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  1. yellowbus


    You are looking for an outfit, Terran? We still got room in the Yellow Bus!


    [IMG] Outfit History

    The Miller TR outfit Yellow Bus or simply YBuS was founded by members of the old TR Woodman outfit Elementary Beginnings 'ELME'. We wanted to seperate us from a fairly large outfit - ELME had over 1000 memebers and was running public platoons daily - to focus more on things we enjoy in Planetside 2 and small scale tactical play. We are an international outfit.


    [IMG] What do we offer?
    • Active teamspeak server for communication
    • Nice community, some of us are playing together for 2+ years
    • Fun, fun and more fun, we won't force you to sit in a ghost cap or camp a spawnroom waiting for the base capture
    • We have a lot of experienced players who will happily share their experience with you - be it infantry players, pilots or tankers
    • Weekly tactical ops events (saturday/sunday evenings)

    [IMG] Weekly OPs

    Our outfit is based on friendship and our play style is very versatile, from laid-back infantry squad play to small scale special ops. We don't provide regular training, but we do weekly tactical ops.
    • Vehicule ops (Saturday 19:00BST / 20:00 CET)
    • Infantry ops (Sunday 19:00 BST / 20:00 CET)
    Recently, we decided, together along with [CLUB], to run a combined OPs on Sunday.
    We usually have around 2-3 squad of YBuS/CLUB members participating in weekly ops. During 1:30-2 hours, we are trying to have a real impact in the battlefield. We welcome everyone willing to join us during these OPs. Feel free to come on our Teamspeak (ts.ybus.eu) and ask for a squad invite.


    [IMG] Requirements
    • TeamSpeak 3 (freeware), address: or ts.ybus.eu
    • A working microphone would be nice for basic communication during OP’s and squads
    • We have a lot of members with different native tongues, don't be afraid
    • We are a mature outfit; you need to be 16+ to join
    • We are an active outfit; we'd like you to be active and play with us (In-Game and on Teamspeak)
    • We do not have any minimum Battle Rank or Kill/Death Ratio requirements (as long as you're mature, implicated, fun to play with, and have a great sense of humor)

    [IMG] Fourth Factioning

    • Since most of us are maining TR, if you want to play NC or VS on Miller, please, either change channel or leave TeamSpeak (unless people are fine with you staying).
    [IMG] How can i join?
    • If you fit our requirements and you want to join us, simply come to our Teamspeak server and play with us for a while to see if you like it!
    • Address: or ts.ybus.eu
    • Please do not send us applications ingame, they will most likely be declined

    [IMG] Additional info
    • you can find all relevant info here
    • and more OPs videos here
    • Our leaders if you need to contact them : Alvahryn, Lucky1TR, Mentis2k6, (AlongStory : currently taking a break from the game)
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  2. ValorousBob

    Hmmmmm my TR character on Miller needs a home, but one of your last bullet points suggests you don't allow alts? How often do I have to play my TR to be in YBus?
  3. yellowbus

    Hey ScienceBob,

    We do accept people playing other factions (even if it's on Miller) but only if they main TR on Miller. It means that they need to play TR more than the other factions. When they play VS or NC, they also need either to swich channel on TS, or disconnect from TS completely.

    Anyway, you are very welcome to play with us whenever you're on your TR char, just join our TS and ask for a squad invite.

  4. funkykovalPL

    Great friends and brothers in arms. Always a pleasure to play with them during weekly ops! :)
  5. yellowbus

    Big modification in our rules :

    We now tolerate 4th factioning and do accept players coming from Miller NC or VS as long as they fit our requirements.
    Some of our members started playing NC or VS as well.
  6. Razeroth

    Can confirm many buses on Miller.
  7. yellowbus

    If you believe in the Illuminati conspiracy theory or if you are one of them, then you should join YBuS !!

  8. matt90

    Hey YBuS guys!

    I'm am really interested to join you'r outift, but i'm french, yes, i know it's not really a problém, but i"m not perfect at all to talk in english, i can understand 50% normal conversation and maybe 70% conversation of "fights"? =)

    I'm TR, only TR( i tried others factions, but i prefer widely TR) level 60 actually, play more with my prowler for auraxium! And i love playing infantry, but i'm always the target of HA, i'm need to Up my Ha for rival)..
    Ah yes...and i love the TSAR 42 <3...

    22 years Old! Ts ok! Mic ok!

    Np if you dont need a noob in english! ;) i'm just try! ;)
  9. Alvahryn

    Bonsoir !

    You're welcome to join us on our TS ( whenever you're online. There is almost always someone there, just ask for a squad invite. If you need more information, just /pm me ingame or here (Alvahryn is my TR char).

    Your english is not an issue, you'll improve by talking it :) For the story, i'm french and 2,5 years ago, i was kind afraid of talking english ... but it became easier day by day and now my outfit mates tell me that i speak too much :)

    If you love the TSAR, you'll like Mentis, he's got 37 000 kills with it ^^ I'm pretty sure he can also give you some advice for your HA gameplay.

    So basically, just jump on our TS when you have time and just ask for a squad invite !
  10. matt90


    Ok, thanks for your answer! I'am glad to learn that!

    I"m come on the Ts as soon as possible! ;)

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