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  1. Napoleon64


    XDT – Xtreme Damage Team
    Server – Miller
    Empire – New Conglomerate
    Language – English
    Website – xdt.enjin.com
    Gameplay – Coordinated Teamplay
    Leader - NBnator
    Recruitment – OPEN

    Who we are

    XDT originally existed as a New Conglomerate Planetside 1 outfit on the Werner server. With the arrival of Planetside 2, XDT has reformed and been active since the start of the game, built around a small group of original XDT members and Planetside 1 veterans. We currently field two squads on average and focus on coordinated teamplay in an infantry role, pulling vehicles and aircraft when needed.

    What we can offer you

    We run an outfit squad and platoon most evenings of the week, as well as participating in events such as Server Smash, NCTO operations and coop evenings with other NC outfits. From time to time we also organise outfit training sessions and play against other outfits on the PTS server. XDT has a mature and friendly community, many of whom have been playing together since the start of the game, and though we take our gameplay seriously, we do so without losing sight of having fun.

    What we are looking for

    XDT is an outfit built around organisation, cooperation and teamwork. As such, we look for players who are both active and online regularly, and able to follow orders. Your ability to fulfill the minimum requirements below and work well within our squads is extremely important.

    Minimum Entry Requirements:

    *All applicants must apply through our website.
    *18 years of age or older.
    *Able and willing to download and use Mumble for outfit communication.
    *An ability to speak and understand English.
    *Your in-game character must be at least Battlerank 25.
    *Applicants must have or be willing to work towards our required cert list during their trial.

    We have players of both genders and many different nationalities in our outfit, and as such, we do not tolerate any kind of racism, sexism, griefing or derogatory behaviour towards others. Outfit members and recruits are expected to remember that their actions reflect on the outfit tag as a whole, and any actions that bring the outfit into disrepute will not be looked upon favourably.

    Upon acceptance of your application, you will be placed on a two week trial where you will be expected to play regularly with the outfit. At the end of this trial, we will decide whether to accept you as a fully-fledged member of the outfit or decline entry.

    How to join

    We currently only accept applications through our website. Please register at http://xdt.enjin.com and fill out the questionnaire. We look forward to hearing from you.
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  2. Bvenged

    These guys always have our back and it's a pleasure to play alongside them. Seriously good bunch. Join them if you want to impress!
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  3. Arphelior

    As Bvenged said, it's always a pleasure to fight alongside XDT.

    It's good to see you lot on these forums :)
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  4. Mastachief

    Good bunch of dudes, always in the fight kicking shizzzle.
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  5. Napoleon64

    Cheers for the support guys, much appreciated.
  6. Loui5D

  7. LordMondando

    I am only now just learning what XDT means.

    But yeah, shocking such a good outfits only just putting this up.
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  8. blueangleofdeath

    Thanks for the compliments everybody!!
  9. Kardynalka

    Aw guys! XDT totally appreciates the love! <3 Thank you to any new recruits for choosing XDT, we hope we can make a pretty good PS2 family together ^-^
  10. Notiz

    XDT - great stuff in good coordination, late nights and afternoons you find these on the battlefield of auraxis on miller causing problems for VS and TR.

    see ya next time :)
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  11. SkullHunter

    Thanks for all the kind words! XDT just turned ten years old so here, have some cake (or pie if you're into that).
  12. blueangleofdeath

    I got cookies and chocolates!! I'm also backing and ANGEL food cake too.
  13. MrEclectic

    A fight against these guys is always fun. So they must be doing things right.
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  14. Napoleon64

    Here's half an hour of XDT blowing stuff up. We're in talks with Peter Jackson to produce an extended cut.
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  15. NBnator

    Thank you for all your kind words!
  16. Bvenged

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  17. Bvenged

    Oi, stay on the front page will ya'?
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  18. NBnator

    You are too kind, Bvenged! :)
  19. JOups

    Tarwich was fun
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  20. NBnator

    Thanks JOups, we agree. Tawrich was certainly fun!