Yeti loose on Esamir

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Remainz, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. Remainz

    Not sure if this is old news or not but there appears to be a yeti living on Esamir.
    Skip to 0:24 and 1:05 to hear the yeti.
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  2. Herrick

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  3. StormStrafe

  4. SinMach1ne

    Wow nice find
    I wish this game had more easter eggs
  5. USD

    Better call The Night's Watch.
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  6. the pestimist

  7. treeHamster

    Hopefully they will soon have swords to deal with issues such as this.
  8. toxs

    Its actually the forum troll.
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  9. Dingus148

    MOAR EASTER EGGS. But seriously, I'm convincing my outfit that we need to have a yeti hunt. I'm hoping for a fur coat for my engie :D
  10. PurpleOtter

    It's not a Yeti, it's a Wompa, they just imported old assets from Star Wars Galaxies!
  11. robotron2000

    It's the mating call of the common, hill camping infiltrator. This reclusive and solitary creature has evolved into a yet-like creature, better adapted for a sedentary life of sitting on snowy mountains.
  12. Rusky

    Haha, nice find :)
  13. FnkyTwn

    Invisible Yeti? Come on SOE, its ridiculous how OP you make arbitrary things like this.
    Obviously this is just screaming NERF and I for one think it needs to be hotfixed before
    it gets abused too much. Can anybody say Pay-2-Win? SOE just wants more of your
    money for Higby's Hairplugs. I'm sure Smedley already mentioned it on Reddit.
  14. Sebyos

    ohohoh HOLY **** ! Oh man the old days of gaming for me.