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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Cancdemon, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. Cancdemon

    How about, bros, how about we add uh....weapons with a damage range model in the shape of a sine wave? That'd be like, awesome my dudes. Make its amplitutithingy decrease with the range so it's not fully rando though.
    Awesome, right my Dudes?
  2. FateJH


    So, assuming the normal axes of damage (rise) over distance (run), you want a weapon that proceeds through cycles of damaging and healing targets depending on the distance?
  3. Johannes Kaiser

    Would be odd running towards someone shooting you with it. :D
    But I guess the intent is a weapon that it does not heal, but simply do less damage at certain distances.

    Odd idea, though, and I do not see the benefit of it. Would not even be funny after the first five minutes, but merely annoying and unreliable.
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  4. Campagne

    I mean, that'd probably be pretty ineffective but... Sure? Sounds interesting?
  5. Demigan

    I think the idea was more like this:
    a 143 damage model will taper off to 112 damage after a certain distance. The sine damage model would start with 143, reach 112 after say 10m, and be up at 143 at 20, then back down to 112 etc.

    The best way I would see this weapon used is with a long sine wave. Say you start with 143 damage and it goes down to 112 over 30m, then at 60m it's back up to 143. This way the weapon has sweet spots in CQC and long-range, but misses out in the midrange.
    You could have the weapon switch it's damage model by pressing B (basically switching to cosine), making it start with the minimum damage of 112 and climb to 143 at 30m. This way the weapon can get anyone always with close to their maximum damage (except where these two sines cross where it'll do inbetween 143 and 112 damage) but you have to know what distance your opponent is at.

    You could perhaps add an integrated distance monitor in the weapon, and a color-coded sign next to your crosshair. The color-code tells you what kind of damage you'll be doing at that range. Red is minimum, green is maximum, orange is inbetween.
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  6. Cancdemon

    -hits blunt- uh... Thanks my Dudes for responding. Yea, the gun should damage should mimic a sine wave, ranging from low damage to high damage, like 112 to 143, allowing special range aiming for those who like that. No healing damage.

    I had thought that maybe amplutitudr either rises or falls at range, making damage more random.
  7. Cancdemon

    Ayy wait, I meant inconsistent, not random. I also really dig Demigans switch between sine and cosine. Now - hits blunt- we could add tangent and cotangent for maximum trigonometric warfare capabilities, though that could be for another gun.

    Now, I can't say I entirely dig the hud or cross hair telling yer the range, I'd say make the projectiles do so, have them glow in intensity proportional to the damage (or even different colors) requiring the player to have visual memory for his ranges. I am sure this would look awesome on LMGs, dude
  8. InexoraVC

    and add QuadDamage relic that appears on random basis:)
    Make any weapon unreliable and random :)
  9. FateJH

    You don't want tangent or cotangent. Even shifting the amplitude, see all that space where no damage would happen (tan)? if we complain about lagging weapon damage due to latency effects, imagine how much we would complain about this sort of weapon. (You could argue we'd only use half of the period, but then we'd be better off using something other than the tangent anyway.)

    And, to beat you to the punch, weapon damage already follows a the concept of an arcosine plot, just in a blocky sense and it has plateauing ends. An arcsine plot would just be damage increasing by distance. And things just get less intuitive the more complicated you try to imagine. For example, cosecant:

    Another thing to remember is it's actually best in PlanetSide 2 to calculate Infantry damage in terms of number of bullets. Basically, take 1000 and divide by the number of shots to kill and round up to get the minimum amount of damage needed for that number of shots to kill. Three shots, 334. Four shots, 250. Five shots, 200. Six shots, 167. Seven shots, 143. Eight shots, 125. Nine shots, 112. Ten shots, 100. This should actually look familiar because these are the maximums and the minimums of our standard damage models. Without body part modifiers, damage values between 100 and 112 would require just as many shots as 100. Unless you plot damage in a way that hits some of those sweet spots, you're just shooting yourself in the foot (for less damage).
  10. Cancdemon

    Certainly bruva, you're right, the Gaps in Definition make the use of tangents and cotangents improper, my mistake, I completely forgot about that. I suppose I was just having a weapon in mind who's damage builds up by distance, while periodically resetting itself.
    My thought was for a weapon to carry inconstistency in its usage, for fun and more tactical options involving optimizing range, meaning that there isnt just what looks like a very straight line from Max Dam to Min Dam, but instead damage high- and lowpoints based on certain ranges (every 20m you get a high point, and 10m after that you get to the lowpoint, for a extreme, very fast changing example, you'd be changing from Macx to Min Damage within 10 Meteers).
    Now of course, as you have mentioned, High and Lowpoints are sweetspots, so you with either overshoot, or undershoot them when it comes to range, thus actually never firing at Max or Min. This could be addressed by making the peaks (aka increase the amplitute) higher ( and consequently lower on the min) than what is required, if we aim for say a 8 bod shot with 125, then everything below that to 112 will kill in 9, as you said. But that is only if 125 is the peak, since simply going above, up to 143, but not beyond, you will kill in 8 still.

    Setting the amplitude above the wished outcome but not overshooting it will turn the "sweatspots" for a 8bod shot into a sweatzone for that same number of STK, while allowing the already wounded to be killed earlier. It only shoots you in the foot if you remain with the old conventions, which we would already abandon just by thinkign about wave-damage weaponry.
  11. TRspy007

    THe real question is why dont we have weapons that follow a CIRCLE damage pattern loool. Or on a more realistic note, maybe a weapon that increases in damage over time. That would be useful and interesting.
  12. FateJH

    The spin-up of the T7 Mini-Chaingun means that the weapon does greater DPS, up to a point, the longer it continuously fires.
  13. TRspy007

    Lol that's not what I meant sorry, I worded it weird. I meant a weapon that does the opposite of damage drop off. Instead of decreasing at a certain range, it increases. Minimum damage would come before maximum damage. I didn't mean speed-up mechanics, my bad.
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  14. Johannes Kaiser

    You mean like THAT?
  15. TRspy007

    Yeah I guess lol. Just something different for us to play with.
  16. Johannes Kaiser

    Would vertainly be interesting. Engineer-only maybe, since it's likely going to be an experimental weapon.
    Honestly, I support it. Something new would be nice. But it needs to be a NS weapon so everyone can play around with it. :)

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