#YESWECANISTER: Rise of the Shotguns

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Sagabyte, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. Sagabyte

    I think it's time we promoted the Canister for real and we made it a good weapon. We need a buff thread to make the developers aware that we are supporting a Canister buff/overhaul.

    To get our ideas in front of the devs, I've made a document on GOOGLEDOCS for all of us to share our thoughts on. We've got multiple trains of thought here, but only one can remain in the end. The consensus will be what we present to the devs. How we promote this is hopefully through "likes" and commentary to keep the thread alive and to generate interest from the developers.

    DOC: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Mt9fM34RcufiGcQZmja0KiW9pyPtxBT_zRUEovqmFRk/edit

    Like Milestones:
    15: Bronze Medal
    35: Silver Medal
    50: Gold Medal
    100: Auraxium Medal (A signature will be created if this milestone is hit!)

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  2. HellFox83

    All I can say is good luck cause I pretty much have given up on that weapon a long time ago.
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  3. Sagabyte

    It's an alteration thread for the Canister, I'll make that more clear.
  4. HellFox83

    Still good luck with that because weapon ideas to me aren't whats going to change the state of the gameplay significantly. Whats going to change it is when Vehicles actually have a purpose beyond just locking another faction into their base.

    I mean go ahead put your ideas to change that canister up but most likely it will be ignored since well....higby does love his shotguns.
  5. Sagabyte

    It's one small step at a time. If we try hard enough we might get SOMETHING done. Would you like the devs to continue making poor decisions?
  6. HellFox83

    I would think the devs see it in the data enough that even now the canister is a very niche weapon thats not too effective but its not a priority for them to fix. One day they MAY revamp weapons again but I highly doubt they'll listen to feedback from here as opposed to say Reddit.
  7. Ohmlink

    I'm impressed they haven't nerfed the PPA again seeing as thats all you see lately.
    I'm in favor of buffing canister, it should be effective out to 50 meters at the very least, if you're scared its gonna one shot infantry, lower the damage and give it a big magazine, it works for the PPA it should for other AI weapons.
  8. SavageBacon

    Canister not too effective? That's one way of saying it I suppose...
  9. Udnknome

    I like how the PPA 2 shots infantry, has a range of 150m and has a 50 shot mag, but the Can can only shoot 15m and have a 8 shot mag and can still only 2 shot infantry. Eventually this will get noticed and changed... every other tank weapon that can 2 shot infantry has a 1-5 shot mag w/ a 3 second reload.
  10. crusaderx11

    i love driving around my canister harasser, but havent bothered pulling it due to its limited effectiveness. it really is only good against infantry. even against other harassers i usually lose to a suaron, ppa, vulcan, or even halberd just becuase all they have to do is keep the distance gap and im dead in the water. they run if i charge and charge if i run, all the while blasting away at me safely at range. a humble damage buff would be appreciated for the canister. maybe doubling the magazine so that it functions more like a dual shotgun max. if i could spam 12-16 shots in a row i'd be more inclined to go head to head with the other factions' special harasser types
  11. Ohmlink

    PPA takes 3 shots, it was nerfed in PU2. No one used it since the Saron was serviceable to take out infantry if needed. But yea there's no reason the PPA is head and shoulders above every other ESAI option out there.
  12. Vikarius

    Just make the canister fire like the secondary mode of the Flak gun from Unreal tournament.

    Make it actually lob out a "Canister" that explodes in a cone of hot metal shrapnel when it makes contact with a surface or person. Bingo canister+shotgun
  13. Sagabyte

    What about a low-pellet HE shotgun?

    Would that make people happy?
  14. minhalexus

    The google doc doesn't work.
  15. Alarox

    The PPA is a 2HK up to 80m.

    Max Damage: 235 before 10m
    Min Damage: 167 after 150m
    Max Indirect: 300 before 1m

    That's 535 damage/shot up to 10m, 500 damage/shot up to 80m, 467 damage/shot passed 150m.
  16. lawn gnome

    i am exclusively vanu so i don't have any experience with using the canister itself, but as someone who has faced it a few times, i will suggest that we increase the clip size to 50 or larger and increase the ROF to make it comparable to the basilisk and make it a short to mid range infantry blender.
  17. Revanmug

    How many ******* ****** time will it have to be said. A "short range" AI gun is entirely pointless because you're going to get **** by said infantry. It doesn't take a genius to realise that. Does it?!

    There is a reason why the PPA is soo damn good. It's a AI gun with 50 rounds, easy to use, effective AoE and deadly at any range so long as infantry render.
  18. lawn gnome

    dude chill. ranting and filling half your text with expletives that get filtered out by the censor doesn't help anyone and doesn't convince anyone that you are right or know anything.

    grenade launchers on sunderers are short range and they work just fine. if you are at range and you see infantry then fire a cannon shot, it only takes one if you are accurate. if it is on a harasser then you simply drive up to them. ALSO if they are at range and using rockets then all you have to do is back up for a half second into cover, i do it all the time with my skyguard, lock ons, dumbfires, guided, rocks stop em all and rockets are SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.
  19. EGuardian1


    Mostly because mounting a ridiculously large SHOTGUN to ANYTHING is awesome in and of itself.

    I still want my 150MM Titan Shotgun Cannon.
  20. Revanmug

    See signature. See http://stats.dasanfall.com/ps2/player/Revanmug for my info on my experience with current vehicle Seconday weapon. 2nd world with the Modified Enforcer H. Currently doing the Walker and I'm already 13th world with a lolzy 161 kills and I don't think I have 1h of use yet. I won't even bring my Fury stats as they are hilarious.

    The reality is that I have more experience than you with the secondary and with the platform.

    Their damage doesn't change depending of distance. It's a AoE with a flat direct impact damage. The fact that see them as "short range only" pretty much show how clueless you are.

    Outside of the Viper, all tank direct hit are OHK a whatever the range but... why are you bring tank main gun here? We are talking secondary.

    -2 deci will leave a normal harasser burning with 4-5 sec of life. With Composite 4, you'll still be burning with slightly more health. fairly easy to finish up with any gun.

    2 default launcher will leave a normal harasser burning with enough time left in it to possibly leave and survive with fire suppression. With Composite 4, you'll be just over the burning state.

    The reality is that "drive up to them" is asking to be instantly kill in any battle with a slight amount of infantry. I'm not even going to bother bringing C4 in the discussion.
    I'm not even mentioning the possibility of other vehicle in the area.

    That range is outside the current Modified enforcer range. How do I know?

    Because unlike you, I used it for over 1300 kills.