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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Hammercannon, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Hammercannon

    Could someone give me some tips on how to setup a 360 controller for PS2, i would love to use it for flying would be way better then mouse/keyboard.
  2. Hammercannon

    someone has got to know how to set it up properly?
  3. sideshow

    I set up my PS3 controller by having it emulate a 360 pad. It wasn't hard: get the pad drivers installed (probably automatic for 360 on Wn7?). In Planetside 2 go into Settings, Keybindings, Flight, then go through each box setting it to what you want. E.G. click on Ascend then push left stick up, click on descend then pull left stick down, etc.
    I set mine up the same as BF3: left stick yaw, right stick pitch/roll, L1 fire, R1 flare, L2/R2 throttle, Select spot...

    You will want to go into the game settings and turn both the joystick sensitivity and joystick deadzone all the way down though; even then it's a bit twitchy. Hopefully they'll patch it a bit to reduce the lower bound, make it a bit smoother.
  4. Hammercannon

    need someones settings for this or its gonna be a ***** to figure out what works well. lol
  5. Hammercannon

    they will hopefully add real support i for joysticks/controllers because its to touchy and awkward atm.
  6. siiix

    i have this <here its $8

    got it a few years ago for $10 on ebay with free shipping, it works far far better then those home made usb adapters, the driver is just about perfect, easy to configure , easy to calibrate

    and as this has a proper / professional driver it works with any game ! a big pro to spend that $8 compared to the free crap that barely works

    if you cant find the "joybox9" there are other adapters as well around the same price
  7. BornAProphet

    I don't know if everyone misunderstood your question or if I did.
    I don't have the exact setup like put A button to shoot and so forth. Just go into options and configure buttons screen. On the top right side of the screen next to keyboard you will see Joypad/Gamepad something along those lines. All buttons are empty. You just need to click the move you want like Move up and set it to the button you want.

    Also on the main websites toolbar drop down thing. Next to Faq's are some tutorial videos. Where they give suggestions to key bindings and how to deal with the sensitivity issues you mentioned. Hope I helped a bit.

    P.s. I came here to look for the exact binding too. To lazy to figure out what button should go where :)
  8. Sam A

    I am trying to change some keybindings for flying controls and am getting frustrated. How can I assign mouse movements to an action? When I click on the action and it is waiting for me to input something, what am I supposed to do? Move the mouse left or right? No. So what then? Please help!!!

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