles to be good: most of my SKS kills are from rapid firing at the head. You can't really do that with a 10 round mag. Would have been nice to be able to use the BRs in a similar fashion with the 20 round mag.

    At one point, when I was playing BF3 a lot, I was #3 in the world for SKS kills, lol. Not like that means a lot, since nobody really uses that weapon, but it still made me feel manly. :D
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