Yay, another update delayed!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by HerbertKnivez, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. VelcroPudding

    There is a difference between lying and delaying.

    This was not a lie, they had a schedule, they just decided not to adhere to it to prevent game breaking issues.

    That is called forward thinking. And why are you crying so much over it anyways? It's not like you lost anything by the delay.
  2. Yosarian

    lol honestly I don't care about the delay, a few days really doesn't bother me...the thing that bothers me is the same thing 90% of people seem to be mad about, the lack of organization...if you've been coding a build for almost 2 months you know more than a week out if it looks like you're going to meet your deadline, letting us get to the point of "day before patch" excitement before telling us is just kind of...disrespectful. It's the lack of communication, case in point the lack of FULL patch notes...I had to bang my head against the wall for weeks trying to figure out what was wrong with my underbarrel nades, only to figure out (through testing myself) that they had installed a timer fuse so it couldn't be used at close range....not only would 1 small note like "underbarrel nades now havea timer, won't work within 5m" have saved me a couple weeks of frustrating gameplay, it would have allowed me to adapt my tactics to a nerf that might have a good reason.
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  3. Skadi

    I made no ingratefull statement, I asked what's the point of putting dates on a, as you put it, tight schedule, if you know there's a likely hood of a delay, there creating the issues in this thread themselves by putting tight deadlines.
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  4. Suroped

    Shh guys, keep it down. If you talk too much about lies you might summon Todd CHIM Howard in this thread. And he will look you right into eyes with his poker face smile promising you could climb any mountain on new continent. Or you could even summon THE KING himself!!!
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  5. cassan0va

    Dates on the roadmap are just estimates when they want to have it in there, when they hope to have it in, when they are planning on having it in.

    Just because things are on the roadmap it doesnt mean its gonna happen then, as they mentioned all is subject of change and alot of it are just suggestions we can vote on.

    Most of the times the dates are not there for us as consumers, its for the people who pay their bills.
  6. BenYeeHua

    And yes, it is possible in the other world, but not this world.:D
    Yup, everytime after I put the ammo, I need to remember how long I need to wait before I change to another weapon/tool so it don't change back to the primary weapon automatic...
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  7. Tungsten

    Hey im trying not to get into the actual point of this thread seeing the direction its heading but i just thought id point out to those people that have never seen a bell curve of the average iq that you've been watching to much big bang theory.
  8. Yosarian

    Never watched an episode of that...made it about 5 min in before I realized it was a tasteless attempt to appeal to "nerds" as if we were a homogeneous easy to pander to demographic that wouldn't see it for what it was. Just been a fan of Einstein since I did a book report on him in 3rd grade and been studying him and his intellectual descendant's work (Hawking is pretty good but Einstein was better imo) ever since. IQ scores are subjective, but I'd still rather be the smartest kid in the special ed room XD
  9. Believer

    I think it is critically important to distinguish the development team from the executives. I think its safe to assume that devs want only to make us all happy, while the executives want only to make money. I think that a fair obtuse perspective incorporates consideration of the state-of-the-art nature of this particular venture, and should reveal that the executives are submitting to the will of the devs in an exceptional manner.

    This is a MAJOR patch, and surely they were aware of the blow back that would occur if delayed, yet they delayed. I fully support this decision in the spirit of bring us closer to perfection. Many very savvy folk posting here would agree when I say that this patch is in the make-or-break class of updates.
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  10. Alexander Angelos

    Things happen mate. Unforseen consiquences
  11. Yosarian

    I agree, ***NOTE*** Devs, I know you're working hard and I know I'm hard on you and no doubt so are your bosses. So do us and you a favor, explain it to them in numbers.... if you piss off X people you lose X money. Also, don't be afraid to tell your boss that the admin team needs to be working as hard as the code monkeys to keep the community updated with accurate info so they don't make the coders look inept. It's hard to tell a bug from a change if we aren't told about the change. Maybe you guys need a liaison from the coders to the admin/PR team to explain stuff to them so they can make accurate notes? People are mad, and we're not mad at the coders we're mad at admin and the executives for not allowing them the time and tools they need to give us the game we want and paid for.
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  12. Tungsten

    Yep the show is just like any other sitcom but i get peeved when people try to say they are someone people respect or would be impressed with just for internet points. To put this in perspective the iq scores you talking about make the chances of getting struck by lightning look beyond trivial.
  13. Yosarian

    Read up, I was defending my "relative" intelligence not touting it. It was an answer not a statement.
  14. TJ Reaper

    This statement, and anyone else complaining about a small delay in the patch: Go play another game, and let the people who care, play lol. I want this I want that I want I want I want!

    Listen if you think you can do a better job then what everyone on the PS2 team is doing then BUILD A GAME BETTER! Or just shut up, and be a good little gamer and wait.

    No Matter what time frame they had ORIGINALLY put, doesn't mean things going to work right off the bat. I would much rather hear that there is a few touch ups they are working on then having them release something that ended up needing to be fixed anyways. If it was just implemented, and you discovered *OH I CAN WALK THROUGH A WALL IN THE TUNNELS!* you'd be the FIRST to either A: Exploit this, or B: Complain about it.

    To the ones actually working on the game, and the people that are helping the PS2 team, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Looking forward to the finished product!
  15. Suroped

    I would be like this
  16. Lancener

    How about we get a delayed update that fixes more than it breaks, rather than a rushed update that doubles the amount of bugs and lag.
  17. Talizzar

    7 pages of this? Wow.

    If they didn't put up a "TARGET" date we would have four hundred threads asking when the next patch will be out.

    Chill peeps chill.
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  18. Yosarian

    I think another major issue is them hyping this patch in the first place, if we just got a small patch every other day with 1 or 2 bug fixes and accurate notes I think no one would be complaining.
  19. Yosarian

    That would be super, but if you've been playing this game since early beta you'd know that that's not going to happen anyway, no matter how many extra days they take they won't find all the things wrong with the build until they release it and the hordes have at it.
  20. Saruman

    Can't believe all these people complaining about something they have no idea about. I am a games programmer myself and I tell you this: Predicting target dates for software (especially games) is one of the hardest things any company or person can do. There are so many things that can go wrong and they will, eventually delaying the product. Cut them some slack. Would you rather this patch be faulty and then have to wait for yet ANOTHER patch to fix it or would it not be better to wait just a few days so they can nail it down and get it right. Patience.

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