"Yes, ammo packs are supposed to refill underbarrel grenade launchers" - Margaret Krohn - SOE Dev

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by bluEyedillusions, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. bluEyedillusions

    I just asked her on her stream, and she confirmed that they ARE supposed to refill the grenade launcher and that being UNABLE to is a glitch.

    She also clarified it (the glitch) happens when you drop an ammo pack while having the grenade launcher out. So make sure you drop an ammo pack while your have your main gun equipped -- NOT the grenade launcher.

    You're welcome :)

    Her stream is here:

    She's off duty right now though, trying to enjoy the game, so don't spam her too much with questions... be considerate.
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  2. Being@RT

    So they actually already know what causes it? I think it's time for a patch, if not quite a hotfix priority one. And don't wait for the Big January Patch either. Small patches frequently > big patches rarely.
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  3. Magriders for life

  4. bluEyedillusions

    She said in stream, and I quote:

    "Oh I thought we fixed that already... I guess it just hasn't been pushed to your guys' live build yet."

    It's coming.
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  5. Nacasatu

    Wow, she's one hot babe !

    ...moves to connery and engages stalking mode...


  6. bluEyedillusions

    She's pretty awesome. She's one of the people responsible for infantry ideas; balancing, new weapons, etc. In her off time she streams various games (she's a PC-only gamer). Right now, she just happens to be steaming Planetside 2.

    She co-hosts Friday Night Ops for Planetside 2 every Friday night. You should check those out.
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  7. Kevorkian

    Checked her twitchtv, saw her playing VS, immediately logged off.
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  8. Phrygen

    So... of the many, many bugs and unintentional nerfs since release, the one that was actually helping balance.. is being fixed?

    Color me unimpressed.
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  9. Nacasatu

    ...and I was right, I prefer to play with the Flare as VS Heavy Assault and it's what she prefers too - so now I know it has some hidden stats if a dev prefers to use it too :)

    I like her hair.

    I bet she smells nice too.
  10. Kevorkian

    Not creepy at all....

    • smellofbenji: Margaret, there's a post on the forums about you. Some guy says he likes your hair and you smell nice. I bet he's weird.

    And the dev just said you're creepy.
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  11. bluEyedillusions

    The way she said it, it sounded like the "Jesus patch" scheduled to come out this month contained that fix; but that's only one of the MANY fixes that'll be in it.
  12. Sabreur

    Once again, the ignorant masses are blind to the light of the Vanu. Is it any wonder we must resort to crude violence to spread their glory?
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  13. Nacasatu

    hehe that was me saying that on her Twitch chat :p

    I'm Irish, we're all weird.
  14. D0n

    Which might explain why both VS and TR guns are so oped, Margaret and the main lead dev who is TR, the latin guy.
  15. I Keel You!

    this game has some weird balance mechanics.

    Hand thrown grenades = 45 resource points.
    Grenade Launcher ammo? = free through engineers' ammo box

    Missile launcher ammo which could easily 1-hit kill other infantry targets = same issue.
  16. Nacasatu

    Antonio Banderas ?
  17. D0n

    I think it's Ricky Martin.
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  18. bluEyedillusions

    I don't think it's as black and white as that. I doubt they honestly let what factions they play govern their balance decisions.

    If that were the case, the TR would have only muscles and knives.
  19. Nacasatu

    Ricky Martin it is then.
  20. D0n

    Please... it's obvious they are in cahoots.

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