You Are Not As Invisible As You Think You Are. (Tips Form a Infiltrator Hunter)

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  1. Flukeman62

    Lately I have been getting a lot of hackusations (about 10 in the past few play sessions) from infiltrators that I have killed while they were cloaked. They claim that there is no way that I could have seen them and killed them due to the fact that they were cloaked.

    That's a tonne of bull.

    There are many things which infiltrators do that easily give away their position to people like me who have a reasonable amount of experience with the game and render their cloak as useful as a pillow made of land-mines. In this thread I will point out some of these mistakes (although not all of them as I need some advantages).

    1) Uncloaking and re-cloaking rapidly without moving.
    Some infiltrators attempt to avoid detection by running into a building, getting into a corner and cloaking whenever they think someone comes close. As we all know you make a noise when you cloak and if someone has a decent pair of headphones they can simply follow the noise and then pour a tone of bullets into your little corner. We may not be able to see you but you are very noisy and the constant cloaking sounds made by you panic-cloaking allows us to generally get a very good guess of where you are hiding and even if we get the wrong corner we have only wasted about 10 expendable bullets.

    2) Running around cloaked up in my grill.
    Your cloak is not perfect and it's worse when you are running. This difference is unnoticeable at range but if you get up close it's a big ol' difference. Also once you have been seen don't cloak in front of me and then run, it's very easy to keep you in my sights even after you have cloaked. Save the energy for when you have broken line of sight and then cloak. But keep moving and keep moving away from your pursuer until you can face him on your own terms

    3) Sprinting through a doorway or along a ridge while cloaked.
    When you sprint through a doorway it isn't just the mines that will kill you. The infiltrators cloak has this weird quirk that makes it very easy to see you when you are in front of two contrasting coloured backgrounds. It's most noticeable at night where the bright textures of the doorway contrasts hugely with the dark outside. The combination of the contrasting background colours and the slight glassy sheen of the cloak really makes you stand out. This also happens if you are running along a ridge during the day as the contrast between the dark ground and the bright sky also causes you to be easily spotted.

    4) Using the recon tool on a small building.
    Sure having enemies show up on your map is nice and all but it also shows where you are or where you are going to go next. This makes it dead easy to find you and while you can generally have many exits from the larger buildings there are only a few exits from the smaller ones and we can just wait outside and stare at the doors (see point 3).

    5) (snipers only) Taking a shot, cloaking and then not moving.
    It doesn't matter if you cloak after you shoot if you haven't moved. Another sniper can simply estimate where your head is and kill you deader than disco. So for the love of god move your *** after you shoot. This is possibly the most simple piece of advice in here yet for some reason I see people doing this all the time.

    Anyway tat's all your getting out of me for now but rest assured there are many more mistakes that make you easy-to-spot but I'll leave finding them up to you lot.

    Thanks for reading.
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  2. Inf1nite

    I think just about everyone here that's reading this knows that... no need to write an insanely long thread about it. This is helpful to new players though.
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  3. Benevon

    Don't stand right in front of a flashing shield generator while cloaked. I killed a guy yesterday doing that lol.
  4. Kevin12

    You forgot to warn them to RUN when an ESF is looking directly at them. Infiltrators often sit perfectly still when I see them on my radar and stay in the same place until I'm shooting them to pieces. THEY STILL SHOW UP ON MY RADAR EVEN IF THEY ARE CLOAKED!
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  5. SevenTwo

    Any infiltrator worth their salt knows all these things and try to avoid doing them as much as possible (sometimes you just have bad luck and run cloaked right into someone). In general, never, ever be in any enemy solider's direct LoS unless you are confident, that he's distracted by something else - preferably from being shot at by someone else.

    In any case, you can never rely on your cloak exclusively to stay undetected, especially not to someone who plays on medium settings or better (and you should always assume people are doing this).
  6. Vaphell

    so what is the point in even trying? It would work against standard specced ESFs (95% of them) but in case of the rare scout radar, if you are not a totally terrible pilot, the inf is dead, period. I got caught in the open by a scout ESF dozens of times and managed to escape once or twice, tops. The only hope is cloak making it harder to pinpoint my *** accurately, but after 12s max it's game over and the 200m radius is just too much to hope for the pilot losing track. And there better be a bridge or a building nearby, where you can hide and redeploy, because there is no other way out.

    I find the scout ESF one of the most infuriating things in this game. Widespread whining about unfair ohks that require you to hit a small target is ok, but having 400m wide maphack ignoring the core ability of the stealth class, in a vehicle pretty much immune to weapons of said class? No problem there.
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  7. Kevin12

    The radar is pretty visible on the Scythe as two tiny wings on top:


    Also barely anybody uses it because you're practically dead around a large fight without flares.;)
  8. Vaphell

    ... for certain values of 'pretty visible'... nobody is going to stand like an idiot to look for some tiny wings on an ESF that flies his way. It's not like you won't find out soon enough either way. And I bet they don't even render beyond 50m because of LoD.

    yes, but at night when pops are so low there are dudes that do nothing but hunt lone infantrymen for free certs. They don't risk much, the probability of being alphastriked is close to 0.
  9. Hoki

    1) You're loud. Cloak, decloak, spotting, firing the dart, the dart itself, your footsteps, they all make noise. 3d noise.
    2) Everything you do broadcasts your position. Hacking a terminal, laying a mine, firing a dart, all these things alert others of your presence.
    3) The best cloak is a bush. Seriously just sit in a bush and don't cloak.
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  10. Cobra Commander

    "3) The best cloak is a bush. Seriously just sit in a bush and don't cloak."...

    Shhhhh you!!! Those are my special secret places where the bad men can't find me!!! Seriously though, it's use of cover is 101...
  11. gregfox89

    Haha I do this to lure people to me so I can kill them. Saves me the work of hunting them down ;)
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  12. Drowingpool

    Ask Overkill about that flying scout thang..that sonofa... ;)
  13. Zagareth

    So far I know that a "Proximity Radar" of a vehicle does not reveal a sitting, not moving toon (not necesserily cloaker), but once he moves he's toast.
    Didn't know that the scout radar is advanced and even reveals non-moving cloakers. So what I'm wondering is, how about the sensor dart? Does it reveal non-moving cloakers or others not moving?
  14. Kevin12

    The sensor dart also only reveals moving enemies. Scout radar is the most powerful radar available with a range up to 200m on the ESF and able to spot all enemy vehicles and infantry in the area.
  15. P4NJ

    What I don't understand is how there's one guy on my server that can consistently shoot me at long range with a battle rifle while I'm sniping cloaked and haven't even decloaked to take a single shot...
  16. Tenebrae Aeterna

    I use bushes whenever I'm charging my's amazing how well they work, much better than the cloaking device itself half the time.

    He's using medium to ultra settings and you are in a position that's highlighting the cloaking distortion used for those settings. We're not difficult to see on medium to ultra settings while cloaked, and certain situations actually make us stand out pretty well.
  17. BloodyPuma

    Except for the old known bug. That bush change its shape the further you get away from it. To the point of 200-250 that bush does not render - but infiltrator is rendering. You scope on him - bush render - you unscope - the bush is gone. Estimate and shoot. The same goes with small/mid rocks. You cant shoot them but you see them :) Gotta love PS2 Engine.
  18. P4NJ

    I use medium and can't see any infiltrator beyond 50 or so meters...
  19. IIXianderII

    No matter what graphics setting at a certain range you pretty much de-render and are completely invisible.
  20. Biddion

    The flash radar is the same as esfs'. Read the description. Even the icon is different than other vehicles. The flash's max range isn't 200m though.