XFire FPS Drops

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by lyravega, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. lyravega

    So, with crossfire enabled with AFR (alternate frame rendering) I get up to 30-40% increased FPS depending on the situation.

    However, whenever I kill someone, my FPS gets halved due to the pop-up on the screen. I mean, from 80ish FPS for example, I basically go down to 40. It is not related to shooting, or any other thing, it is directly related to the kill pop-ups I get.

    What's the deal with this?
  2. Undyingghost89

    Xfire and SLI are not supported so it's just worse performance with having it ON. Disable dual-gpu and play normaly.
  3. starlinvf

    The HUD strikes again.
  4. lyravega

    Supported or not. With AFR, I actually get more FPS with the crossfire. It is the HUD that halves my FPS for some reason.
  5. Grimunk

    I get a similar problem, but from a difference source. With one of the recent patches, I get a massive frame-rate hit (like, from 100 down to 10 or less) whenever there is a fair amount transparency in my view. For example, if I land my damaged ESF, when I get out and turn my camera towards the smoking plane I experience this major FPS lag/slowdown. It persists until I've fixed enough damage to make the smoke stop. I'd disable SLI, but I use it in other circumstances. What's stranger is that PS2 actually worked flawlessly just a few weeks ago, so I'm not quite understanding why there is a regression.
  6. ikillyou1990

    I actually have noticed xfire to screw with my fps on all games..Don't use it anymore for that very reason.