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  1. VarkaanPT


    AS we all know, there's going to be an improvement to the XP system such as "Better display of XP sources for things like defensive bonuses & population bonuses"

    I don't really know what they will change here but here's how i think it should work.
    As many complain, players are not awarded for defensive actions, so there's little reason to defending rather than attacking.
    Instead players defending should have a certain amount of XP awarded over (defending) time. That amount would depend on the territory importance and on the attackers/defenders ratio.
    Lets take a Tech Plant for example. Defenders there would receive...lets say... 100 XP a minute if the ratio is 1, they would receive even more depending on how much outnumbered they are, and would receive little if there are fewer attackers.
    This way, players would be motivated to play defending instead of playing on attacking only, because as we all know, we get +/- 1000 XP for capturing a Tech Plant or any other of the larger territory, 500 XP for the medium and 250 XP for the smaller ones. With this new system, defensive players would get 1000 XP for defending a large territory for 10 minutes if the attackers/defenders ratio is 1. If the attackers are twice the amount of defenders they would get 2000 XP. On medium and small territories they would receive 50 XP and 25 XP a minute respectively.

    I have just had this idea and i dont know the consequences of this system. What do you guys think?

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  2. Total_Overkill

    I think you dont know that you get a +% of all exp gained in the zone your defending, which easily outpaces the exp attackers gain. This promotes ACTIVE DEFENSE, meaning you need to get off your **** and defend, fight, repair, recap and hold... not afk in a corner and wait for your precious +250 cap exp.
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  3. Geekker

    As far as I know we already get a +15% Bonus while defending a territory. I believe they will promote this in feature in the next patch. Or maybe rework it :)
  4. TheRealMetalstorm

    problem is that although that +15% generally outpeforms the attack bonus, you do not get to see the glorious

    +1000 EXP

    on your screen. the player need to understand the reward - that is where SOE has failed in game design for rewarding defensive actions.
  5. Dubious

    The point is that its more rewarding and therefor fun to attack and take bases for 1500 xp than to defend bases and get no xp
    and if your Empire is pushing, you can just go back and retake that base, for full xp, much easier than defending
  6. Malonez

    Here is an idea, the attack gets MINUS the bonus the defenders get. That will teach them to do half baked attacks and make the defender feel like they're a winner. *puts on the flame proof suit*
  7. VarkaanPT

    I have realized i earn XP when it says on the screen something like "Defended". The problem is that the game will only count as a "successfull defence" if the attackers started to capture and managed to bring down the defensive faction "bar".
    I never realized i earn any meaningfull XP by holding attackers off the capture points, preventing them from even starting to capture.
  8. Shinrah

    Like SEVERAL people mentioned before, this is untrue. You get a 15% bonus to your EXP when defending. That means the longer you defend the more rewarding it is for you. If the attackers take over the outpost within minutes their reward will be greater than yours, but if you hold them off for an extended period of time your gain will far outshine the attackers. 15% extra EXP is alot, considering what you get for blowing up tanks, sundies, or running a decent killstreak on infantry.
  9. Ardorick

    While i do agree that defense must be rewarded a lot more than it is right now, your proposal would be very easy to exploit and "The Crown" would become even more crowded.

    Getting 100XP a minute while defending the Crow for 12 hours would be just a little bit too much :p
  10. Jaloro

    No, you still dont seem to understand. For every action you take that earns xp in a zone that you control you earn 15% extra XP, e.g. instead of 100xp for a kill, it is 115xp. That gets added to any other bonuses you have, so if you have a 50% boost, you will earn 65% xp bonus.
  11. Ak69

    BR57 NC ,I'm almost done with this game, but i don't want to be. I spent 120 bucks so far.
    Most of the people in these forums that complain about certain things, and ask for more balance and tweaks, i can't relate to. I actually think the game is balanced and fair, without a shadow of a doubt.

    Why I'm so close to giving up is because there is nothing interesting left to do in game, the lack of purpose or metagame is crushing my experience right now, but these feelings only started a few days ago. i think the thrill of running with a platoon outfit or farm killing has ended and i want more meaning and purpose.

    Was loving every minute up until about rank 55~ then i realized after maxing pretty much every unit and vehicle with certs to my standards, that apart from shooting and killing, doing some support with an engie, doing some AA. That is it, there is no more depth to the game after you reach that point.

    Strategy is missing, defense is missing.

    You have a massive open world, that should be packed with so much things to do, but there is nothing, these massive expansive bases ( which need more work IMHO - more defensive built bases ) which are just empty with a few generators.

    When i first started playing i thought this game was so complicated, and understanding the shield generators was a headache, but now, things are way to simple and watered down. Planetside 1 had more vehicles, more mechanics, more interesting way to engage, there was so much you could do.

    Just want more depth, I might take a break and come back after the jan patch, but again me taking a break is just another lost player not in the battlefield, which is not good news.
  12. Ailin

    With the 15% xp bonus, you still need to earn like 6700-6800 xp over the course of the defence for the bonus to add up to 1k.
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  13. Shinrah

    Whats 6k exp? Blow up a couple of vehicles and get a killstreak and you´re there. I dont know what my hourly EXP is but iam pretty sure its alot higher than that. Defending a base, as in being in the sphere of influence of an outpost, can easily take longer than that. We´ve been holding off NC at Tawrich yesterday for the whole evening after capping it.
  14. Ailin

    I go on a killstreak pretty much every life, every other life on bad days, and I really don't agree.
  15. Soulfiend

    another option could be a % based on resecures if the enemy takes a cap to say 50% and then you resecure, defenders would gain 50% of a capture, so if a base is worth 1000xp and attackers take it down to 50% and you resecure you would get 500xp, with maybe a modifier for situations like if the SCU is destroyed
  16. Ailin

    What if there's a tug-of-war between several factions for a while, with it not reaching 0 or 100% for an extended time?
  17. Shinrah

    According to psu, I average 20k exp an hour. That means 334 EXP a minute, lets assume I always defend, so 50 exp per minute come from the 15% defense bonus, attackers with subscription get what? 875 EXP for an outpost? So after 17,5 minutes of defending I start gaining more than the guy attacking my oustpost gets for capping it.
  18. Soulfiend

    well would be the lowest % it drops to, if it goes to 50% resecured to 99% again then say drops again to 25% then would be 750xp, idea is for more of reward on top of the 15% defenders bonus, just the big xp number people want to see at the end when they have defended a base, just like the attackers like seeing that 1000xp on a successful base attack
  19. Dubious

    Defense XP is silent xp and you have to do stuff to get even close to cap xp..

    When attacking, all you really have to do is find a corner and sit there and voila, 1500 xp
  20. Clutchstep

    This quote reflects that you already get a defense bonus. It's just that most people don't notice; I've been playing more or less since launch but only noticed the bonus a few days ago. So I think what they're talking about is just making it more obvious you're getting defense xp bonus. So when that "Based Defended" text pops up and your faction music is playing, it'll say "you earned 500 defense xp!" But it probably won't award you anything new, it just tallies up the bonus xp you earned during the defense and tell you about it.

    I do think the xp bonus needs to be increased though. I have a lot of fun defending, so I will continue to defend regardless, but I can't help but notice that unless it's a huge attacking force, I earn more xp attacking. I'm sure others notice that and give up on defense. Some kind of xp over time system would be nice, but it's pretty ripe for abuse; you'd probably get a bunch of afk people standing around while a small group actually defends. So ultimately I think it needs to be tied to your actions.