[Guide] You CAN dominate CQC with semi-autos

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by TheDudeMachine, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Aalbatross

    +1 to the OP.

    Have been using an Impetus with X2 reflex for ages, and can often get decent killstreaks with it. It's the only weapon I'm happy with for close-quarters on the Infiltrator at the moment, as it has higher stopping power and firing speed over the scout rifles. This means you can take out a HA if one runs around the corner and you fire first and fast.

    I was using a suppressor for a while, but took it off as I hated the reduced velocity for moving or distant targets. I'll use a silenced pistol if I absolutely have to stay hidden, or will just cloak to drop the effect of spotting.

    It also allows you to fill a DMR-role in a squad, as it's still very accurate for mid-long range when holding breath.
  2. Rigsta

    It is certainly quiet, but the main reason I prefer it is 0 sway and tighter CoF with repeated shots while aiming, and reasonable hip-fire accuracy with a laser sight. I do own the Phantom but found the Nyx better for rapid fire. So the Ghost (low-zoom bolt-action) is my favourite close-mid range weapon now, and I switch to the Nyx for when I need something for watch tower fights.

    And my Nyx will probably be retired when SMGs are released.
  3. Lucidius134

    I've been wanting to get the Ghost but I dont infil nearly as much as I want to. (Let alone play the game, lol optimization)
  4. Dr. Euthanasia

    I've always been a fan of semi-auto weapons. It's such a shame that the flinching on damage cripples us so much more than people who use full-autos... and also that full-autos in this game as more than accurate enough to kill players who are only 20 pixels tall on your screen.

    Well, at least that will never be impressive. Playing like this, on the other hand, definitely is.
  5. Vikarius

    Whilst the OP has some good suggestions in his post, I can guarantee the majority of the kills in the screenshot are not from inf. There is at least one big hint to that conclusion, and I wonder if anyone else can spot it.
  6. Ripshaft

    Not sure what you mean by that... also woah forum changes. If you're saying they make the semi auto scout rifle obsolete, that's definately not true, the scout rifle has superior attachments for cqc and zero sway... it's a mean weapon.
  7. Ghoest

    You can dominate with most guns if you are a better player than the other guy.

    This is similar to trying to dominate up close with a slug gun. Notice that classes with other options almsot never try to do this?
  8. TheDudeMachine

    lol dafuq? I only play as infiltrator, so I'd like to hear what your theory is on this.
  9. Scan

    Yes, Biolabs.... they can be quite a pain in the ****, but once you are on a roll, you can really cause havoc. A job well done I'd say. (assuming if you aren't cheating us with false data)

    Searching for diffrent methods, I've even tried using the SAS-R using a 2x reflex sight, and that weapon is very, very good as well, instant kills up close. 2 shots for anything not heavy assault. Rather manageble reload speeds.

    Alltho, it's not the inability to kill stuff that has me bothered about the Infiltrator, it's the inability infiltrate. I'd love to see you get streaks like that lone-wolfing in hostile territory, but with no allies around you to serve as distractions, you are most likely to get caught and killed, no matter how quick you can kill people up close. ;)

    Still, it's good that you try to bring some positivity here.

    Next time, get some game footage. It's only one "Page down" key press away.
  10. Rigsta

    He probably thinks you get ground vehicle resources for killing things with a tank.
  11. VoidC

    OP nice to hear that Semi-Auto sniper works fine for you.

    I got Phantom (semi-auto sniper) but I still use Nyx (semi-auto scout) till I get Auraxium medal.

    However, semi-auto scout rifles supposed to be our CQC weapons. If I look closely they are bad.
    Advantages over semi-auto snipers: no sway, good COF in hip fire.
    Disadvantages are less ammo per clip considering BTK, more bullets to kill, lower TTK, except on point blank range against non NW 5 user.
    Semi snipers need always 2-3 bullets to kill. I don't know how NMG will affect it, because I still use my Nyx.
    But from short testing semi-auto sniper with low magnification scope this weapons has a nice kick while rapid shooting, but still its potential.

    In my opinion, if you can land this first head shot anyway, why don't you use the low magnification bolt action sniper anyway?
    Thats what I wanted to test with my next weapons besides of SMG. But I guess I will need practice even more, since I lowered my mouse sensitivity some days ago.
  12. Flag

    To clarify: If a player is good enough to use the semi-auto scout rifle well in CQC, the scope sway on the low powered optics sniper is barely noticeable. And given the nature of having only 10 shots, I personally don't find hip fire accuracy to really matter as far as the infiltrator is concerned(Aim down sights, you simply don't have bullets to waste on hip fire)
    And the attachments, while nice, are not what delivers the kills with the scout rifles.

    So sadly, if the player is good enough to handle the scout rifle, they would probably do better with the sniper rifle, thus rendering the semi-auto one moot(one per faction, so three in total, hence the mentioning of 1/3 weapons)
  13. gunshooter

    Thanks so much for the anecdotal evidence of 1 lucky game session you had in the absolute ideal situation in which any other class could, and would have, done even better. It's good that you wanted to share a cool thing that happened to you with everyone, except you could've done it without trying to mask it as you actually wanting to help people while simultaneously discounting the very real problems that the class has.

    This is a masked brag, nothing more, and the way you're presenting it is toxic to the overall goal this community shares of making Infiltrator actually worth playing over the other classes for a reason other than hacking an infantry terminal when in a squad. Right after this session and before it, you likely did far, far worse employing the exact same tactics with the exact same weapon, but you won't be telling us about those runs.

    Your post is also so full of hyperbole and exaggeration it's unreal. No, you're not an FPS god. If you were able to headshot people so consistently like you say, you would not have been 1:1 in the first place. Someone who can consistently land headshots while staying behind their team would never, ever be 1:1. You have not "never not instakilled" someone at range, nor are you "always winning 1v1s and headshotting everyone in cqc oh my god i've just magically become god." You are, however, pretending to in a forum post, like most players love to do. I wouldn't be surprised if tons of people who also admit to being 1:1 reply to this very post, talking about how they have no problem dominating everyone with a 100% shots fired to headshot ratio, despite clear evidence to the contrary.
  14. Scan

    Dude, all I ever see you post, is you varmitting your bitter, unconstructive critisizm over anyone here who attempts to post something positive about the class they, despite all it's weaknesses, like to play.

    Never anything positive. I gather you are attempting to shield the Infiltrator class from any positivity, worrying that developers might think we are fine? I am pretty sure a few video's featuring Infiltrators that are doing well, won't prevent us from getting the buffs we need, especially if you weigh up the pro's and the conns of this class.
    This is a game, people are having fun. They like to share they are having fun with the community. That is what gaming is about. We don't need bitter individuals to come in here and tell us how much we suck for having the fun you aparantly aren't having.

    All this negativity in your system can't be healthy. You seriously seem to have issues. Go talk to someone, and give this game a rest.
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  15. gunshooter

    Actually, what i'm doing is replying to people who are trying to imply that the majority is wrong, constantly, for no reason other than to inflate their own ego. You aren't helping anyone when you make a thread titled "Hey everyone, stop saying Infiltrator sucks because I happened to have a good run today and i'm really excited about it and I just have to tell you, nevermind the fact that this happens for me once a week, and the vast majority of my playtime involves me uncloaking infront of someone and getting wasted instantly!" What you're doing is fishing for praise because the other 95% of your playtime that is unremarkable makes you feel inadequate.

    Not that this is bad - Infiltrator sucks, it's only natural that someone who plays Infiltrator would mostly not do particularly well. It also makes sense that someone who doesn't do particularly well would want to share the times when they do better than usual. But the way that it's being presented here, and in other posts, is demeaning to the general community, and the goal that we all share. You don't have to share your experiences with a title of "You're all doing it wrong, I have discovered the secret" followed by a completely embellished account of how you went around and dominated everyone instantly with 360 headshots which no one is actually going to believe anyway.

    I assume you're one of these people considering I have no recollection of who you are but you seem quite offended at being called out on your ********.
  16. TheDudeMachine

    ^^ Sorry, but you're wrong. I consistently have over a 4.0 k/d ratio now since switching to this system, it's not a once a week thing, it's an every session thing:


    And that was in a non-zerg battle out in the open, a week ago when I was just starting to use the semi autos. How do you think I can go from being a very average player to an important part of the team just by switching weapons?

    The point is not to brag about how MLG pro I am (of course, I obviously AM super MLG pro, and you should bow down to me), but to show that you can serve a role in the game as a designated marksman AND an infiltrator. If I'm going 57-4, 92-19, 48-3 (see, now I AM bragging), what do you think I'm doing the entire time? I'm in bases, hacking terminals, laying down sundy spawns, and generally pissing off the other factions, which in turn helps our faction cap bases easier.

    Straight up killing in itself isn't that big of a help to your team, given the fast spawns, but getting good ratios WHILE doing your typical infiltrator tasks? That's what makes this class important.

    Does this class have problems as you suggest? Of course it does. That's why I made this post, to show other infys that you can do well if you adapt to playing as a borked class by finding your niche play style.
  17. gunshooter

    Nice, another anecdotal screenshot. You sure proved the statistics wrong while completely missing the point.

    This is called "sniping" by the way. There's no one in the entire world saying that Infiltrator can't snipe.
  18. TheDudeMachine

    This isn't my gameplay, but this guy demonstrates pretty well the fast TTK on a few of his kills when he gets the headshot. At 1:30, he kills two people without even losing his shield. His only mistake was trying to hipshoot at the end.

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  19. gunshooter

    That guy demonstrated that he can kill someone whos standing still, very likely afk, and then instantly die. Funnily enough, I have no doubt that situation is analogous to most of the kills that you state are "instant kill headshots in fair straight up 1v1s," because there's no way anyone who was ever 1:1 in this game is consistently headshotting actual moving targets. Every gun in this game kills someone standing still before they can possibly react. Nothing new there.
  20. TheDudeMachine

    There was only one guy who wasn't moving, and not shooting back in that video, out of 8 kills. Nobody was AFK, but nice try there.

    Even if they were all standing still, he still got 8 kills in one life. That wasn't even an extraordinary streak, either. It's fairly common to get streaks like that.

    Will the full auto scout kill at close range before a target can react? Yes, but you're left with little ammo left to kill the 2nd or 3rd targets. The full auto is a one kill, cloak, one kill, cloak weapon. You can't chain together kills. You CAN with the semi-autos. Simple as that.