[Suggestion] Yearly reminder: members 48 passive cert cap sucks!

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  1. Liewec123

    I seem to post this each year (not sure it's ever been read, official forms ya know!),
    but here we go again!

    For those who don't know, one of the membership perks is that you passively gain certs.
    2 certs per hour (48 per day.)

    However! Some genius back in the SoE days decided to needlessly add a 48 cert cap to this perk,
    So in order to get the thing that you've paid for, you must log in to every character, every day.

    For me this needless jumping through hoops takes about 4 minutes.
    4 minutes each and every day...log in, log out, log in, log out...why make us do this?!
    If you do the math then it means that if I purchase a year sub of planetside 2 then I will
    LOSE AN ENTIRE DAY OF MY LIFE, 24 hours per year logging in and out of PS2...
    All to get what I've paid for.

    1 month sub: convert 2 hours of your life into certs.
    3 month sub: convert 6 hours of your life into certs.
    6 month sub: convert 12 hours of your life into certs.
    12 month sub: convert 24 hours of your life into certs.

    wouldn't quite look too good on the subscription page would it?
    i can see why you write "passive cert gain" instead.

    There is absolutely no need for this cap, and whenever I think about subbing again
    I remember this cap and it's a massive NOPE.
    Why would I pay to add a daily chore to my life?

    The worthiness of the other perks for 9.99 a month is debatable,
    But this cert cap is absolutely DETRIMENTAL, for you and me, it encourages me not to sub.
    Whatever perks being a member might bring, this unneccesarry daily chore outweighs them.

    I'm always happy when my sub ends and I realise I don't need to jump through hoops today.

    So please DBG, get that cert cap GONE!
    It will benefit us ,no more losing a day of our lives each year, no more annoying daily chore.
    And it will benefit YOU, removing the biggest reason not to sub can only mean more subs!
    And we aren't gaining anything we wouldn't already have, it's just removing wasted time.

    So yeah, you make more money, we get QoL, and I imagine it is a rather easy change to make,
    Win, Win, WIN.
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  2. Johannes Kaiser

    I log into all my installed games that have a login bonus every day. Call it my "daily logthrough". Sure, takes a few minutes (mostly loading times and stuff), but technically that can be done before breakfast, after getting home (games with long loading screens like ESO just beg you to take a toilet break), or any other time.
    Sure, could be raised, but is's not really the main issue. :)
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  3. Liewec123

    but its so much time wasted, and another daily chore.

    if they removed it WE win because we no longer need to do it,
    and THEY win because it makes subscribing massively more appealing!
    so if everyone wins, why is it still a thing? its detrimental to everyone, company and consumer.

    the only hidden thing is for people running through steam it shows daily users,
    so it could be a means to artificially crop that up to make it look like more people have played each day.

    but i'd think it would be better to actually make money by making subscription more appealing
    than using daily logins to look more popular than they are.
  4. Jokkry

    Honestly is the main reason why I canceled my sub.
    Someday I can't or don't want to log in and looks like I'm loosing money.

    I don't want to be forced to log in to get something for what I'm paying.

    Even if requires 10 seconds per day, that in my case having slow PC and 3 char, it's much more.
  5. Yavimaya

    I wonder if there's a service or a bot or something to log into all those games that dont respect your time.
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  6. Johannes Kaiser

    Reason for it is probably that the logthroughs increase their players per day.
  7. PlanetBound

    48 certs isn't given all at once most of the time. So you generally need to log out and in multiple times to get the 48 for one character. To give perspective to your chart, you would want to also figure in how many months it would take to make use of the passive certs.
  8. entity009

    What i hate is having to "claim" the 500 cash that is part of my subscription. If i take a break for a month but decide to keep supporting the game i get the ole middle finger from PS2. If we pay for it and you list it as a feature of the sub then stop making us claim it or lose it every month.
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  9. Liewec123

    yeah, you'd think they'd want to encourage you to support them, but they force you to do things to get what you paid for...
    its such weird marketting.

    what is so hard about autogranting the 500 DBC and removing the 48 cert cap?
    we'd be able to play when we want and not be forced to jump through hoops!