Yesterday I got 570+ kills without dying. 1 man to farm them all #PSWorldRecord

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by IronfistNC, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. Haemoglobin

    Ding! Wrong

    We were never at the flight ceiling, especially on Hossin where we got approximately 1/2 of the kills. On Hossin we were under the trees and going slowly enough to get dumb fired a few times. Not enough people fired back.
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  2. LegioX

    You do realize it takes quite a few dumb fires to kill a lib right? That's the problem with this game, there are no physics, just hit points. You try the crap your talking about on some game engine where you take a rocket in the cockpit you instantly die, or somewhere on the fuselage and you lose control of vehicle. Must me nice to just fly low and take direct rocket damage, all the while laughing to the cert bank.
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  3. nukularZ

    I think the liberator is a vehicle SOE could just outright remove and almost nobody would care. They serve absolutely no purpose in this game other than to farm. This game would honestly be better without them. No other teamwork based vehicle can come close to what the lib can do on a pretty regular basis. I'm all for teamwork, but libs are just overboard. It's not like you can run around with a battle bus or harasser and get 500 kills in even 5-10 times the amount of time it would take in a lib.
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  4. Inex

    You should know better than that Jake! Thermals don't work from that high up. How are you supposed to farm the peasants if they aren't highlighted for you?
    But seriously, you're surprised that Forumside doesn't care about your Lib farming? Try reddit. I hear they still care about MLG Lib montages.
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  5. Mooveoverbrt

    Congrats Ironfist!! The cert farm was real! :)
  6. Taemien

    Grats on the achievement.

    For the rest of you acting salty over this. Get over yourselves. Get back in game and go back to zerging, peeps need stuff to farm.
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  7. Kalivix

    The saddest thing is even something like this wont convince SOE to nerfs libs probably, I wonder if somebody needs to hit 1000 kills without a death before something is OP...
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  8. Xasapis

    It won't convince because the vast majority of Liberators are merely free certs pinatas flying around. The ESFs are much more devastating and productive on the battlefield than the Liberators have been for more than the past year.

    Point in case, I just checked the average usage of Liberators and ESFs for VS alone:
    • About 300 Liberators used
    • About 2500 ESFs used
    • About 2500 Magriders used
    • About 4600 Lightnings used
  9. Get2dachoppa

    Saw thread title. Initial suspicion was "Let me guess, he was in an aircraft...."

    Read OP, suspicion confirmed.
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  10. battlegoose

    I saw them last night. They had 2 Reavers camping outside the VS warpgate during the Alert (on Indar) and just farmed all the low levels coming out, trying to get to a fight. The NC air was flying around unopposed because the VS were on the ground playing the alert.

    Guess who lost the alert with the least territory? That's right, the NC! (around 28%)

    Guess who had the most territory going into the second half of the alert? That's right, the NC! (over 40% to boot)

    The reason the VS win the most alerts on Emerald is because the VS play Planetside to win territory while the TR and NC play to farm/statpad. I whined to one of the NC statpadders and he says, "See I'm helping my faction by killing the people with PPA's." I told him, "You're lying to yourself because you'd STILL be statpadding even if they removed EVERY G2A air weapon in the game." He says, "...well yeah I would keep farming in my Reaver but until then I think of it as helping."

    The VS don't win because we're better, it's because we go stand on points and take territories. We don't live in our vehicles and statpad to stroke our e-peens. They don't contribute at all to the fight and only live to harass anyone trying to get to a fight (and are subsequently forced to use chain redeploys to get to a fight, because the devs are dumb and lazy).

    P.S. This pilot had 103 days of playtime and yet only had 300 base caps, and about 1200 base defends. That comes out to about 1 base cap defend every 2 hours and a base cap every 8 hours. Out of his 52,000 kills, he has less than 10% of them on the ground. These kinds of numbers are pretty standard for the TR and NC vehicle statpadders.
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  11. battlegoose

    The NC and TR would win a lot more alerts if they weren't full of stadpadders who contribute nothing to the game.
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  12. IronfistNC

    So because we don't play the game exactly how you like and play we are useless?

    I think you may have this whole online gaming thing wrong.

    Get down off your horse. Thanks
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  13. nightbird

    The infantry draw distance increase was a huge buff for liberators. Before you couldn't see infantry unless you're inside lock-on range and deep inside flak bubbles, but now you can absolutely destroy infantry from 800 meters away when you are a dot in the sky and it takes 25 AA sources to actually kill you. I wonder if more people will fly as a result of this, since the saying "only air can kill air" is more true now than ever and libs can actually serve a role in heavy fights by bombing from flight ceiling.
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  14. [NNG]WillTerry

    "Hey guys while you were having fun, there was an alert. Just thought I would let you know, oh you are having fun? Ok Ill just hang out this meat grinder, cheerio"
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  15. Cyrek

    For a second I though he had lost 570 pounds.
  16. _itg

    Of course, by that logic, lightnings are the most OP vehicle in the game. Liberators are plenty powerful, but anything that requires an experienced crew to be effective (and preferably one which has voice coordination and flies together a lot) is obviously going to be less popular.
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  17. battlegoose

    The VS aren't the ones whining like babies that they're losing alerts. It's YOUR faction that is complaining because YOU don't want to help.

    I could make 300 alts using VPS servers then sit in the game taking up plenty of useful spots just so a faction could lose. Wouldn't be productive at all but just because I'm not playing the game the way YOU want to, isn't my problem.

    See what I did there?
  18. Waratorium

    My experience has been that A2G pilots are rarely unopposed. A single heavy with a lock-on can ensure that a rocket pod ESF has to fly away from the base after each run to dodge the lock or repair, causing frequent interruptions to the farm.

    A pair of heavies with lock-ons, or a burster max can pretty reliably kill ESFs, or at least force the ESF to break off his attack and go somewhere else.

    An A2G ESF is also extremely vulnerable to A2A ESFs (Banshee/PPA/AH ESF will usually die against ESFs with proper A2A noseguns, rocket pod ESF will usually die to Lock-On ESF, etc).

    With liberators, I often kill them with my A2A ESF, and I have seen a fair few get shot out of the sky by tank shells, or rammed out of the sky by cancer galaxies.

    Also, many times when doing A2G in my reaver I have had to contend with face-melting amounts of flak that will instagib me if I so much as wiggle my rocket pods in their general direction.

    If you are frequently seeing people A2G unopposed on your server then I would say that the problem is with the players on your server being too lazy to defend themselves, not with the balance of aircraft in the game.

    If any aircraft needs rebalancing its probably the valkyrie and the galaxy- the valkyrie is incredibly weak and has to sacrifice the survivability upgrades it needs for its squad spawn system (which should be a passive option), and the galaxy is capable of essentially dominating the airspace completely if used correctly.

    ESFs and Libs are fine as they are- they take skill to use well and can be deterred or killed if you put up a decent resistance with the correct weapons.
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  19. Xasapis

    I just added the other vehicles to give a measure of size and to show basically the obvious, that the land vehicles are generally more popular, because for most people are also more effective.

    Funnily enough, the NC are quite infamous about that. Ie, sticking to a Bio farm, while the continent crumbles around them. So yea, it happens and frequently. And not only by NC, obviously.
  20. [NNG]WillTerry

    I think if you like playing alerts, go ahead. But it is a bit far reaching to think everyone wants to play them with you out of some psuedo internet "same team" comradery. Id rather fly somewhere else that isnt a giant fight.
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