Yesterday I got 570+ kills without dying. 1 man to farm them all #PSWorldRecord

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  1. Haquim

    Am I to assume that you simply have no idea what I was referring to, and instead of using google to find out you simply decided that I must be kinda ******** and tried to riddicule me?
  2. ATRA_Wampa-One

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  3. Haemoglobin

    I dodge tank buster because I'm the lib whisperer.

    Libs are actually really audible in third person and you can usually hear them from a good distance away. It needs reasonably good headphones and a good ear for it but you can tell if something is sneaking up on you.

    If someone is coming straight towards me I then have to make a decision on whether to pass head on or try and keep my belly gun on target, if I'm going belly out I'll after burn as soon as I hear his gun start or as soon as I start to panic, that keeps my movement fast enough that I can usually dodge most of the damage unless I've been really caught.

    When I'm letting my gunner hit ground targets I will rarely or never go to a complete stop - I can be dumbfired by anything in the game at that point, even if I'm circling slowly I will still be moving which means if I get jumped by something I don't have to wait for my acceleration to kick in, I'm already moving which gives me a chance.

    People are getting lazy with regards to AA, they just don't want to put the effort in because "someone else will deal with it". That means it's much easier to keep in an area doing a lot of damage.

    In this case it was Stealth, Afterburner and High-G. I normally run NAR but I wasn't pulling the libs for this run.
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  4. LegioX

    look at me I'm super awesome!!!! and came here to make a thread bragging about my accomplishments. I feel so insecure, that I had to create this thread to reassure myself of my super awesomeness. After creating my thread I knew some people would downgrade my accomplishments and superior skill in my cert farming machine, that I had to again show my dominance over the player base, by defending my actions. LOOK AT ME GUYS!!!!!!
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  5. Hosp

    My 2 cents:

    While it's certainly an achievement that deserves a *slowclap*, I'm at the point in my life where achievements like that mean nothing.

    I log on, sacrifice as many enemies as possible to Zotz for a couple hours, ensure outfit stuff is running smoothly and get on with life afterward. Doesn't mean I'm not working to improve myself, but 10 hours of anything becomes masochistic and counter-productive, even if just shooting for 1 achievement.
  6. FnkyTwn

    Oh geez. You mad bro? Nobody was ridiculing you.

    I understand some of the differences between Finland and Sweden, and "Scandinavian" vs "Nordic", but you should understand that the Swedish Chef is a beloved cultural icon here in America, and you should probably also know that American's aren't well versed in Finnish war heros, like you're not in ours.

    BORK BORK BORK - See, I speak Swedish too, so everything should be cleared up now.

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  7. z1967

    Well ****, that's why I can't hear them while skyguarding. Very rarely are Skyguard users in third person...

    For most vehicles, hearing outside sounds at a similar volume while in first person doesn't seem like too bad an idea.
  8. Hoki

    All xp should be split in vehicles, plain and simple. Increase xp gain accordingly.
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  9. battlegoose

    For the people saying they have "skilled" air support, please go fly on the Emerald VS. At any given time there are maybe 8 Scythes on the main continent. Of those maybe 2 are above BR 50 and have enough experience to fight back.

    At the same time, there will be around 30-40 Mossies on the same continent and another 25-35 Reavers. These guys fly in groups in 5-10, sit outside the VS warp gate (did it again last night on Emerald, as usual), and gang **** anyone that comes out. They have full squads of people doing nothing but fighting 5 on 1 fights.

    It's not exactly what I'd call "skilled" people. This is pretty standard type of behavior from the outfits on TR and NC Emerald. They just farm instead of helping their faction with some meaningful action. It's why the Emerald VS have had had the number one score in nearly ever Pre-WDS week (since they adjusted the algorithms to account for populations). It's not because we are the best, it's because we don't sit in a vehicle like a hobo and farm brand new people day in and day out.

    Trust me, I've killed a number of these people too, they don't run engy, they run bailassault and RARELY take a death as they just jump out and redeploy while their gang members come and 4v1 you. They're little more than bullies with no real infantry skill.
  10. battlegoose

    I'll also note, that they RARELY go sit outside the TR warp gate because there are usually enough Mossies and AA there to actually put up a fight.
  11. Omarmh

    Awesome Streak guys!

    Nice to see you back in full force Ironfist!
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  12. battlegoose

    One last note, WillTerry shouldn't speak at all. I've seen him go on the Emerald VS, pull a Scythe and do nothing but fly around TK'ing every other Scythe he sees. He has a handful of hours on his VS toon but over 20 days on his TR toon and over 35 days on his NC toon.

    Like I said, these people aren't sky knights, they're bullies, picking on the people who can't fight back.
  13. Mooveoverbrt

    I'm constantly switching between 3rd and 1st moving around, so much so that my middle mouse button is my key to switch. You'd be surprised how helpful it is in hearing ANY vehicles around you.
  14. OminousZ

    in a Lib.?!? Oh come on dude. And you're proud of that?
  15. Silkensmooth

    If you did that as a bail assault it doesnt count.

    If you did it as an engineer then it is extremely impressive.

    To all of the people saying that libs are EZ mode farming, you should go try it.

    Most times you die without killing anything.
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  16. 60rockstar

    I bet your parents are proud!
  17. Jachim

    I guess this proves that the air game is fair and balanced and doesn't need any looking at all SOE. Move along!

    "KDR doesn't matter guys."
  18. battlegoose

    It is if you're farming Emerald VS, they don't fight back (not an exaggeration either).
  19. Jake the Dog

    "High Altitude" being relative to the fact that anything above 50m is "High altitude" due to the fact that nothing can touch me in this aircraft infantry wise is:
    A. Lock-ons (which not every scrub in this game has)
    B Dual-bursters (which not every scrub in this game has)
    Or vehicle wise:
    A. Tank which is easily dodged unless you're an idiot or the tankers a great shot.
    B. Skyguard (which not every scrub in this game has)

    I'd also like to point out that the only one that is most affective at killing you is the tank which actually cannot effectively kill you...

    I'd also point out that the dedicated AA have more time on their TTK than your TTK of them.

    The only one that is "ineffectively effective" at killing you can be instagibbed from the rear in about .5s, and even if not all the shots land a good lib pilot will put the dalton/shredder at which point your tank is F*****.

    I've seen solo lib "Ace" pilots, they dont stay in one place, they don't help they're team and their more of a nuisance to everyone ingame (friend or foe) than anything.

    So tell me how good you are in the most effective platform in the game. On the least populated/liked continent in-game.

    Now if you get a 50+ infantry kill streak now that's something to be proud of. Tanks I'd say 50-100 Killstreak is an amazing killstreak. AA ESF killstreaks are pretty awesome. Lib killstreaks meh. This games only fun if your opponent can fight back.
  20. Fortress

    Y'all are getting way too worked up over this.
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