XP rate for kill to low

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  1. faregoth

    Now before i get into the meat of what i am trying to say. Please dont post stuff like, "Get better", or "You suck", or "Your lazy", or other dumb posts that help no one.

    Now for the meat. Before patch i was getting 200xp per kill. I thought that was a perfect balance per kill ratio. After patch the new tier system screw it all up. With a base of 100xp cross scale, its just way to low. The game has become a grind, and it really is turning a game into a pay to win issue. People that are willing to pay 7.00 dollars to get a 1000 cert object, become to powerful. If i had my way weapons should not be able to be bought at all in the item shop. People play the game free to play are on a massive disadvantage. An example are the rocket pods for the reavers, etc. Most people buy those and have a huge advantage to those people who wont pay.

    For statics at the current rate i am going at it would take me about 100 days to get 1000 certs. I follow the zerg, i play about 2 hours or so a day. I average about 30-40 kills per session, which a rounds to about 15-20 certs. Which is completely horrible. Now that just on kill, if you factor in everything 20-25 certs maybe 30 if im lucky. Now the 100 days is just on kills and does not factor in everything. Before patch one session i was getting 80-90 certs or so with everything factored in, about double. Now these are not actual stats. but approximations. Which at the rate i was going at i could get a good weapon in about 2 weeks maybe. Which i feel is a really good rate. I am not hardcore, and the majority of the playerbase is not.

    For opposing arguments people could say that "SOE" is not going to make money. Will thats not true, saying that means before "SOE" made no money at all before, which is a complete lie. The next argument people could say is to just play more. I have a life, i cant play this game 24 hours a day, i have school, sports, and family. They come before, and i feel thats the majority of the play base. Another thing people could say is to just leave the game. Well i am not going to. I love this game, and i personally think that a xp bonus would be good for longevity of the game. The final thing people could say is that well you become proud of all your hard work. This is the only argument that makes sense, because really you would. But you would get the same feeling if you got more xp.

    To me spending so long to get a so called "sidegrade" is so un fair, and gives advantage over to the people that are willing to play . Again i ask people to be kind, and post meanfull posts about that objects and not say "you suck, i get like 500 certs per session or something like that". I have a number of friends threaten to leave the game already because its really become a grind, and its horrible. I love the game, really i do. But its not funny spending hours a week, and get barely anything for a reward. I want this game to do well, really i do. I really hope a dev. reads my arguments and makes a post about it on this thread, telling my why the current rates are so low.

    On a side note: I would be okay with the current xp rates if the made them costs less in the store, that would be a good counter balance. Less of a grind.
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  2. faregoth

    Btw, any people saying stupid comments that i need to get better, or something like that. I will just ignore.
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  3. Diamond Sword

    It is higher on average than it used to be, except for the 2-3 days it was 200 for a kill without being from double XP.

    It has the potential to be even higher than 200 per kill now, also. I am quite often getting 300-400 XP for kills now.
  4. faregoth

    May i ask how are you getting 300-400 per kills. Unless you are using a boost thing

    Another thing is that i guess it is higher on average. But that counting the vary few people that get kills from the high target people. I mean honestly how many times do you really find some one with that. I have yet to find one. With the rarity of those people, really they have nerfed the xp by half. Which is so dumb.
  5. Diamond Sword

    Kill badasses.

    If someone is on a killstreak, they are worth more XP.

    If you are on defense, you get an additional 15%.

    If you're on a continent where your faction has the lowest population, you get another bonus related to that. For me as VS on Connery, we've typically been having a 25% increase to XP in Indar.

    Base kill (not fresh spawn) = 100.

    Killstreak makes it up to 300.

    300+15%+25%+10% (headshot) = 450 XP or 2 full certs for 1 kill.
  6. Talizzar

    If you follow the zerg how do you get many kills at all? Go out and find some fights. You will make 200 exp for people that have not just respawned and have done something and 300 if they are good. You will get more exp from this than what you get following the zerg around for 2 hours.

    It seems like you expect the same rewards as the guy that plays 10 hours a day or is able to kill 10x the people you can.

    Options: Purchase a subscription for at least 6 months and get 50 percent more exp. Buy a weekly exp boost and get 50 percent more exp. They all stack. Play a ton on 2x exp weekends.

    It is about getting better. It is about knowing where to be to get more kills. It is about being able to kill quickly and move on to the next target. Ultimately it is about experience not XP.

    The better you understand the game the better your rewards will be.

    You will never be able to keep up with the guys that play 10 hours a day.

    Play because it is fun. Many of the sidegrades are nice but certainly not required.
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  7. italktowalls

    the more a player is alive the more xp he/she is worth to the enemy. part of it is to draw players attention away from spawn camping.
  8. Clutchstep

    Just FYI, you get about 12 certs a day for free just for logging in (assuming you log in once a day around the same time). You don't even have to do anything, just log into the character. You're also leaving out the various bonuses and other sources of certs. You get 1, 2, or 4 certs for capping a base (the amount varies). You get a bonus for every action if you're defending a base, you get bonuses for killstreaks, etc. These can range up to about a 5-15% xp bonus on average and can go higher if your population is really low. So for 15-20 certs per day that'd net you an additional 1-2 certs.

    Even if you just assume 15 certs a day and ignoring the free certs and bonuses, your math is a bit off, it'd take you 67 days (real time, not in-game).

    Hit Tab in-game and it'll tell you how many certs you've earned for the session. Look at that and it'll give you a better idea of how many certs your actually earning. If you're really killing 40 peeps and only getting 20 certs during a 2 hour session, then you're probably bugged.
  9. Diamond Sword

    You don't need to log in to get passive certs.
  10. faregoth

    You guys are stating the longer they are alive and on a kill streak. My counter is that, how often is some really on that long of kill streak. If you are following a zerg, everyone at the opposing side. They are all taking kills, which in turn you are not getting that much xp
  11. BengalTiger

    I got a 600-something XP Liberator kill today, with 2 guys on board (and I'm sure those on the more populated Indar are worth even more).

    Hunt the people and vehicles who actually kill a lot of stuff- planes, tanks, snipers, grenade spammers, engies with MG turrets. Enjoy getting 2-3 certs in just a few good shots.

    Spawn camping is now just a maneuver to get bases captured, not a method of getting big certs.
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  12. Diamond Sword

    There's your problem: Stop following the ******** zerg. Or if you do follow the zerg, play it like a MOBA and only finish things off so you get all the glory.
  13. Gavyne

    Post patch, I've noticed I'm killing more people, but getting less exp per hour. I think it's largely due to the 10 second spawn rule where killing someone within 10 seconds of their spawn would get you very very little exp. 10 seconds is too long, they need to reduce that to 5 seconds.

    Other than that I think once they change that, exp will pick up again. I think.
  14. Clutchstep

    It caps at 12, so if you don't log on you'll just get 12. Log on every day and you get 12 every day. Unless you're a member, I believe it then caps at 18.
  15. kill

    You will get lower xp now on average for sure. The reason being that if you want to get high xp/h you go to highly trafficked areas. In those areas there will be a lot of killing and dying going on so the people you're killing tend to be 100xp max.

    The 200 and 300 xp kills will be far and few between. It's more like a gimmick to be honest than something that will give you a substantial higher amount of average xp. People just die too much in this game. IMO kills should be more like 175-200 and revives 125-150.
  16. jm20

    Shoot more mans, print more certs
  17. faregoth

    I agree completly
  18. faregoth

    Again i stated in the op, i dont want to read posts like that. We get it :/
  19. TimeyWimey

    I refuse to comment on your main post just because of this. Have fun not having my constructive answer.

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  20. Diamond Sword

    Even if you don't log in, you will get those 12 certs a day. I didn't play for an entire week last month and came back to 70+ certs.

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