Xenotech Labs mesa is the new Crown

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  1. Halo572

    and a massive problem outside of peak times. Although saying that, at least you can access the Crown.

    It has got round to the 1337 Uber Soldats that getting a squad up there with AA maxes can allow you to pwn the whole surrounding area with unlimited range AV turrets and you can farm more certs than ghost capping an empty continent or destroying all the generators in an empty main base and with far less work.

    Add on top that even if you get up there as light assault and destroy their spawn beacon, they can just all respawn on the squad leader who has hidden themselves away.

    And with only one light assault versus up to 12 and 3-4 maxes, that isn't very likely anyway, especially as grenades are so bad and you might as well just throw it with your eyes closed.

    Once they are up there you can't get near with aircraft, as off peak there are too few anyway and players aren't very bright and don't respond to 'is there anyone who can fly a gunship?'.

    Phoenix doesn't work either, it doesn't have the range to fire from a hill on the same level near Regent Rock and trying to fire up, level out at the right height and hit them is near impossible, adding in that they have snipers up there with them as well.

    Can't snipe them as they either don't render or as it is the highest peak in the area, they are out of sight on top.

    Can't AV turret them as you can't see them and if you can they can see you first.

    Can't use tanks as they are hidden on top out of sight.

    This isn't 'cool' or 'teamwork' as these players defend themselves while pwning the rest of us, it is an exploit that somehow, if that is possible, makes Indar an even more pointless unbalanced map than it already is.

    a) get rid of the flat bit and make it unuseable, b) make it accessible on foot so 12 players can't dominate the area with the increasingly evident overpowered AV turret.

    I actually have no problem with b), if someone can get to a position and defend it - fine, but as with a lot of things in this game though - I do have a problem with this constant pwning through legitimately programmed cheating, glitching or exploiting.

    I'd say being somewhere that most of the player base cannot get access to would fit that criteria perfectly.

    Although I would also accept 'we programed it like that, it is supposed to be inaccessible and nearly impossible to clear, it is cool, pwns and working as intended'.
  2. Shinrah

    Are you talking about Xenotech Labs, or Scarred Mesa Skydock? Because those are two entirely different bases. And to my knowledge Xenotech is very easy to attack, so I have to assume it´s the Skydock. Well, easy just dont go there, the base doesn´t have a great strategic vallue. You can take all the surrounding bases and simply ignore it. It doesn´t even have a VHC spawn.
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  3. Halo572

    Xenotech Labs mesa is the new Crown
  4. Prudentia

    i think he is talking about the mountain west of crossroads. easiest way:
    1. avoid. they will get bored
    2. take a gal and make some pancakes.
    3. take a gal and make some explosions with bulldogs
    4. take a gal and make some max babies with AI weapons.

    listed with requirements in organisation in mind
  5. sm1thay

    How about just ignore them? Cap territories in the surrounding area force them to spread out and stop overloading hexes. You constantly attacking an over camped area makes you an enabler to a sub optimal strategy.
  6. redsevenski

    5. or go for the roadkill option in your ESF (its a flat rock so easy to skim across the top)...
    6. or lolpod from a great height...

    lots of options really
  7. Lucidius134

    scarred, mesa is

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  8. McJackson

    The first time I saw enemies camping there, I sniped them for a while and then went Light Assault and cleared it with C4. Had to do it twice though until I got both the spawn beacon and the squad leader. It was fun.

    It can be annoying sometimes, but in my opinion, not worth complaining about in the forums.
  9. SgtCheese

    I think he is talking about Scarred Mesa. It IS a worthless base that you could just ignore and completely troll the campers on top. Can you even attack anything on red rock from the skydock?. Not even close to being the awesome sauce that the crown is. The solution for farmers is always the same, just ignore them and leave and they will start crying.
  10. Flag

    If you mean Xenotech Lab, I think you're high.
    If you mean Scarred Mesa Skydock, it's at the edge of the map, and it's really only useful as a last stand holdout location.
    Unlike the crown which is dead center of everything.

    So in either case, no. There won't be a new crown anytime soon.
  11. NDroid

    If you're referring to the tall mountain between Crossroads and Xenotech than I don't really see it as a huge problem- it is used sometimes by coordinated groups to try and farm some kills but seeing as how they're completely reliant on medics and drop pods to get back into the fight they're usually mopped up pretty quickly by coordinated aircraft. You don't even need that many of them- the people on the top have nowhere to run.
  12. S1eB

    A simple pass with an ESF or going LA to get up there and kill them is easily done.
  13. Roadwarrior82

    I assume he is talking about the rocks between Xenotech Labs and Crossroads Watchtower. We have a Vanu platoon on Ceres that does this from time to time. At least 4 MAXes combined with several Lancer heavies sniping the air (kazoonk...kazoonk...kazoonk...) is not fun. You can only avoid them till they get bored or some LA manages to C4 them.
  14. Roadwarrior82

    No way with AN ESF...
  15. S1eB

    Depends if they have Maxes up there or not. if they do, you will need a few people in ESFs and a couple of Libs.

    If they have no Maxes though, killing off a few infantry should only take a couple off passes to get rid of them.
  16. Spoprockel

    He is talking about the elevated rock right next to Xenotech Labs, you can only get up there via plane or jetpack.

    Pancaking people with a galaxy is my favourite way of dealing with those.

    Just fly low enough and come from behind. Takes a little practice, but it's awsome to flatten 10+ unexpecting people :D
  17. Ganelon

    My server learned, Scythes roadkilling us whenever we try to do this :(
  18. VSMars

    Wait, let me get it right ... OP is complaining that he can't kill 12 people actively defending a rather defensive position all by himself?

    Cry me a river.
  19. Flag

    But does that make it a new crown? Not even close.
  20. Kracken

    Stopped reading.