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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by SpectreGhostWTR, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. SpectreGhostWTR


    thread outdated - new thread is here

    :eek: You are looking for an outfit, Terran? We still got room in the Yellow Bus! :eek:

    :cool: Outfit History

    The Miller TR outfit Yellow Bus or simply YBuS was founded by members of the old Woodman outfit Elementary Beginnings 'ELME'.
    We wanted to seperate us from a fairly large outfit - ELME had over 1000 memebers and was running public platoons daily - to focus more on things we enjoy in Planetside 2 and small scale tactical play.
    We are an international outfit.

    :) What do we offer?
    • active teamspeak server for communication
    • nice community, some of us are playing together for 2+ years
    • fun, fun and more fun, we won't force you to sit in a ghost cap or camp a spawnroom waiting for the base capture
    • we have a lot of experienced players who will happily share their experience with you - be it infantry players, pilots or tankers
    • weekly tactical ops event
    :mad: Requirements
    • TeamSpeak 3 (freeware)
    • working mic would be nice
    • be active and play with us
    o_O How can i join?
    • To join us, simply come to our Teamspeak server and play with us for a while to see if you like it!
    • address: or ts.ybus.eu
    • please do not send us applications ingame, they will most likely be declined
    o_O Additional info

    thread outdated - new thread is here
  2. Oddzz

  3. JOups

    Nice Alert yesterday.
    if only a few start to talk in command, we still got the power to kick some *****
  4. Ness_54_FR

    Great outfit ,numerous of very cool people .I'm glad to have them on Miller.
  5. Oddzz

    Thanks guys! Feel free to join our teamspeak (ts.ybus.eu) and ask for an invite if you like to play with us. Most of the time we don't run public platoons and just have some fun in our teamspeak squads.
  6. Alzir

    Why are you recruiting?
  7. SpectreGhostWTR

    we'are a rather small teamspeak only outfit, so we want to add some new faces to the bus.
  8. DokterMichael

    Have a late good luck(and a free bump ;) )

    Good day bus people. Sending good hope to ALongStory. Stay strong.
  10. Oddzz

    The outfit recruiting text was updated if you like to learn more about YBuS.
    If you like to play with us just hop on our teamspeak server and ask for a squad invite: ts.ybus.eu - EVERYBODY is welcome!
  11. Oddzz

    Just a little update as we in YBuS doing OPs now twice a week.
    • Tank OPs - Every Saturday, 19:00 BST/20:00 CET
    • Infantry OPs - Every Sunday, 19:00 BST/20:00 CET
    If you like to join then just get on our Teamspeak: ts.ybus.eu and ask for a squad invite. Everybody is welcome!
    To get an idea of what we are doing in OPs check out this Youtube channel:

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