XP changes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Phaze, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Phaze

    I like the little bump to anti-air XP.

    I'm noticing a pretty significant drop in overall combat XP, however.
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  2. CommodoreFrank

    Are you really killing so many people alive for less than 10 seconds that it's a significant drop? If you are, you might want to consider going for objectives.
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  3. Zorlox

    sundy parked just outside of tower, takes less than 10 seconds to get to stairs and die if they're a mindless zerg. no xp for you! I don't disagree that it should be an overall increase in xp gain, but I don't agree that every scenario will work out that way. And that is the objective for defending, take out that sundy, the closer you get to the objective the less xp you earn o_O
  4. Jestunhi

    It's not "no xp for you", it's "less xp for you, unless they have earned at least 5xp or survived at least 10 seconds".
  5. Zorlox

    .... dude, that line wasn't meant that way o_O
  6. KRE8R125

    Except that they increased the xp for killing a sundy. I get 100xp now for firing one rocket at a sundy. That works for me!
  7. Punjab

    Yea, how about blow up sundy and help the cause instead of trying to XP farm until you die and the enemy takes the facility. I would be tempted to tk you for sitting there staring at a sundy if you had the ability to kill it.
  8. Zorlox

    the 50 guys pouring out of it to stop you, who are dying within 10 seconds, make the extra sundy xp meaningless.
    No i'm not talking about farming them, nor was I asking for a boost. As I statted earlier if you bothered to even understand my point, was that this change is not a boost of xp in all situations even though it most likely is overall. I have no issue with the way it is, I was just pointing out that the op may be right if he was only fighting in certain situations which may have been the primary objective at that point.
  9. Grotpar

    Killing revived players should give full experience.

    This is not actually spawn killing, and should not be punished.
  10. Phaze

    A second longer pass at things...

    Yup. XP changes for AA are nice... and if not perfect, definitely make it a more rewarding venture.

    XP changes for infantry... not so much. My last run, I killed 65 people in an hour... most of it attacking a BioLab... that was ultimately successful (+2000 xp)... my result was 15k XP for the hour... I'm almost 100% certain I would've had 20k+ under the old rules. At no point was I "farming" anything... I was killing people as fast as I could, helping my team take/hold the generators and bring down the SCU.

    We're all playing under the same rules... so... if this is the way it's going to be, that's fine. But I think it's clear that for those that get most of their XP through combat - it's going to end up being an overall nerf to XP and cert gain.