Yet another Prime Time of Hossin...I know why!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by OgreMarkX, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. OgreMarkX


    Hossin again. Night after night after night after night. Whoo hoo. Logged into Koltyr, checked maps, Hossin, not a single large scale fight there yet I am still in a queue (paid acct) so I have to wait to get to the worst map to not find a large fight in an... MMOFPS.

    Naturally I logged out and am firing up good old Team Fortress 2 in the background here.

    So, why Hossin all the time now?

    To make the pending Ossur look better in comparison.

    10010011^^0**7 <-- secret code for those in the know!

    <spooky X Files music>
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  2. strikearrow

    haha, long shot, but maybe you're right.
  3. Sazukata

    Could be wrong, but I think the problem is that people log off when Hossin is up, so it doesn't get rotated in a timely manner. This should be the inverse.

    Personally, Hossin is not bad (it's certainly better than Esamir). I don't like being there on consecutive days though, same as any continent.
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  4. DirArtillerySupport

    *whisper* It's how they kill a game.

    I don't want to play either.
  5. strikearrow

    haha, Esamir is my favorite continent - except for the lattice lines being bad in one area where's it's a straight line from one warpgate to the another.

    Hossin is the least liked continent, but it's ok to play - occasionally. The number of times it's in the rotation should reflect it's unpopularity.
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  6. SmittyJensen

    One way to resolve this is to keep 2 maps open at all times (Esamir or Indar) AND (Hossin or Amerish)

    Esamir and Indar tend to play similarly as do Hossin and Amerish

    That or just make variable length alerts. For the past two evenings it has been Hossin only on Emerald. DBG rebooted the servers (during the middle of prime time, server time!) and Hossin came up as first map.. and now we're in a loop it seems, time wise.
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  7. adamts01

    I think 2 continents open is the way to go. But it has to be done right. Just as people log off for Hossin, contintents feel dead when Indar and Amerish are both open. The end feeling is the same. I swear I've seen a 1/2 stabilized continent somewhere. There was more territory around the center open, but just the outtermost lanes were closed. Also, just as warpgates can stabilize, they should slowly collapse if population isn't maintained.
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  8. strikearrow

    They destabilize on Briggs sometimes when the pop becomes too low.
  9. Twin Suns

    Hossin is my favorite.

    If you're a vehicle operator, the topography offers you the chance to show you're skills & knowledge. Let me just duck into these trees to lose those lock-ones. MBT's working their line of site and popping out to ambush. Being able to use the topography to soak up the damage. Having the foliage conceal or cover you from aircraft.
  10. gunnner10

    That's funny, I've never had to wait to get into a continent, and I'm not even a member! I play VS though, so that has helped
  11. JibbaJabba

    Hold on. Clear some stuff up for me.

    Every continent does the 5hr thing before the control alert kicks off.
    The only way things could get *stuck* on Hossin is if nobody ever gets past 41% for the alert to start.
    Now we're also saying there is a queue to get on the continent.
    We're also saying there are not fights.

    If there is a queue it's either Faction or Pop.
    If Pop then how are there no fights?
    If it's faction then how is nobody getting past 41%

    Something doesn't add up.
  12. That_One_Kane_Guy

    What they could do is start with two continents open and then keep the one with less players in the "destabilized" condition while the one with more active players gets opened up. When the "main" continent is locked, instead of opening up a new second continent the game puts everyone on the old "secondary" until it is locked. Then when both continents are locked two new continents are opened and the cycle continues. This way everyone gets some variety both in location and population, and all the continents get a bit more of a workout.

    Hossin caters much better to the flanking and ambush playstyles rather than brute force. Infiltrators and Light Assaults do very well there on the infantry side of things.
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  13. OgreMarkX


    Another night of Prime Time Hossin on Connery.

    Another queue while no large fights.

    Logged out.

    On the plus side, I've revived my interest in Team Fortress 2.

    On another plus side, at least DBG servers are up. That has become an actual feat to acknowledge these days. The new normal.
  14. SmittyJensen

    It was worse on Emerald... the server apparently rebooted during primetime and reset back to Hossin. Esamir finally opened but it was just a handful of players that showed up to fight in the middle. Game seems to really be fading these days... every time DBG shake their moneytree (with server issues or the sort), leaves fall out. One day there will be no leaves..

    Not a big surprise, that pop is low.
    On PC everyone gets disconnects.
    On ps4 you get the crashes, maybe a little less lately and the continents were stuck by Tuesday. So 8days hossin follow by 8 days esamir, followed again by hossin. Only farms, but no tech plant or just hossin, which is **** for flying.
    On ps4, ceres, there is just too little pop for two continents. Max 300 total a day. If you wanted to get people back or staying, then make more events and lock down alert instand, when someone gets the territory let it start and run two events. More iso for the looser, if you at least try to win the event. Trying the best in air event but having like 20v1 is ****, earning 25iso, even when it's a close lost, is even more **** and a reason for logging off.

    I don't need a new continent I want a game which runs stable for 90mins alert time. It's a logging off reason when you're about to get the continent, award rain, but then crashing in the last three minutes, getting no reward.
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  16. DeadlyOmen

    #1 Lying about a paid account isn't cool.

    #2 Hossin is the best map by far.
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  17. JibbaJabba

    ^---- Could the OP perhaps address my question. I'm not able to follow along here.
  18. frozen north

    Main reason for the sticky continents is the timing of alerts. Each continent is slated to last around 5-6 hours.

    So, if some continents end up being a bit sticky, it shouldn't be a surprise. The math just happens to work out that the rotation will put one continent into circulation for prime time for long stretches, before another takes over as being sticky.

    Hossin itself is not a bad continent in my book. It has some rather bland facilities, of this I will agree, but it also has some of the most diverse in game. If nothing else, just be glad we don't still have original Amerish to get stuck on.
  19. Trigga

    Where do you get info an what membership players have?
  20. OgreMarkX

    He doesn't. He's the resident SJW NPC.

    My account has been paid since June 1999 when I created it for Everquest (and soon after 3 more accounts paid which enable "boxing" in that MMO, which means operating multiple characters at once in the game--it's pretty fun to do that).

    In EQ, you can type /played in the chat box and it shows you stats of how long your acct has been active, and OUCH, how long you've played the character you are on in hours.

    It's pretty funny, awesome, and shameful at the same time to see how long you've had the account and how long you've had that character online.

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