[x50] 50cal Recon: The NC's Leading Sniper Outfit

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  1. Mr.GonzoHeisenberg

    We are "50cal Recon", formerly known as "Black Herons" we have changed our name to better signify our purpose as an outfit.

    To become one of us, you MUST primarily be a sniper.
    Questioning whether or not you think you're ready to join us? Read this list of criteria that we look for first! Make sure you think you will be a good fit.
    Our Snipers are:
    • DEDICATED to sniping (or are "Sniper Mains" as they are sometimes referred to).
    • Okay with working in smaller squads.
    • Enjoy more than one aspect of sniping, i.e. long-range, mid-range, shorter-range, and close quarters (although this particular point is not a necessity).
    • Aren't married to one singular rifle for all situations (you strict EM4 Longshot users, you know who you are).
    • Patient. Sniping can take lots of patience. We could be in the same general area for prolonged periods of time. This is not the place to be trigger happy.
    • Have a decent amount of experience in the game (this is also not a necessity).
    • Enjoy taking the time to explore Auraxis and it's beauty. Snipers most always have to take a long route to a nesting area. It's easier if players already enjoy this process.
    • Willing to communicate with their squads (as small as they are). The whole purpose of this new Sniper outfit, would be to allow us snipers to enjoy each-others company. As such, we should work as a team to maximize our potential, as well as our fun!
    • Reasonably active in Planetside 2.
    • Willing to be competitive if necessary!

    The outfit is open for anyone to join. Any battle rank, any time.
    Want to chat with us? Here's a link to our Discord Server (currently in-development):
  2. DRTAC7

    Hello! I have been looking for a dedicated sniper unit for some time now, but didn't think they existed. I know this post is old, but is this element still operational?